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From March 21, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Scrutinize BAILOUTS and get PAID BACK

I can’t believe the abuse of the bailouts. The government feels that certain entities are IMPORTANT to the well being of the United States and won’t let them fail. So what does the government do? Give them OUR MONEY. They didn’t show that they deserved it. They operated under bad practices.

They didn’t spend money to turn things around but instead spent the money on BIG vacations and retreats, Big incentives and rewards for themselves. In effect, they spent their own money foolishly and when the Government gave them money to stay afloat, they spent THAT MONEY FOOLISHLY.

It’s time for the Government to Get lists of names of these people who squandered the money on themselves. It’s time for the Government to get detailed lists of what the money was spent on and ask for PROOF that the money was spent for how it was intended.

And it’s time for the Government to force there to be a PLAN for paying back EVERY LAST DIME that was provided by the Government.


All parents who have taken a tax writeoff for their children MUST account for every penny and name names of who received that money. If they cannot, then they must PAY IT BACK to the government. Provide that information, or pay back the money, or go to jail!!!

All welfare recipients MUST show how the money was spent and it better not be for ice cream. PAY BACK every dime of steak or ice cream or soda pop money that was spent. Provide the information by midnight tonight or pay back the money or go to jail!!!!

All child support MUST BE accounted for and we want to know who received the money and what they spent it on and IT MUST NOT BE for a nice car. It must NOT BE FOR EXPENSIVE CLOTHES or excessive food. We want NAMES and RECEIPTS and proof that it didn’t free up other money to be spent on non essentials.

There is a limit on what you can reward yourself from the BAILOUT MONEY you received as child support. Provide the Information by happyhour tonight or pay back the money or GO TO JAIL!!!

So ok… judge has had house mortgage bailout. I’m willing… I’m willing if you are… You want to call my bluff??? I’ll be HAPPY to give up my bailout if you give up YOURS.

When YOUR bailout is repaid. My taxes will be soooooo low that it will more than make up for the home mortgage bailout. I will be very glad to participate in the BAILOUT PAY BACK WITH YOU. When all BAILOUTS ARE ENDED, if I get a penny of free money from the Government I’ll give it back or tell you how I’ve not spent on a non-essential item from any income source of mine.

Until then, I’ll keep MY money other than a 15 percent income tax and be done with it. No bailouts will lead to no excessive taxes.

It’s clear, the Government wants YOU to be all mad about Bailouts and handouts that are poorly spent. The politicians are asking YOU TO BE TICKED about bailouts.

Even private citizens are banding together to market to you a HATRED of people who buy things they don’t need, rake in money that they didn’t earn, live better than what they have produced in life and deserve.

Yes…there should be HATRED all right…. You should HATE YOURSELF. You should be ASHAMED at your behavior. You should be screaming at the government to STOP BAILOUTS. STOP ALL BAILOUTS.

Take care of only those who truly need it. Only those who eat rice and beans and butter and bread each evening deserve our support to maintain them til they can get on their feet. Only those sick in the head should be provided shelter and food and our compassion.

NOT you IDIOTS who want 1500 dollars a month in child support and going to Disney land with it or buying the latest soccer mom van. Buy a small sedan. They worked fine 40 years ago.

Not you spoiled brat middle classers skimming off thousands of dollars of government money EACH YEAR for your 4 kids so you can by a boat and new skis and go snow skiing (may you hit your head I hope) and all go out several times a week to eat your choice of appetizer, steaks and lobster, deserts, microbrewery beer. Yeah…that sound like the rich people?

How about you with the thousands of dollars in kid money from the government going to the NASCAR races and the expensive Dale Earnhardt Jr gear. Tshirts, stickers for your car, beer, cigarettes, souvenir model car of every paint scheme, and your elvis collectors plates and hummal figurines, thimbles and tiny spoons. You stop by the corner gas station a zillion times a day for soda for you and your kids. You have every item imaginable with your NFL team on it. Jeepers…

YOU ARE not the people needing a BAILOUT. I want you NAME and lists on who in your family and friends received that money. I want all of you to PAY IT BACK… I want a HUNDRED PERCENT TAX on excessive child support, misspent welfare money, and KID TAX DEDUCTIONS.


Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From March 21, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Money Saving Idea. Don’t go to the grocery store.

It makes perfect sense to me. I you don’t want to get your hand burned, don’t put your hand on a hot stove… If you are afraid of big spiders, don’t hold a tarantula. Duh… Don’t do it…

You think you need a gallon of milk…. Don’t go to the store. Eat the cereal dry.
You think you need to run to the store to get orange juice. Don’t go. Drink water.
Seriously. If you think you need bread for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, get a soft tortilla out and use THAT.

Someone taught you that you must be civil about everything? You must have greenbeans with your entrĂ©e… you must have bread and butter or a dinner roll with your dinner? So you are out of an item that you were brainwashed to think you NEED.

What do you do? You go to the store.
And you buy, batteries, and bread, and milk, and orange juice, and squeezable hot chocolate, and poptarts, and specialty jams, and popsicles, and cinamin rolls, and donuts, and honey, and boxes of cereal and fruit rollups, and stupid stinking retarded development ditzy magazine. And THAT includes the CAR magazine guys!!!


You know… we seem to catch on when it’s the mall… don’t go to the mall because you can’t resist buying that outfit draped over the thin mannequin. Don’t go Don’t go…. So smart to not go…Don’t go to that lawn and garden store… DO NOT.

If you don’t go to the beer store when your last beer was drank last night. Then you are OK according to others. It’s no big deal. If you rush to the store to get a beer, YOU ARE AN ALCOHOLIC RIGHT?? You have A PROBLEM. Just don’t go and buy beer for several days and no problem.

But have a chick miss out on her ICE CREAM with cake or pie and you find out just how out of control she is to rush to the store. Especially if it’s for who???? The KIDS WHO ARE WHINING!!!!! Heaven forbid you TAKE THE KID WITH YOU when you go buy that ice cream…. Jeepers… now we are buying sugar SPRINKLES…

Just don’t go to the store. Just don’t go. See what you have. Eat lettuce now and then without salad dressings…. See what else you can dip it in… why not chip dip, or hummus, or leftover sweet and sour sauce from your fast food meal.

Don’t tell me that times are tough. Your lifestyle is tough to live up to. You waste your life trying to have every little item be ‘just so’ and waste your money making it happen. Crisis… Crisis… Crisis… and it was all Just YOU. The world is not near as tough as you think it is. You have much more energy and money to spend on good things to do for others than you think you do. You waste it on dumb mind games with yourself.


From March 21, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Poor Walmart Rich Walmart
I really enjoy going to the poor Walmart in town. When you call a friend and they pick up their cell phone, they say hey…great to hear you… you say great to hear you too!! What’s that noise in the background? Did I call at a bad time? Should I let you go?

They say, “ oh no…it’s fine…. I’m just at Walmart picking up a few things.” Wanting to get a picture of where they are at I might ask…. Are you at the poor walmart or the rich walmart??? If it’s Mary, she will say, at the poor walmart.

In a medium sized town there are several Walmarts. The newer built areas of town are often nice big homes with people with nice big salaries. When a walmart is built near their home, they will shop there after they are done protesting having such a store in their neighborhood…they DO shop there.

Walmart will try to make the building prettier and have nice landscaping. They will have the coffee shop and the plant and flower shop be upscale. They will have the good meats and fresh vegetables. That is the rich Walmart. Clean, good environment, classier foods, and maybe even a nice wine shop near by.

The poor Walmart has been there for awhile… they are not building a new walmart in a poor part of town. They will not have all of the higher priced selections for the poor walmart. The parking lot will not be cleaned up as nicely. Clearly rich people are rude at their walmart and toss trash on the ground. But the rich walmart will be cleaned quickly.

Who works at the poor Walmart. People will walk from their homes to the walmart to work. They will apply for jobs in their neighborhood walmart. The workers are the poor people and even though they are good workers and pleasant and fun with the customers, let’s face it….they are working at the poor walmart. That walmart job might even be the highest paid wage going in their household.

