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Sunday, November 30, 2008

JUDGE WYLD HARSH WHEN ENTERTAINING; Your Choice to Like or Hate; Give to a Good Lifestyle.

From April 19, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Judge Wyld gets pretty harsh when entertaining on the radio and getting the audience to THINK! You may judge JUDGE WYLD. That is only fair, because I judge YOU.
Here is something to Inspire you to a great lifestyle.
In two weeks time. Volunteer drove kids to free orthopedic care. 900 mile round trip. Overnight stay. Tutored in the schools two different days. Visited a nursing home two different nights. Changed a flat tire on the side of a highway for a lady stranger. Not even a young lady. Cut down a tall pampas grass patch for two neighbors, one is elderly. And am clowning for children for two full days at a three-ring circus this weekend. Ok…I did more than that in that two weeks time… such as donating thousands of dollars to a nursing home beauty salon and a childrens' orthopedic free hospital care but you get the idea.

This is a lifestyle, not a unique two week period; You wouldn't believe what I did last week. Let's hate Judge Wyld, or jazz up your lives to something meaningful. Your free choice. If you have more money than time, send it to me. I'll find good uses for it in the community. Write to me. I'll let you know how much is needed and exactly how it will be spent.
Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From April 19, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

I have always had this burr under my saddle… more like on top of the saddle and directly inside my britches. Singles have always paid more in taxes than married people.

Later after the next break. I’m going to tell you what John McCain’s plan is for Single, childless American taxpayers is. YOU DON”T WANT TO MISS THIS.

But first, some analysis to lay the ground work.

Singles with homes have always paid more taxes than married people with homes. People without children have always paid more taxes per child in their household than people with children. NO ONE has ever, ever, ever given a single person a tax break for NOT putting children into the school system.

We have politicians parading around their districts, proud as Santa Claus handing out toys, proud as an uncle handing out cotton candy, bragging and booming HIS VOICE about rah rah rah leading the way to getting rid of the MARRIAGE TAX…. THERE IS NOT A MARRIAGE TAX. THERE NEVER WAS. THE ONLY PEOPLE PENALIZED for smart LIFE DECISIONS are the SINGLE PEOPLE. Todd Tiahrt of Kansas, parades around the state, screaming that he is going to get rid of the marriage tax penalty… way to go… it doesn’t exist.

Todd can add up the number of ways a foreign tanker hurts Americans but can’t have anyone on his staff add up how much in taxes that a single person pays? How much of the burden of other people’s kids that the single person pays for? YOU PUT YOUR KID ON MY BACK? And the politicians keep shoveling more of MY money to YOU. Not to your kid. Your kids are already eating and going to sleep. You are using that money to take YOUR kids to Disney Land and buying them more and more VIDEO GAMES for Xmas. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. Send me some tickets to Europe and don’t forget to send me some spending money!!!

Married people saw the model. You get to be barely an adult and you have babies and oh by the way, you better be married. So they are trying to live out this model. Oh, it doesn’t matter WHO you marry… Just marry and have babies. WITHOUT THINKING.

So a Single person moves into a neighborhood that has homes purchased by married couples. The houses are the same size, same type, use the same gas company, electric company, sewer, water, tv company, telephone company. All those fees, all those hookup fees, all those access fees, all those minimum charge fees. Divide by TWO for the married couple. Each person is paying HALF as much as the single person. Already the single person is paying TWICE as much as a married person.

Ok… Property taxes. Both houses are worth the same amount. The married couple has TWO people paying the property tax so divide by two. The single person has to pay the entire property tax bill by themselves.

The single person is paying TWICE as much as a married person. Why is the single person being penalized???? Do you want to penalize them by making them buy a smaller house??? Why should they have to have a lower standard of living. A lesser house? If they had a lesser house, their mortgage tax benefit would be half. The married couple with twice the house would be getting TWICE the tax benefit……THERE IS A SINGLE’s tax penalty NOW. There was a Single’s tax penalty before. There NEVER was a MARRIAGE tax penalty. If you DON’T give the singles a 50% tax break NOW, you are encouraging Singles to shack up with other singles to share expenses of the tax burden.

