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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


From August 11, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Dr. Cody Horton, who has a real PHD and puts on a professional hypnotist show, and is a talk radio show host on KAVD 103.1 FM has competition in the entertainment world.

There is a hypnotist who is putting on shows in town today. The radio commercials make it clear that sessions cost 59.95.

I suppose the man doesn’t have a PHD or he could charge more. He must have the GED for hypnotists. Maybe he only paid postage and handling on the inkjet hypnotist certificate he bought on the internet.

Did you see Dateline, to catch a predator? I’m thinking the government is hypnotizing those jerks into believing they are chatting with a 13 yr old.

Oh by the way… 6pm tonight…bring 60 dollars. Get in line. One line will be thicker than the other. The radio commercial says that Weight Loss starts tonight at 6pm…. Only takes two hours because at 8pm is the stop smoking session!!!!


From August 11, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

My non-english speaking roofers were at the main house on Tuesday. There were finishing up and cleaning up and I realized I had a beer in my hand.

Me, standing in the air conditioning on the inside of a house while on the other side of a pane of glass (window) the roofers were cleaning up in 100 degree heat.

After all, I live alone, I had grown quite fond of the roofers for coming over and spending all that time at my place. So I rushed to the refrigerator and discovered three Amstel Lights. And three fruity beers for ladies. Two peach and one strawberry. So two of the five roofers were stuck with a fruity beer. After all they did for me…

I go to the nearest bathroom. And can you believe that there is a large skylight, 2ft by 2ft right above the toilet. I could hear the Spanish/Mexican music on the roof and was wondering how close the roofers were to the skylight.

It takes awhile to decide if you should stand there looking up and hope you are aiming correctly while going to the bathroom or if it would be worse to turn around and sit.

Of course I’d still look up to see if anyone is looking down. Have you ever tried peeing while holding out one hand to block the view?….

Well… I’ll tell you, I stood and looked up, no one looked down, and I aimed correctly… end of story. I really did enjoy their music.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From August 18, 2007 ON AIR THE FRANK AND PATTY SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

You ER what you ING!!!!

You’ve head of people who tell you of their dreams.

"I love to travel!!! I love fine food and dining. I’d love to help kids. I’d love to sit on the beach with my sweetheart. I’d love to go back to school and get my masters degree. I’d love to learn to weld… I am soooo into writing and would LOVE to write a book about this or that…. "

OH REEEAAAALLLYYYY…. STOP IT… STOP telling people that. STOP telling ME that. STOP telling YOURSELF that. It’s a lie. It’s a fantasy that is WORTHLESS.

If you aren’t DOING it…then it’s NOT you. It’s NOT real…. Quit it. Stop it. Shut up about it.

You aren’t that person you dream about. You are the person based on what you are actually DOING.

That is do ING. If you are not doing the thing you dream about then you are not THAT.

Think about it…

A swimmer is not someone who dreams about swimming. A swimmer is someone who is swimming.

You ER what you ING, I wanted to be a race car driver… I refused to tell anyone that I was a race car driver until I had more than half of a season of regular, each and every week, of driving a race car in competition. Until I was DRIVING a race car, I was not a race car driver.

Do you get it yet??? You ER what you ING. Nothing else.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From August 18, 2007 ON AIR THE FRANK AND PATTY SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

I didn’t watch the news this week. I can’t believe the hotels in St. Louis do not carry CSPAN…you know…the network that shows congress in session and general politics events. Can you believe that the hotel had the GOLF channel but NOT CSPAN???

But the biggest impression I have about St. Louis is the women.

Intelligent, self-sufficient, thoughtful, giving, caring, and skilled in dealing with people.

What does this mean about where I live? Where I live, the women are NOT intelligent, ….Not self-sufficient, NOT thoughtful, NOT giving, NOT caring about others, and totally inept in talking about themselves in conversations…..

they ask dumb questions. They EXPECT that because they ASKED a dumb question, that the man HAS to answer their questions and NOW.

The women where I live are not only dumb, but

they have a sense of entitlement to your thoughts, your money, your immediate time.

Totally unearned,

totally beyond common courtesy,

totally UNWORTHY.