Who works at the rich walmart. People who are not the breadwinner for their family. Rich kids who were told they had to have a job and the mall jobs were taken. Are they the best workers? Maybe not.

They might be the snobby self-centered kid who was told to have the job. Her blond hair is still paid for by her parents, her nice clothes are still bought by her parents, his sporty shiny car is still paid for by his parents. Of course, the insurance is paid by the parents.

They are the most likely NOT to be pleasant or try to relate to a chatty smiling customer. They will not look for and offer help to a customer. They may ask if you need help, but it is clear that it is just a begrudgingly offered line forced out to comply with the supervisors orders. Not a warm genuine people to people offer.

When in the Rich Walmart, I will take their no hearted offer of assistance and yelp, YES, you CAN. And I will make them help me find and choose between items. Of course I didn’t need the spoiled nitwits help. I will make them stop leaning against a rack and walk with me and give them the illusion that they are helping me.

What other Poor versus Rich stores are there? Movie theatres? grocery stores? Liquor stores. How about the old mall versus the new mall??? How about RICH CHURCH versus Poor people Church.

Is it a matter of safety? What about that. If you thought you would be safe at the poor walmart would you go? Why not? Do you not want to meet pleasant poor people?

Look… you Rich people spend your neighborhood time with Rich people. You spend your holidays with mostly Rich people, your vacations are with Rich people, your church is with Rich people, Your work is with Rich people and those people who clean up after you Rich people.

How about spending time going to the poor walmart or the poor mall now and then. The poor liquor store might even have a beer or booze you haven’t tried yet.

I am sure you fear going to the poor ATM to withdraw cash even though the thieves would more likely want to rob you at the Rich ATM cash machine… duh.. more money, and your wallet, and your jewelry and a joy ride in your Rich car.

But go sincerely to the safe poor walmart. Go enjoy yourself. There might be some neat things on the clearance shelves. There might even be some wonderful people to chat with. They are helpful and kind and won’t even make you feel uncomfortable although you are the freakish Rich people with dumb looking purses. They’ll not draw attention to the odd way you look and the odd things you say and do. They might just accept you for who you are.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

Monday, March 9, 2009


Nothing to do with the radio show.... Just creative writing about PEANUTS

What’s just over 3 pounds, doesn’t spoil, and your friends love it?

If I gave you a peanut you would agree that it generally doesn’t spoil and many of your friends love it.

So why 3 pounds…. I’ll tell you that later….

We all tend to think about eating healthy. Mainly as we get older. We buy granola bars, or bananas… we may think about eating a good healthy breakfast.

But let’s look at that…. We don’t keep that promise to eat a good breakfast before work!!! Granola type bars are expensive….and they put sweeteners in the bars to hold them together, more calories than a can of coca cola.

How about that banana? Spoil. Special care. Crushes. Temperature sensitive. Won’t keep longer than 5 days.

What are you going to do? Switch to rice krispee bars? Apples? Not much better are they?

You need something that’s tasty, adaptable in size, handy, quick, won’t spoil, don’t have to go to the grocery store every other day.

You need Peanuts…. Yes… Peanuts are a handy snack food. Peanuts can last for a month!!! Peanuts can be a small handful or two handfuls. Peanuts even have flavors…. Peanuts of many flavors…. Red skin peanuts, Large Virginia peanuts, Roasted Peanuts, and the yummy honey roasted peanuts.

So what about that first offer I gave you…. What if I gave you a peanut? How about 2 peanuts? How about 15 peanuts? What about thousands of peanuts in a 3 pound 4 ounce CAN…. OVER THREE POUNDS OF PEANUTS!!!!!! In a convenient uncrushable CAN!!

Well… next to your desk a work, you could have peanuts in the morning to tie you over til LUNCH….. you could have peanuts in the middle of the afternoon…. YOU COULD EVEN HAVE A handful before heading home to your family!!!!

Will a huge CAN of peanuts SPOIL? In a day? 5 days? Two weeks? NOPE…. That makes it dependable not only for YOU but for who??? Your coworkers!!

Even people you don’t know will appreciate YOU and the peanuts before work, after work, weekends, anytime whether you are there or not. People will stop by to grab some peanuts….