How about cars… ok. So you say. One car one person? Really? Doesn’t a family usually have different types of vehicles?? A pickup truck for certain things and a family car for certain things. So you mean that a single MUST not be able to have a pickup truck for hauling things to and from their property? Or if they do, they shouldn’t have a sedan for going to church. The single person must drive across country to vacation or see family in a pickup truck? The single person needs the pickup truck AND the sedan just like the married couple does. Why should the single person have a lower standard of living?? So both households have a pickup truck and a sedan. The married couple again gets to share half the expense with each other. The single person has to pay full taxes on both vehicles. AND full insurance on both vehicles even though they can only drive one car at a time. (the premium break isn’t enough to offset the risk) AGAIN. The SINGLE is paying TWICE as much in taxes and much more in insurance than a married person. The SINGLES tax penalty.


Judge wants to talk with YOU. Judge wants to hear what rationale you have for your thoughts. Judge PROMISES to JUDGE you and give you affirmation; validation. Or talk with you about your denial and lack of principles.

John McCain wants to DOUBLE the tax credit for kids. It’s not a tax credit. The money comes from singles. Any tax credit for someone is a sneaky way of saying, we are TAKING from others. SINGLE PEOPLE DON’T burden the schools. We don’t burden the fire departments, the emergency rooms at the hospitals, extra roads, the playgrounds, the swimming pools, the public recreation areas, but WE PAY FOR YOUR KIDS.

I will NOT vote for someone who wants to take from others to BUY your vote. Do you have kids? Don’t YOU feel cheap, ashamed, that you can’t take care of your kids? Don’t you feel like poop that you are TAKING from singles. If kids are sooooo great. Don’t you feel sorry for singles?

Not only are YOU stealing from singles to subsidize your marriage but if you have kids you are stealing even more from childless people to subsidize your choice to have kids. And the politicians are buying you. You are for sale. You are not intelligent voters on real issue. They come around and DOUBLE your benefit because you can be bought. They know it. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the politicians and if you want to take my money to put more spending money in your pocket, I’m SICK OF YOU YOU YOU.

Unfunded mandates my butt. You should fund the basic education of YOUR children.

I’d be for giving them a pre votech (vocational tech) class or two where they are exposed to what is available at the tech colleges for when they get out of high school.

I’d be for a couple all school assemblies for them to learn about how to pursue hobbies in the arts and music after high school… But I’M PAYING for YOUR kid’s hobbies????? NO way

Why are schools paid for out of property taxes? What in the world is the relationship there? That only people with kids, own houses? Shouldn’t there be a renters tax for school systems? Based on the number of kids at that dwelling?

Should there be a birth tax? Have the parents start paying for elementary school the instance the kid is born? I pay taxes for everything else I buy that I enjoy. If kids are so good for society then why? Why aren’t they valuable enough to the people who have them to pay for their services? We haven’t even talked about the churches and the square footage and expense.

I love kids. I tutor them, I mentor them, I drive them to free surgery care. I decide to do that… I’ve always gotten along with the kids of gals I’ve dated even better than the woman…the mother of the kids.

Comments? CARE to give me a rebate on my hundreds of thousands of dollars paid for YOUR KIDS? Send me a check or two tickets and spending cash for a month's vacation to Europe....If you care for your kids. You will put it in the mail today. Ask for my PayPal account, you can send the money there!

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

MAN MOMENTS: Greatest Moments are TEACHING BOYS. Stay Away Married Women. Bleeding on TOOLS /DNA.