Are You that way? Why?

Are you good looking?

Or are you NOT good looking and have to feel entitled to survive being not good looking and not feel bad about it….

1) Are you in denial and cope by thinking that your good looks entitle you to guys who stupidly give in to you…

2) or are you in denial that your bad looks can’t have any bearing on how you are treated.

Bad news for both of you. Too bad. You may not always meet people who will buy in to your denial. We will TELL you.

Instead of being offended and telling the other person that they are mean. Fix yourself. Fix your attitude. If you are overweight, FIX it. If you are sloppy, FIX it. If you are demanding, FIX it. If you need to ask 14 stupid questions when meeting a new man, FIX IT…

Leave other people alone. Look at YOURSELF. If you want to be how you are, ACCEPT IT…. And accept those who don’t buy into your denial.

Tell me why this advice isn't fair. COMMENTS?

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From August 18, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Turn Signals and Spot Mirrors

St. Louis is a busy town. A lot of traffic. I actually used my turn signals there. Normally I don’t use turn signals. I don't want people to know what I’m up to. I don’t need to answer to them. If I want them to know then I’ll use my turn signal.

Spot mirrors. I looooooove spot mirrors. I install them on all of my vehicles except my dirt track cars.

We pretend to want safe cars. We have airbags, we have seat belts, we have safe fuel tanks. We have so many rules for what we can and can not do while we drive.

But the one thing that would have been EASY to require from the manufacturers. Is mirrors that don’t have a blind spot.

You know what a blind spot is right? A place you can’t see from where you are seated. Why do we still have mirrors on vehicles that allow a blindspot. Usually the next lane over left or right and along the backseat doors and trunk. So we spend all this effort to tell kids to turn their heads around to LOOK into the blind spot.

Old people won’t turn their head and they shouldn’t have to.

The convex mirrors (that means the mirrors that bulge out.) They let you know SOMETHING is there. THEN you can hesitate and look closer to see WHAT is there if you care.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From August 25, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Judge Wyld called out Dr. Cody Horton. SHE'S FAMED TALK SHOW HOST AND HYPNOTIST!!!!

You know Cody right? That hypnotist chick who is on KAVD 103.1 on Saturday mornings.

Well for those who haven’t heard. Judge Wyld has called her out…. Why? Because hypnotism and professional wrestling are equally professional to JUDGE.

So rather than continually knocking hypnotism I called out Dr. Cody to prove it? Right.. a PHD!

If she can hypnotize me so I don’t vomit on airplanes when I fly then I’ll be her biggest fan… She hasn’t gotten it done YET.

Git it done Cody. Step up!! Surely a PHD can hypnotize me? Is it hypno or is it HYPE?

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From August 25, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Conversations with questions. I can’t stand them. Since when do I have to give out all my information just because a selfish person is curious?

What magazine or readers digest article or tv show says that to open guys up, that you have ask them questions about themselves?

THE MISGUIDED ADVICE: Young ladies. This is how to open up your man. Ask him about himself. He will love chatting on and on about himself. To show your interest, ask him about him.

NO NO NO NO NO…. If a guy has a first date that goes like this then the answer is NO. NO second date. NO paying for the date, definitely make sure that date is DUTCH and no second date.

If she can’t talk about herself then she will NAG you into talking for the rest of your life… Let’s face it, she has nothing to say if all she can do is take up time and email space to put forth questions. An annoying 5 year old. Why Why Why… tell me more. Oh that’s interesting, tell me more!!. Like you are an audio book with all this stuff waiting to entertain upon request… NO NO NO…..

The thoughtful women know that YOU are trying to get to know HER. Actually you aren’t, you just want to kiss her, but the best gals will at least share about themselves so you can get to know her.

You know the LOSER Q&A chick will say… "I just want to get to know you… is that so wrong?" YES it’s wrong… It’s SELFISH.

What makes your WANT to get to know him more important than him getting to know about YOU?

The answer. Share. Share in the areas that you want to know about him. Share in the depth that you want him to share with you.

The art of conversation is sharing such that you are giving energy.

Two things happen at that point. He finds out that all you care about is shopping and runs from you as he should.