Here’s how to do it. Cut the lid from the first CAN, into a pouring spout. This will keep people’s hands OUT OF THE CAN… sanitary!! After that, transfer the lid to the new can and put the new can’s lid under the can so the metal doesn’t scrape or mar the desk surface!!!!

What about cost? That is exactly the reason to drop by SAMS to pick up the economy size can. How much is it? 30 dollars? 15 dollars? If you bought the small jars for 4 dollars you feel you did well. But a CAN is more than several of the small jars.

So let’s ask again… is a can of delicious peanuts to generously share with your friends going to cost 20 dollars? 15 dollars? NO…. Just over 5 dollars. Just 5 dollars for a HUGE CAN.

At that price you can buy three flavors and rotate the flavors as each CAN is shared. And at this size, a CAN can last a LONG TIME.

No spoilage, simple snack yet effective, friendly friend food, and a sanitary way to share it. Be very generous to yourself AND to your coworkers for a very very low price….

Buy your CANS of over 3 pounds of delicious flavored peanuts TONIGHT!!!!

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From March 07, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

A story about a SMART ANN and a DUMB A$$

The other feud. Ann Coulter versus Keith OBGYN
Ann Coulter is a columnist/bookwriter and a THINKER and she is a DEFENDER of conservative principles. She didn’t invent them. She DEFENDS them because that defense is rational. She is very popular and good looking on camera.

Keith OBGYN is a tv hack who reads lines into a camera each night. He is nothing. Just another unattractive white male reading to the camera.

They started a feud that became noticeable to me this week. She may not have started it but I noticed her rock throwing first. In her column she unmasked Keith OBGYN’s insignificant college degree. He didn’t like it and so he blasted her on his show.

That’s the background….

My first thought was that it was a Bad move by Ann. I think Ann already had the thinking people as her fans. She already had the sophisticated people buying her books and reading her columns.

She educates them further buy throwing in a high level vocabulary word in each column. She researches to get FACTS into her columns [lots and lots of facts; she OVER PROVES her points] and also a twist of a phrase or concept for the amusement of the highly functioning college educated people.

So maybe it wasn’t a bad move to pick on the lightweight Keith OBGYN…. She wanted more money… she wanted the dumb people of the world to also buy her books.

Boy Keith didn’t like that she picked on his small brain and small degree with FACTS. So now Keith OBGYN is reading his incoherent lines to the camera with her name thrown in. Thus She Wins. And he dives himself into a lower state of on-air depression.

Ann doesn’t read lines to a camera. She THINKS…and you may not get her humor or her intelligent references but you KNOW SHE THINKS.

So let review and layout Ann’s deal.

Keith OBGYN has a tv brain dead opinion show that comes on in the evening just before that fellow, Rick Maddow. Evidently he thinks that since his college degree was printed in fancy script on a 50 dollar inkjet printer that it makes him smart.

And Ann laid out in her column that his degree wasn’t as puffed up as he claimed his college degree is. So he gave her free publicity on his show. GREAT for her!!!

Her intelligent fans certainly wont be buying anything HE HAS to sell….

But maybe… just maybe his dumb followers (because there are a lot of dumb people in this world) will be DUMB enough to buy her stuff which is way over their heads.

Once the money is in Ann’s pocket she doesn’t care if they understand it or read it or use it in a mad liberal antiwar bonfire. It’s the perfect laughing stroll to the bank for a smart Ann.


From March 07, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Limbaugh and the Obama Media….. Radio Talk Shows are ENTERTAINMENT…if the guy gives out some good ideas then good…. But that is never the purpose of the conservative talk radio…

It survives because it makes money because it’s entertaining AND reasonable people agree with the stable ideas that the HOST says. OVERALL.

If you could make money by having an all comedy joke radio station then it would be there. But there are some good ideas in conservative talk radio AND above that, it’s entertainment.

Where talk show hosts get in to trouble is that they drop some provocative soundbite….and then explain the context.