From May 17, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Man moments... mowing... fuel spewing out of a hose... cracked... went to the race car stuff that should be in the dump... found a hose from a garden sprayer that would work on the lawn mower... cut it off....installed it. Cut finger to the bone...bled on tools but just shook blood off into the grass. Women would spoil that man moment. Blood and grease and dirt go together for MEN. Leave blood on tools. If stolen, can identify tools as yours with DNA tests. Tools and Kids are ours if the DNA matches our DNA.

Man moments... when a woman, smiles and blushes upon seeing you and you know... you know that with in that territory...the female lioness... is allowing the male lion to know that if approached...well.. you know the lions would have some wine and snuggle and such.... but she is married so ignore that...which is itself a man moment to NOT ever encroach in another males territory.

Man moments... tutoring a young man... and have him respond with respect and effort. To talk to a young man and tutor him beyond just math... beyond just fractions... reduce the fraction to it's lowest terms. multiply fractions without regard for the denominators.... convert to common denominators before adding or subtracting...

No male came along and taught me how to pay for college. No one told me it couldn't be done. As a middle schooler I just knew I wanted to go to college and no one paid a dime of it... but me. No one told me that I'd have to side step obstacles... actually I didn't know obstacles existed.

I taught the young men...middle school boys... about hard work at their age for 50 or 60 years of freedom in the worklife... a good job with a good pay, isn't good enough if it means you are punching the clock. Time line...... organize.... they knew math... but went slow...

My man moment this week wasn't the whizzing contest and puffing of chests and barking of voice and choice language arguing with someone about politics.

It was feeling my own heart jump, my voice too loud in the library as I as the student flew through working out a long fraction math problem and as soon as he wrote down the answer on the paper, looked at the multiple choices and marked the answer on the scorecard...

HE WAS OVERJOYED... he knew fractions... he was FAST... and now he was confident...

It was the last day of the school year. and as he told me he was moving to Arkansas to live with his dad and wouldn't be coming back next year. It hurt.

We walked him back most of the way to class. I couldn't show that I'd miss him. I had a man moment of simply wishing him well in an even voice and letting him go. Men do this better than women. It's a man moment.

I went about my day... It's that chance we take, when we do fulfilling things in life. We eventually have to let it go and do something else. Men are better at it than women.

Much better than women at letting go of things and people we love. We men do it because our love for teaching and letting go is greater than our love for ourselves.


Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From May 31, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Last week I saw a how man moments start…. I saw two boys in a neighborhood…yes… man moments start young… as boy moments.

Nothing starts a boy off in a life of man moments like poverty. Sticks, rocks, dirt, weeds, firecrackers, a pond, and fish. As a matter of fact, a BB gun creates the sweetest manboy moment you ever saw.

It’s that moment that the boy graduates to being a man and all his moments after that moment are forever man moments.

It’s that moment that the boy, who just killed a robin, swears then and forever that he didn’t know it was a robin when he shot and killed it. That the bird was a long way away, and he thought maybe it was a sparrow or some other bird… anything but a robin.

He might even claim he thought it was a leave of the tree and it being so far away there is no way he thought he’d actually hit it… just target practice on a leaf. Until the bird fell off that branch….

And the boy, through all of the reasons why it wasn’t intentional…. Has tears in his eyes… he sits on the curb in front of his house, crying. Wondering if God knows. And if God knows, could he be forgiven.

These are man moments that girls/women don’t have. Don’t understand. Don’t understand how it adds a layer to a boy and layers after that keep being added. The layers make the man that the rest of the world sees, step up to responsibility, overcome sadness to still get a job done, take pity on the dumb and senseless.

And just as much as the layers add toughness to the outside. They preserve the softness on the inside. You see men don’t lose their softness. They just cherish it. They keep it to themselves.

You see something peculiar in the man moments. They started as boy moments. As men we are still acting out our moments, whether boy or whether man, they come from the same place.

The boys I saw were crossing a driveway…crossways…. Grass on both sides of the concrete driveway…. And the one boy who crossed…. Was wearing ONE roller skate… no roller skate on the other foot… no roller skate laying in the grass… no roller skate laying on the concrete… ..where was it??? Where??? GUESS!!!!

THE OTHER ROLLERSKATE WAS ON ONE FOOT OF THE OTHER BOY!!! HEEEEE took his turn to cross the driveway. These boys. Solving the problem of one pair of roller skates to be shared by two boys. They were having fun. They were daring to try something unconventional.

They will grow up from that boy moment to have enriched meaningful and FULL happy lives, living in countless man moments.

Forgive boy moments and forgive man moments. Let them be boys. Let us be men. It really is the best part of us.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

MAN MOMENTS - Even GREAT men need to be MEN; Some Examples of MM.

From May 31, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Listening to Judge brings you together with your neighbors when during the week you say… did you hear Judge this week… It’s not Judge who? …It’s Judge… Judge Wyld and yes… of course can you believe what Judge Wyld said last Saturday on the radio…. You are at the right place and time… 10:30am…

Following up from last show. I heard there was some feedback from our discussion of man moments. Don’t know what to do about it… Man moments are everywhere… every week… I do hope you are getting yours… and I do hope you don’t have a wife on your back about it… Us good men need to be free, unfettered, to look at the world in the fascination… to prioritize manhood over female emotionality… we do so much for the world, for the children, for the women…. We deserve to be left alone… without comment… and if something is to be said…. that lady of heart should be smiling and loving and saying ‘good job’…

As we’ve said. We aren’t very crude here. We behave ourselves on the air. Man moments are NOT burping or farting. Many old women fart without the least bit of a change of their facial expression. And we don’t consider dropping off at the bar to have several drinks when you supposed to be home eating dinner with your family…THAT is NOT a man moment. And we don’t consider setting up a fake business trip or lying to get away from the house so you can cherish a wild time with your mistress…no…THAT is NOT a man moment.

We are talking about GOOD men. GREAT men. The MEN you SHOULD want in your life… these GREAT men ARE to BE MEN and have MAN MOMENTS without your mouth opening to tell him something bad about it. YOU…other men and women… MUST be supportive of MAN MOMENTS.

We talk about MAN MOMENTS like:

Man moments... loud assertive disagreement over politics and foreign chicks do that?

Man moments... a USED four wheeler... large big tires... sounds neat... selling it ....trailer on the back. only $700...

There is nothing MANLY about a NEW jet ski…or a NEW four wheeler…. ANY child or Lady can start one up. Buying a USED jet ski is MANLY.

Every MAN who is living life as a MAN…. Dressing as a man. Eats steak like a man. Drinks his beer out of a glass, bottle, or can. Every MAN MUST have Man Moments EACH and every week.

Man moment….Men are generous outside of the spotlight of praise. That's why you think men are worthless. We aren't grandstanding about it. table top stereo…nursing home…. Sitting area… I’m in visiting with a man who at one time in his life was a big time cattle buyer and seller… he and his partner flew aircraft around the country to attend to their business transactions and we have a great time chatting. He chats somewhat slowly but his mind is clear but slow. A lady volunteer calls out my name from across the room. … She wants to tell everyone in the room about my generous gift of a stereo that they needed. A man doesn't need that kind of attention or praise.... I quickly walked out of the room before she could say much more.

Man Moments – looking cool… smoooooooooth… stable… in control…. SOLID… women to see us as the ROCK… not flitter about in an emotional confusion like a chick… security of the ROCK…. ME!! The man… the protector. Knowing about the world… protector of the family and the family possessions….. YOUR man….

But there comes a problem when we do certain things. I’m not talking about holding your purse. You just wouldn’t dream of handing your purse to your man… or your son. That would be WRONG and you are too good to even think that it is a good idea.

NO… what I’m talking about is when that rock of yours that chiseled specimen of manhood… leans over, puckers up his lips and DRINKS a drink THROUGH a Straw…. Guys DON”T DO THAT. It doesn’t look manly. Eat a steak, big pile of mashed potatoes, and drink through a straw??? Restaurant, at home? So what do we do… we drink out of the restaurant cup… after we check it for lipstick that made it through the lame washer bin….

Look what they did… they took that glass from that table… swish swish in some old water… swish swisher over some brush looking thing sitting in old water… and then dip dip in another old water bin…. Then pours your beer from the tap… and what do we do???? We pay the lady and drink our beer…. We just saw how incomplete and disgusting of a process that was in luke warm water with dirty soap water and dirty rinse water and ick… who knows what is already clinging to those bottle brushes!!!!

Man Moment - Men look stupid running across traffic…. Dip down… looking both ways really really fast… can’t just coolly walk across… nope… us guys don’t look so good when we are running in street clothes… no bandanna… no sweat bands,…. No slick looking shorts or studly tshirt with something on it… just business dress casual shoes and pants and a half girlie jog… lift our arms at the elbow… try to make it look good….

So as soon as we get to the other side… we MAN UP with our strut walk… like… that was nothing… you didn’t see that… hope the chicks didn’t see that… was there a chick in that car??? Hope she was on the phone with her mother and didn’t see me… hope she sees me now… I look so cool strutting over here on this side of the street…like I was on the other side of the street…but inbetween while crossing??? Oh my.. lets not see or talk about that….

What are some of your man moments... that your bad lady doesn't understand... do you have a good lady who supports your man moments??? Comment to Judge.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From June 07, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

We are a unique radio show. As a matter of fact. Most radio talk shows have a monologue or a conversation between others… but this show is one that actually talks directly to you.

I know your ears are there. I give you full credit for having a brain behind those ears. I give you full credit for having eyes that if I could see through your radio, I’d be looking into your eyes as we are talking.

Yes. Today, just like every other day that the Judge Wyld show is on the air, I am actually talking to YOU. On this show, I have talked to you, a woman. And to you, a man. I have talked to YOU a reasonable person, I have talked to YOU an irresponsible person. Each and every story I relate and each and every opinion and judgment I make that comes through your radio to you… is meant to be a conversation with YOU…..

THAT is how people make a difference. If I were talking to just the cows and sheep and goats…. I wouldn’t be here on the radio… It’s a caring thing. It’s a heart thing. It’s a very real giving thing.

And because it is a very real giving thing. I want your children to be near the radio right now. Immediately. We have never said anything that can’t be heard by a child. A teenager. A 3 year old. A 10 year old. NOT that we don’t think things that we COULD talk about with you adults that we would think too advanced for the kids…. We certainly have a warped sense of humor that crosses the full range of human and adult experiences. But TODAY… I will talk specifically to the children.

It is a few weeks prior to Fathers day and it is time to start thinking CORRECTLY about Fathers.

Working Fathers give their life for you. They have man intuition to be authoritative and autonomous…. They want to be their own boss and want to approach their work in their own way. But they sacrificed these precious natural desires that would have been achievable…. they married your mom and they made children together….

Your Father gave up being his own boss. He goes to work wanting to keep a job even if he doesn’t like the job. He doesn’t get to do what he wants or exactly how he wants. Your dad has given up his autonomy… as a child you understand about wanting control.

KIDS: Everyone is telling you what to do. How to do it. And WHEN they want you to do it…. Mow the yard. Use the old mower. And mow it back and forth… no circles. And clean up the grass clippings. No you can’t go to the movies. No you can’t just go hang out at the mall. No you can’t have the expensive shoes….and if your Dad is NOT telling you exactly what to do…. He might be asking you to come to him with your own plan on how you are going to get it done by Thursday AND he wants you to tell him your plan. Then do it.

You think your Dad is mean. That he is picking on you…. Do you know… that when your dad is at work… someone is telling him what work they want him to do… WHEN your dad has to get it done… and often HOW to do it… there are printed processes that HE MUST Follow…. And if they don’t tell him how to do it… he must PLAN it himself and Tell the boss what his plan is…and he must do it……

Does your dad want to be told what to do? Or when to do it? NO NO NO… but he does it for YOU…. You are his children. He wants to keep his job so YOU can have a house, a bedroom, some clothes… a car to be driven to work.

Children… let’s look at the money dad makes. If dad makes 60,000 dollars a year he may only bring home about 20 dollars for every hour that he works.

When he pays 1000 dollars for your house each month… he had to go work for someone and do what they said and hope they liked what he did. How many hours did he work for your house each month??? 50 hours. How about 400 dollars for the car. 20 more hours. What about mom’s car… 20 more hours. How about gas? How about water for your shower. How about electricity?

Those are a lot of hours a month that dad works for YOU. His life going to work is not about him. He can’t go do the exciting things that he wanted to do. When he was a boy he dreamed of many exciting things to do. But he decided that he would give all of that up for YOU. He loves you. Love is not just a hug but love is a commitment. Even if your dad never smiles. Even if he doesn’t tell you about the details of the sacrifices he is making for you… Even if he is very tired and doesn’t do all of the fun things you want him to do …. Look at what he has given up for you.

He goes to work. Get’s told what to do… how fast it must be done. He doesn’t control his own life. Maybe you could understand what he has given up for you. For 20, 30 years or more… he has given up his boyhood dreams… to be a man for YOU… to give up his dreams for YOU to live in that house, be driven around in those cars….

That is why he wants you to THINK. He wants you to put a bit of work into the family too.

So guess what? If he buys you a 20 dollar pair of shoes. He had to work for an entire hour for those shoes. If you actually demand a 60 dollar pair of shoes…. He has to work an extra TWO HOURS for those shoes…. One hour was enough… but you demanded he work two hours more for those shoes that you want. If you want to go to the movies or out to dinner. YOU didn’t need to go to the movies… you didn’t need to go out to dinner and order an expensive meal!!! You made dad work an extra hour just for YOU.

Why don’t you think about Dad?… do you love him? You can give him a great big gift… next time you think about shoes, or pants, or jeans, or movies, or what to eat for dinner.

I want you to say something to your dad today. No matter how old you are.. Really say this to dad….

"DAD, you love us and I love you." (this will get his attention.)

This is what I want you to do.. children…. I want to tell your dad that you know he gave up some dreams and some goals. I want you to tell your dad that you want to save him from having to work extra hours for things. That you want his life to be more fun for him.

Tell your dad that you will not make him work extra. You will want simpler things and you want him to enjoy his life more. I want you to tell him that you want to be like him some day. That you want to be a good parent in the way that he has sacrificed for YOU.

I want you to tell him that you understand him and the love he is giving on you. And if you could do me one more deep and meaningful favor…..

I want you to tell your mom to appreciate and understand dad too. Children… I’m talking to you… YOU are powerful… YOU can make dad’s life happier. You think you have no power.

All you hear is about the things that are wasted around the house. About the things that money is spent on that DAD thinks are not needed…. Children… he is right. He works extra hours for every 20 dollars.

He is loving you with every hour he works. A man wants to be free and free from other people controlling HIM just the same that you want that freedom ….. give him the freedom… from your heart…..from extra hours that you make him work by making demands on him….

Father’s day is every day that you appreciate him and support his dreams and goals by giving him the freedom from having to work those extra hours for YOU…..