You will find out that he doesn’t have in common things you like or care about them deeply like you do and then can turn and run at that point……

maybe both of you will stay in the conversation long enough to kiss and makeout

but at least after both of you RUN, you have been kissed.

Either way, give it a chance by not scaring him away with annoying Q&A.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From September 08, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Did you ever have a week that was hijacked by something unplanned??? This week did NOT go as planned…

This week did not work out the way I thought it would. A month ago a garage door opener stopped working. The actual motor unit that moves the garage door up and down stopped working…. No problem.. I didn’t use that side of the garage much anyway… no big deal…don’t sweat the small stuff…..

But Tuesday night I brought the dog around from the kennel out back to the front of a garage and the OTHER garage door opener on that garage broke… rats… this is serious. I use that garage door daily…

so I put the dog away and went to LOWES and bought two garage door openers. I asked if they’d install two for cheaper than twice the price of one… NO… so I didn’t let them.

When I arrived home, I dragged a neighbor over and asked what he’d charge to install the garage door openers… he didn’t want any money but he didn’t want to install them either… rats. since previously I had paid him for building a privacy fence around part of the property… He did a great job… anyway…

He said he’d help some other night for free and we’d just get the job done together… rats…

I wanted it done NOW. So I changed clothes and set out to piecing one of the openers together. With the zillions of tools I have from working on the race car for years, I had no problem finding the oversized, overpowered, tools to assemble a garage door opener…

It only took 4 hours the first night to get …. Halfway done…. And only 3 hours the next night to finish up… two nights shot…. So the third night… I started installing the second garage door opener… took three breaks… and finished in 2.5 hours.

And that’s how it works… try something new. Even if your friends aren’t doing it. Do it once.. follow it through…and then do it again… with confidence… even if your friends aren’t doing it… develop your talents, use them… Life is good…

Oh but wait… I had over 110 pieces left over… bolts, screws, cotter pins, nuts, all sorts of things. I figure the bag of leftovers from both garage door openers weighs about 5 lbs… Doesn't matter... the garage door openers work just fine 5 lbs lighter.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From September 15, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.


John Edwards, Frank Doyle brought up an imaginary situation. What would John Edwards say in his Inaugural Address as the New President of the United States. Have you seen the debates? Have you seen how the Democrat Party has aligned these candidates toward protecting each other…. Sure they take some shots to make it look real but the debates are about as real as professional wrestling. There is no wrestling happening in the ring.

We have two contenders for the Democrat Party nomination. And each contender is trying to preserve their chances to run as Vice President. Are they really lining up for a Female and an African Minority as One and Two???

Regardless of which one is which? In either case, the one who comes out as number two wants to be the incumbent VP for 2012 or 2016.

I doubt that either one would do the noble thing like Dick Cheney has. Could you imagine a power hungry Hilary giving up running for President if she were Vice President? However strong someone is a supporter of Hilary, I’m certain that no one thinks she is driven by great and noble ideas to want to be President.

No one gets the warm and fuzzy feeling that Hilary knows you are out there and she is the self-sacrificing benevolent servant of the people who thinks day and night how to make your life better.

Of course those who want a woman to be president above any other factor, know that Hilary is just as power hungry for that result as they are and it has nothing to do with truly heartfelt use of talents to serve others.

Remember, We have a government of representatives. We don’t elect politicians to do what the majority of Americans want to be done. We elect those we think will execute actions and make decisions FOR US. INSTEAD OF US.

We KNOW we are not smart enough to make those decisions. We know that we would decide to give everything to ourselves, shy away from conflict, and think of only a few considerations for the short term popularity.

Tell me, How will you protect the USA from forces that are planned against us for the next 600 years??? How? Have you thought about Arabic history and 600 year planning against us?

Yesterday… did you think about Chinese industry, population, political forces, military, energy needs and their 600 year plans to be the greatest super power?

No you haven’t … and most of the time neither have I. When you look at Presidential candidates, you need to look at why they want to be President. ALL OF THEM will protect their business friends. Duh… but look deeper… look long term.

Who overall do you think is really wanting to be President to make the best decisions for our country and which ones give you the willies because in your gut you know they just want to be President to fill out their resume of power and ambition. Does John McCain come to mind? How about Hillary…. How about Barack O’Bama…

Does Guilliani want to run the country for us the way he seemingly ran New York City for the citizens? How do you feel about them? When will it be time to hear them and listen to them… What do they want to do.. is it real? Is it just good words?

Frank Doyle asked about John Edwards… seems to be a non-subject.. but now you have something real to think about….

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From September 15, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

I belong to a group who practice speeches and the critique each other… we have a contest every so often and I didn’t give a speech during a recent contest but I entered the critiquing contest…

and yes, YOUR judgmental, opinionated Judge Wyld was judged as the BEST delivered critiquer…

When I’m speaking, my goal is to get the prettiest girl/lady in the room to laugh and have a great time. I did that.

There was a beautiful girl, the current Miss Kansas in the room. Up to that point in the meeting/contest she did not smile, did not interact, did not seem to be having a good time during the meeting.

But when I gave my evaluation of a speaker… I had her laughing, twinkling her eyes, and having a great time….

praise the Lord, I didn’t need a trophy for first place… I had my trophy when I saw the difference it made in her evening…. Life is good.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From September 22, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.



Free advice from your ole uncle Judge. If you listen to Judge you will have a good life, and one of the freedoms that Judge has is to have several vehicles. They are used for different activities.

One of the vehicles is a Jeep Cherokee. Have you ever had a soda explode in your vehicle??? I had a coca cola explode in a jeep Cherokee.

It was my dad’s and he needed it for hunting and for getting to his job in any weather...snow, ice, anything.

Up to that point in my life... over 40 years old....I had never driven one of my parent’s vehicles, never even sat in the drivers seat ever ever ever NEVER…

…..until the day after my dad died.

The fellow employees from where dad worked a retirement job brought the Jeep Cherokee to our house. The vehicle needed to be driven into the driveway later that day. For the first time ever, and now over the age of 40, I drove my dad’s vehicle.

I eventually bought the Jeep from our family and it's a spiritual experience every time I think of it, look at it, get inside of it. I still believe it is his...not mine.

So you see, when a coca cola exploded in my dad’s Jeep. I was crushed. I knew headliners…you know, that fabric under the roof… above your head… are very fragile… it can’t stand the slightest touch…

I spent a few hours inside the jeep cleaning every surface of his hunting vehicle….but what about the fabric headliner.. spots all over it…sugary, brownish stain on a very light brown fabric… I spent a long time soaking towels…dabbing the fabric… trying to lift the sugary stains from the fabric. No luck…

For 10 months I kicked myself. I apologized to dad each time I drove the vehicle…
There was no letting myself off the hook… even though in heaven, my dad understood more than he would ever have while alive….

10 months after that coca cola explosion… it occurred to me…. Scrubbing bubbles… not the bathtub scrubbing bubbles… but glass cleaner… foaming glass cleaner… dissolves, lifts, streakless…. I HAD To try it…

I raced home from where I was… I rushed into the garage.. grabbed a can of foaming glass cleaner (I buy in quantity) and I headed to the Jeep with cleaner and towels in hand… and it worked…

I sprayed. I let it foam up. I saw it moisten the stains, I saw the brown sugary substance lift, I dabbed the fabric and the entire headliner is PERFECT… clean…

I literally sighed with a deep gladness and I spent some time in my mind and heart with my dad over the success of restoring the Jeep.

Also during the year I spent time with Dad when the dog vomited in the back of the Jeep.

I spent time with Dad when I replaced the fog lights because his fog lights had rusted brackets.

I spent time with him on my birthday also. When I took my birthday to journey through his huge fishing tackle box and fix the hinges on his old HAMMS BEER metal fishing cooler.

Spend time with those you love and are gone, they are still with you and I believe they are still teaching us…Try not to worry about the big conflicts you had when they were alive. Try really really hard…

Even if they were in the wrong. No matter how strongly they believed they were right or had good reasons,

NOW when you think of them Know that they are in a place where they KNOW the truth.

DEAD PEOPLE know EVERYTHING even better than when they were alive… because now they know you were right or they were right and they have unlimited truth and peace that they couldn’t have had when they walked this earth.

That’s some free advice from your ole Uncle JUDGE…and his Dad.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From September 22, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.


It occurred to me that to get into a car with dirty pants, that I was putting a shop towel on another towel that I already had on the seat to preserve the cloth seat…

I started thinking about the crazy things we do to cover other things to keep them sort of new looking. Like towels in cars…. Or seat coverings on dining room chairs…. How about coasters and table cloths?

But what I laughed at and am sooooo very guilty of is removing original floor mats from vehicles…. Storing them in the garage….and putting cheap ones in the vehicle in their place…

I’ve even cut carpet to the shape of the trunk of a vehicle so the fabric in the truck wouldn’t get dirty. The carpet was an ugly green color and did not match the car at all… For my hunting vehicle or a workhorse pick up truck… no problem.. extra carpet in the back of the hunting vehicle kept dog vomit off the real interior. And the blanket over the truck seat kept the mud and such from the dirt oval race track from grinding into the cloth seats…

BUT I’ve sold the big sedan vehicles with PERFECT, UNUSED floor mats and spectacularly clean trunks….

What do you cover or keep from using so that when you sell it or pass it on, someone else gets a pristine, clean, great looking interior…and is what you put up with while you owned it, worse than what you passed on….

Why didn’t you use the original item and enjoy it and then buy the cheap replacements for the next owner to have?

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From October 13, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

WIN WIN Alan’s House

Alan is a single guy, was needing to put up 12 foot boards on the exterior of his house as replacement fascia board.

Remember when you were a kid.. not wanting to clean your room… but your friend couldn’t leave his house to play baseball unless he cleaned up his room… so you rush over to his house to help him clean his room…it was quick, it was fun, it was done…. Your room still wasn’t clean and you get in trouble for that.

Same with Alan’s roofing fascia boards.

A friend’s mom recently died and his wife was needing him to recover somewhat rather than bumming around the house. There is a lot that a wife can do but some things that a man needs that only man time can do.

So when he had put me as an honorary pallbearer for his mom's funeral, she kept after him to spend some time with me.

So I arranged with her for him to go to Alan’s place with me after a regular work da… to either heckle Alan as he works til dark or to change into yard clothes and help him. We choose to help, and heckle, and drag it on til after dark.

We had a blast… tomorrow after church, we are going to finish the job.

Alan won because people cared enough to spend time to get his project advanced. Marty won because he had a chance to engage in male bonding away from his family and sadness.

I won, just cuz I appreciated how it all came together!!!

The point is that when you have healing to do, you heal best when you help others, you have the most energy when you are thinking of others.

When you help others and are thinking of others, you come out ahead without even caring that you have come out ahead of where you started.


Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

Sunday, December 28, 2008


From October 20, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.


Even most Christian sermons use the pulpit to misuse the Word to cater to the myth that it is the woman’s mood swings that should be flinging free and wild with full forgiveness and THEN the men should change to give up God given manhood to appease the satanic weaknesses of the woman wants. It’s not about needs… it’s about wants and YOU have to give it to her. WRONG.

It’s just as valid for MEN to be loved for who THEY ARE. God created MEN, AS IS, this is me, I’m a GOOD man. I’m a GREAT man. Either LOVE ME, THINK OF ME, CARE FOR ME, or go ahead and leave me and don’t leave with MY stuff.

Think about this… if WOMEN are so sophisticated and sooo much smarter than the simple minded primal males… the WOMEN can easily figure out men, and THEY can change to make the relationship work… duh.. simple…

in another way… An engineer can dig a hole and stick a fence post into it.. fill in the hole and stamp the dirt tight around the pole… Right? But can anyone who can dig a hole and install a fence post, design a space rocket???? NO… [if this went over your head, you will never get it... move on.]

therefore ladies…if you are sooooooo smart and men are soooooo dumb, then if a relationship fails, it must be YOUR fault. YOU failed. You were the smart one… so you failed to solve find a solution to make it work…. Right?

Logic... like math... went over too many of your heads.... sorry... COMMENTS?

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From October 20, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Nursing Home. A touching real story.

Those old folks are so awesome. Some day I’ll tell you much more about a typical visit and how much fun it is… but today I’ll tell you about the sing along.

Steve and his wife show up each Friday evening to lead the sing along. There are simple songs printed large type in booklets. Phil plays the piano during dinnertime and then plays for the sing-a-long.

The residents are sitting in their wheel chairs and on the couches around the piano. The piano plays,

Steve sings,

the residents sing, and

Friday night I stayed and sang.

K k k katy, beautiful katy, you’re the g g g girl that I adore… when the m m m moon shines, over the mountains, I’ll be waiting by the k k k kitchen door. …. it's really "over the cow shed" but say that and slurr it... it sounds like cow sh*t.... so I say mountains.

Basically after I’ve finished visiting the stragglers in the dining room, I’ll set a chair next to a resident in the singing area and start singing along… and they start singing louder either because they are energized by me or they are trying to drown me out at the risk of their own health.

It feels GREAT… and last Friday night after the singing was over, Wayne, made a point to say to me… "it was a really nice time singing with you. Thank you." ,[insert my and your tears here......]

No matter how tired I am at the end of my workday, I feel very powerful, energetic, clear headed, and fulfilled when I have been visiting at the nursing home. Life is Good.

Most Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From October 20, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

POPPED Psychology….

Your problems are someone else's fault so get away from them. They tell you to Leave your husband. Leave your boyfriend. Don’t have expectations. Don’t be judgmental. If it’s difficult; run from it.

Why do the real work of finding out why the person is in the situation they are in. Just give them slogans.

These pop psychologists pretend that being judgmental and LABELLING is the worlds worst sin. The woman who runs in weeping is judged as an innocent victim. Based on a story that the weeping woman tells, the counselor judges that the other person (the kids mom or dad or step dad or boyfriend or husband or landlord or boss or neighbor,) is a bad bad bad person.

If the people have screwed up their life so badly that they are in front of YOU for advice. Then maybe the people around them that they are so upset with, are RIGHT and SHOULD be in that persons life.

Tell them how to LISTEN and DO the right thing instead of rationalizing their own ratty behavior that others are telling them they need to change.

Crisis counselors can create a crisis.... time to solve the sick people's problems...not tell them to run from the healthy people in their lives...

Get help... go to a real counselor after you have talked to a crisis counselor. Comments? Come on... Comment now.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

Saturday, December 27, 2008


From October 20, 2007 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

CASINOs Are Pretty but Don't Belong at Home

I like the pretty lights. I have money to spend that I can lose without altering my life style. Mostly the entrances to the Casinos are clean and non-threatening. The slot machines are the dumbest activity a person can engage in.

It’s more glamorous with all the pretty lights on the machines than sitting at home picking your toenails. But certainly you don’t lose too much money picking your toenails.

The blackjack tables are generally friendly places with helpful dealers. If you can keep track of the pink chip as a 50cent piece and know that it’s not a 50 dollar chip then the rest is pretty easy to figure out.

The food outside the casino gambling area is pretty good even in the buffet restaurant. But you see, No one really thinks a casino is good for their community. We all know that if the community leaders really cared about a community, they’d be more creative than handing the city economics over to huge business bosses.

Let’s face it, if strip joints brought in millions for schools and roads, we wouldn’t think that economic growth would be worth the quality of life cost. We want our communities clean.

We want our communities to feel like a community of people smiling, visiting, interacting with nature and each other, pursuing interests and talents and building up this country. Not a community of clones following marketing hype toward waste, shallowness, weakness, and empty poverty.

You know… it is fun now and then to leave your good, clean, healthy, and happy community to look at the pretty lights, eat a different food, talk to different people. we all know how to smile politely and be amused for a few hours of something different.

But we aren’t sick, we aren’t talentless, we aren’t clones. we are grandma and grandpa, mother and father, carrying on the quality of life in place of our ancestors, our great grandma and great grandpa, our father and mother…We owe it to our children to be productive
and self-generating of goodness and healthy attitudes.

So we see the casino and say “fine”. Let them have their extra money if it makes it. We will make it through life richer and happier... here at home. Where we belong. And casinos don’t belong.