If they explained the context FIRST, then you wouldn’t listen…. Duh… conservatives GET this. They GET that the provocative thing is said and then the idea is developed…

It’s a GREAT formula. Why don’t Obama voters GET IT???? Why doesn’t the Obama media get it???? Talk shows tell the PUNCH LINE FIRST….like marketing…. Like an email that you want someone to read…. You put the entertaining thought UP FRONT….then explain how it makes sense…. ENTERTAINMENT…. GET IT??

How can you feud over a soundbite that is then carefully explained? I’ll tell you why!!!! People CHOOSE TO BE STUPID…. They WANT TO BE DUMB.

That’s why there are few OBAMA voters who know what they are voting for. THEY WANT TO BE DUMB.

I’ve said before. The smart Obama voters are out there. And they should be HOPPING MAD that the DUMB Obama voters outnumber them and are making them look bad.

Has anyone gone on TV to explain WHY what Obama is doing is supposed to work. The smart Obama voters want to hear it as well as the non-Obama voters. We intelligent people on ALL sides WANT TO HEAR IT.

But why???? When you don’t need the intelligent people in order to be elected. Why spend the energy and TV time to explain anything… just say you know people are hurting….

Or maybe…there ISNT a real reason for what Obama is doing. He’s winging it and there are casualties…

CLEARLY when the economy turns around if he will let it… in the first 2 years of his presidency, HE WILL SAY THAT HE INHERITED THE RECOVERY!!!! Right? No…hopefully he will FAIL and the economy will turn around. And even though he failed he will take credit for the recovery…. So YES… Limbaugh was clear. The American people WANT Obama to fail. They WANT Bush’s approach to SUCCEED with the economy recovering.

IF Obama succeeds….the economy will claim more casualties. Is Obama going to the homes to cry and pray and comfort those who are victims of His economic WAR?? Bush inherited war and he visited the homes. Obama need to visit the homes of the casualties of HIS WAR…. He owns it now…He is the president…. Go visit the livingrooms and quietly hold hands and weep.

It was simple…Limbaugh was entertaining with some ideas. Someone couldn’t stand it but couldn’t keep their mouth SHUT. They became SCARED of Limbaugh. Someone wanted to SCREAM the name Limbaugh and they just made him much more popular. Afterall, it’s entertainment and ego and money….. a Obama’s media just gave Limbaugh more of what he worked for and achieved in the MILLIONS of dollars for 22+ years.


From March 07, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

MODERNIZE THE CALENDAR Less mistakes, more productivity, 13 Months

February, March…days are the same… If the 7th of the month was on Tuesday then it’s on a Tuesday this month. 7th was a Saturday… easy too… 7, 14, 21, 28…. Bingo.. you remembered it last month…you can remember it this month….. why not continue it…
how about April!!!

I LIKE THAT… just like the metric system…. When I was in 2nd grade…. that 30 year old teacher told me… and told the ENTIRE CLASS… the USA system of measuring things is going to be GONE and we must all know metric…

AFTERALL METRIC IS EASIER…. And the temperature was going to be easier… 0 degrees is FREEZING… not that awkward 32 degrees…. We’ve FAILED…

We have had the internet since then,
we have niftier looking cars,
we have phones that are tiny and we carry them around with us,
we even took tv’s that worked without cables, just a plug in cord for anyplace in your house to a CABLE to tie it to one wall in your house. ….

Big changes…. But do we have the METRIC system???

She said we were headed to a record breaking 400 BILLION dollar USA debt…. And could go up to a TRILLION…. She was right about that.

So let’s switch to the metric system cold turkey…no more miles on things. No more two temperatures flashing on the banks… We can HANDLE IT… companies can handle it.

The calendar…. Let’s change it to 28 days every months. 28 times 13 months is 364 let there be leap years and add a day in…..or two… or a day and 20 seconds… I don’t care. The benefit is for US….the dumb masses to enjoy keeping it simple. Let the scientists figureout how it affects their calculations for the stars and galaxies… They are so smart… let them deal with the conversions…..

Hey, I only have 30 years left to live… and some of those years are going to be tough already… I want the metric system, I want a TV that I can put anywhere in the room or in the yard, and I WANT the 7th of EVERY MONTH TO BE A SATURDAY!!!!

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD