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NFL has broken the Manliness Stereotype

NFL has broken the Manliness Stereotype

by Judge Wyld on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 1:54pm ·

What effort does it take to watch Dancing with the Stars?  or American Idol?  Nothing. Does being with the GUYS who are called MANLY because they 'watch' NFL mean that you are manly?  

To get ready for the BIG MANLY NFL EVENT, you PLAY ACT like you are manly and are a part of the event by doing some things such as setting up some food and arranging a room for optimum TV viewing. But isn't cooking and deciding on room arrangement typically a feminine thing?  (That's not any more sexist than calling NFL watching a mainly MANLY thing.) 

Oh! But to know the plays, the in's and out's of blocking schemes; To be able to say... "oooooo I saw HOLDING or INTERFERENCE!" while yelling it first with your arm in the air...THAT's MANLY!!! Doesn't crocheting or knitting have rules; in's and out's of how it's done? hmmm...

Ok... so what is MANLY?  Doesn't the stereotype - that MANLY is based on - have to do with DOING things that the lighter, weaker, fragile feminine gender can't do as well as the masculine gender?
- Swinging the hammer, hauling the wood, rocks, trash.... turning the soil... lifting the large bags of seeds and  potatoes,  turning the big wrench to turn the nuts and bolts, hoisting the transmission, driving the nails, climbing the ladders with supplies, stacking the sheet rock.

So really? Just WATCHING an NFL highlights show of the hardest player-to-player body hits is MANLY?  Sitting watching it? That's really really manly?  Study the play-by-play of this:  WATCHING Manly Activities is feminine... DOING Manly Activities is MASCULINE.   BE A MAN this SUNDAY.

Crime Ridden UnEducated East Coast Cities

Huge Rant on East Coast Attitude about Mid-West (Kansas, others) Breeding Terrorists.

by Judge Wyld on Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 12:24pm ·

Crime Ridden UnEducated East Coast Cities
East Coast news casters living in their unrealistic bubbles think that terrorists come from uneducated places. (like Kansas, Nebraska, Dakotas, Montana, Oklahoma? ref: Coverage of groups from these and other middle states.)

1. They think that educated people talk about oprah.
2. They think that educated people go to NFL games.
3. They think that educated people watch evening TV. Reality shows. American Idol.
4. They think that educated people spend their valuable time at candy coffee shops.
5. They think that educated people choose to live in congested cities with traffic jams.
6. They think that educated people cram their kids into organized sports.
7. They think that educated people care about movies that are released each weekend.

Every hunting season thousands of vehicles are parked out on country roads each weekend. Many of those vehicles have sophisticated expensive electronics, expensive extra shot guns, and expensive gear for the truck.  I'll bet that there are even some wallets in there that have a few hundred dollars in them.

There are no cameras mounted on the cornstalks and fences like there are on the streets of the big brother city.  Are there low life, down on their luck, crack heads, out there smashing in windows and stealing hunters ipods?  Or is that just found on every street including the elite neighborhoods of the educated east coast cities.

The Farmers and small town people are nice. I guess they aren't big city educated thieves. Some houses are new. Large. Modern.  Most are middle or lower middle class great older houses with character.  Those houses are ART. East coast snobs who can't appreciate a functioning farm house as living ART are really living with a closed mind.  Those anus focused, tight social circle, artsy bums appear to be very uneducated even in their specialty of art.

I'm an outsider to the farmers and I am one of the academically educated so I know a thing or two about thinking, knowledge, analysis, decision making. It seems that east coast snobs consider knowledge of trivia as 'educated'.  They don't seem to know that people with analytical skills who figure out ways of accomplishing something are the ones who possess the core of education; Thinking and decision making.

A farmer or rancher learns the facts of the science of crops, and the cattle. AND then has to be educated enough to also figure out the weather, the dirt, the depth of moisture, the mechanical equipment, the finances, the human resources, and the thinking amongst the professional network of peers, and then make their educated decisions on their own.

These farm people who appear to be more soundly educated and experienced in making decisions based on complex short term, mid term, and long term probabilistic and consequential factors ....... are clearly more soundly educated and using it than east coast tv studio snobs, and these farm people can even multitask as NICE PEOPLE.

Driving along miles of dirt country roads, these people GREET YOU.  A thick cloud of road dust, bright midday sun in their eyes, 15 degree temperature, and 18 hours of outdoor work to do that day, does not have them thinking of themselves...  They wave to you!  They don't look away.  It's genuine to look you in the eyes even when driving opposite directions.  Its not just a polite meaningless east coast courtesy.

These highly educated Kansas, Montana, Dakotas, Oklahoma people are genuine people.  They aren't going to say...let's do lunch sometime. They are going to say, come by up at the house two sections up the road and have some dinner before you take that long drive back to the city. (no. it is not an invitation to Applebees.) (Btw. Did you know a deli sandwich is easy to make in your own kitchen? It isn't rocket science.)

Here is my problem.  I'm educated. I use it most every day and even sometimes in my professional working life.  The reason I don't go up to these farm houses, ranch houses, and ask to hunt on their land is because I'm not worthy to bother them.  What is it that makes me so special in their day for them to have me go get in their face and ask them to grant me anything. They have it tough. they have it smart, intelligent, educated to the point that their decisions each day make or break their SURVIVAL.

The east coast big town people breed offspring whose biggest decisions are
a. daily, whether they are going to meet their girlfriends, or someone they want to suck up to, for sit down coffee at a candy coffee shop.
b. this week, if they'll go to the mindless NFL game or watch it with their carefully selected other snob friends at a sport bar
c. this year, if they'll schedule in the one charity event again.

Maybe, outside of their bubble, the easterners should take notice when the educated, uncluttered, true grit middle of the country, says something about the direction the idiots of eastern normalized bad behavior have taken this earth. [btw. look at current maps before you use terms like 'mid-west'. I reckon you mid-easterners don't have www. yet.]

There is no wholesome, "oh my, look what I've been missing in life," moment for the people in the educated middle of the country to discover if they ever wasted their time to see you in your cramped quarters of your uneducated big cities.

But it's very real that at times, a big burb bubble baby with a candy coffee in their hand, steps into an old farm house, meets the NON TERRORIST family with their sweet kids and cuddly real animal world cats and working dogs..... AND  AND  AND if they are fortunate, they are educated on the spot with a wholesome, look what I've been missing, MOMENT.  [cancel the remaining lifetime weekly 'Shrink' appointments]

You silver-spooned college tuition paid, shallow, so-called educated, big-mouthed, unanalytical twits and pansies utter such phrases about "the middle of the country is an uneducated place that breeds terrorism."

Shame on you. Pity on you and your keith olberman style thumbsucking, bathtub fetal position life. Get educated.

And to the Kansas Farmer who drove by my hunting vehicle 2 days ago.... Thank you.  I had absentmindedly left the driver side vehicle door wide open as I walked the field with the dog for over two hours. Shot a quail. My extra shotgun, smart phone, two gps units, and my IPAD were all quite visible from the dirt road 5 ft away.  My guess is that you not only drove by slowly to make sure my stuff was safe but also to make sure that there wasn't someone hurt and needing help.  [For you Easterners: That's two snaps and a swoosh for the Farmer.]

Judge Wyld
Art in an Educated Place.


When moving forward
Means movement;
Pick up speed.

When learning
Means study;

When finding love
Means looking;

When caring outward
Means giving;
Follow through.

When opportunity
Means asking;

When achievement
Means striving;
Work hard.

When playing around
Means nothing;
Why play?

Original Judge Wyld poem, Feb 2006.

Effing Family Feud Game Show

Effing Family Feud Game Show  

A Long Ago Childhood Favorite Show is now a Filthy perverted SEXUALLY explicit show....

Ask yourself if you want to buy from businesses who have their commercials play and pay for the sexually explicit Family Feud Game Show.

Are you FOR or are you AGAINST Family Feud being on TV during after school time, contact:
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Effing Family Feud.

Daytime Games Shows are good family fun!!!  Kids are not in school much.  Kids are home from school in the summer.  Kids are off of school for all those teacher holidays.

Good, clean, wholesome moms. Great Christian dads heading off to work.
So during the day you have Wheel of Fortune.  You have The Price is Right. Drew Carey is even a slender man now.
These are the wholesome games that you could allow you kids to watch.
Family Feud is the game show where they have sent out questions somewhere (east coast only?) to get 100 responses from people who answer their mail from game shows.

Family game show questions should be wholesome like: What room, where you live, is the messiest?
Cute fun answers would be: Kids' bedroom. Living room. Hobby room. Laundry room. Kitchen. Garage. Play room.

Name a job that many children want to grow up to have?  Fire Fighter, Policeman, Doctor, Nurse. Soldier. Banker. Race car driver. Princess.

Those type questions from decades ago are wholesome fun!

These questions might get kids, 10 yrs old, 13 yrs old, to think. The questions and answers could expose children to some good ideas that they might not have thought of on their own or from their parents.
 As a matter of fact... The show stage has the counter top that the people stand behind where each individual spot is distinct.
It has a brown, a white, and a brown layer.  Each persons place to stand is shaped as an overall square but rounded corners.
It looks like an ice cream sandwich; to get the interest of kids?  or for hungry, self-indulgent, housewives?
But No. Family Feud Game Show is NOT Wholesome. The Questions are Sexual.

Steve Harvey was a comedian who is now the host. Maybe he has been the host for many years. I don't know.  But he is the host now.  The questions are now about SEX. The questions are about Dong, Nads, Va jay jay, breasts, private parts, and yes, the word SEX and other obvious ways of saying it.

If your kids are watching Family Feud Game Show, are they turning to you to ask what the sexual word for a body part is or a sexual concept?

The participants are suppose to represent wonderful wholesome families in respectable clothes. No jeans/blue denim. No ripped jeans, t-shirts, ball caps. no sweatshirts.  Mostly church dresses. Guys wearing pressed button up shirts and nice pressed pants (or slacks as you ladies call them.)

Some of the dresses are sleeveless....the PITTS family ladies had sleeveless dresses so when they clapped their hands high above their heads, you could see their PITTS....arm pits. That's not bad. I just thought it was funny to mention here and lighten up the mood.

How could you as a supposedly wholesome family posing wholesomely looking on the show, be a part of these following Family Feud questions/answers?

Here are some of the questions and responses on the non-Family after school Family Feud:
  • Name something that some people like rough and some like smooth.  SEX. Kisses.
  • Name something you don't have to spend a lot of money on when making an x rated movie.  clothes
  • Name something that comes in pairs but would be bad if one is missing.  NADS. Hooters.
  • Name something a female dog thinks a male dog does in a sexy way.  Lick themselves. hump.
  • Name something that you keep clean as a whistle.  Private Parts.
  • Name a HOW TO BOOK.... how to sexually gratify.
  • Name something most people enjoy with others but some like to do alone.
  • Name a kids game that adults play in the nude. ?????
  • Name a bad idea for where to place a tattoo?  penis.
  • Name something you wear to bed to indicate it is going to be a frigid night?
  • Name something you put over your bed?  sex posters, mirror, ....
  • Word or phrase that means naked?
  • A food couples use for romance that makes them feel more sticky than romantic?
  • Name something that you PUT OUT. sex
Conclusion and Solution.
This is not an accident to be putting this on TV in the daytime. This show is sick.  It wants to be sick.  It wants to be shocking and doesn't care to be about FAMILY.

It would be EASY to put in the instructions to the people who respond to the survey that breasts, genitalia and the poop hole, as well as SEX acts are NOT allowed as answers. 

It would be EASY to tell the participants on the show that those answers will NOT be allowed.

Also guilty: The participants should not pretend to be wholesome, not pretend they don't want to give an un-classy answer, not pretend shyness or shame or blushing.  They know its a filthy show, and know the un-family friendly questions/answers are a part of it.  Are their children in the audience watching?  Will they be watching the recorded show on TV later?  You FAILED as parents.

And Steve Harvey does NOT need to be ACTING out the sex act with thrusting on TVs during the day with kids watching a show that SAYS FAMILY in the name.

These Advertisers were noted during May 2012Family Feud Game Show 'after school time' airings.

Effing Family Feud TV Advertisers.
Mr. Clean, Disney Lion King traveling show, Cox Cable TV, National American University, Hershey's, Droid Phones, Verizon Motorola, ALL STATE insurance, SONIC drive up fast food, Heritage College, Dairy Queen, Auto Insurance. Allegra. Gold Bond Itch Cream. Twizzlers, Dixie Paper Plates, Toyota, Ford, Dodge Ram, Best Value Inn, Jif Peanut Butter Snacks.....and.... "SC JOHNSON, A FAMILY COMPANY"

Some of the filthy questions being aired during after school airings of the Show:
  • Reason women give to not be romantic in the morning.
  • Candy bar describing your mate in bed.
  • Something women can do without the help of a man. Pleasure themselves.
  • Something that big guys buy. condoms.
  • Name something that is not long enough.  Trouser snake. SEX. Roll in Hay.
  • Name something that takes two to do.  Have Sex.

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