KIDs: I thank you…. Keep listening to Judge Wyld here… you will learn more in the next weeks.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From June 21, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

decided to go rollerblading…
it was a great day… barely sweat day.. just enough breeze… a park where it’s one mile from one end to the other and a 1/4 mile across… so it’s about 2.5 miles around… I did three laps…

but here is the deal… the path is asphalt…and the width of two baby buggies… with a little space…that’s it… so bicyclists and walkers and rollerbladers 'skinny' to one side as they pass each other going opposite directions…. So this is how it goes… someone coming the other way stays to their side…you stay to your side…and it all works out… HI…. HI…. Or a little wave… music in their ears… if you are faster and you are coming up on someone going the same way….. you say…’on the left’… and the person in front stays to the right…

Simple…UNLESS….. you get these walker chicks…. Women who couldn’t just sit at home and chat… no…they have to walk on a public path… side by side…. You know how wide these women are… and they have to walk side by side to chat…they walk SLOOOOOWLY….THAT isn’t even exercise!!!!!

That happened to me Friday morning… I’m rollerskating along… and I see ahead of me in the park…. Two of those chicks who just had babies …. No job. Nothing to do but walk in the park on Friday morning… In front of each one of them is a baby stroller with a kid in it…. SIDE BY SIDE….

I politely click the hard plastic parts of the hand protectors…. One chick heard me… she looked… She SAW ME…. She didn’t move behind the other lady… I’m on WHEELS… there are no breaks on these wheels… rubber piece…worthless for stopping. I click again as I get closer… I had to slow down… she doesn’t move….. at all… just moving her pregnancy butt side to side as she chats….

At the last second… just before I was going to knock her into her stroller…. She drags the stroller over … I barely missed her… I mumble over my breath… JEEPERS…

So what can we get from these babymakers…. RUDE… women in many towns are RUDE…. Pathetic men don’t know that they deserve better and they fish in this pool… they marry what fish there are in the pond… parasites with big mouths that can’t shut up about what they want…so the pathetic men hand it over.

Parasites that get big because everyone has to love them for who they are and complain til they have a baby or two or three and then tell their husband that they have to be fat because they had chucked out a kid. Never mind every other part of the USA and of the world where women with kids get back in shape for their own self respect and for their husbands…….

Here is the point…. Character matters and the same character that has the chicks being disrespectful of others in the park, also has them sporting and keeping a caboose …. You know the last car of a train… EVEN the railroads rid their trains of cabooses…or is it cabeese if there is more than one…

The railroads have slimmed down… overweight costs money…takes up space…. Has no useful purpose… the caboose is inefficient… and yet…. These women grow and clothe these cabooses and then say they want to be appreciated for what’s on the inside. I don’t want to wait for the caboose to cross the road…. I don’t want to be bumped into by someones caboose at a store…. SAVE GAS…. Dump the caboose…

It’s what is on the inside that counts and the inside of the day loafers who thought to have a chat side by side was more important than all the other park goers …… your insides are junk and your trunk is junk….. maybe you should work on BOTH your insides and outsides….

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From June 28, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Man moments…
Weather… standing out watching for storms… watching for tornados…the sirens… a man thing to go outside and look…

the siren doesn’t send a man to the basement stairs….it is a call… a call of the wild…a man invented that siren…

when the siren calls out loud and shrill, it is a call to the man to go to the front door…stand out on the porch…march to the center of the front yard… marvel at the trees bent in furious concert with the wind…. To see that greenish sky on the horizon and say….

Yup! Over there alright… dark greenish hanging clouds… we don’t know why it’s greenish… just know …cuz we are men…that it’s why the siren blew… called us out there to see it… man moments…

Dad never ever came down to the basement to huddle with mom and us kids. A tornado is big…Dad would use his Dad eyes and go see it for us.

He used his man ears to hear the siren and go obediently to the center of the front yard. The men of the neighborhood in a straight line formed by all of them standing out in the middle of their front yards….

We love the harsh threatening weather…. A hot boring day is for all to complain about.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

NASCAR Tony Stewart Weak - Dating Advice for KYLE BUSCH.

From June 28, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

NASCAR… 10 races to go.

A Road course race. Juan Montoya was the biggest whiner of the group. He hit someone and spun out.

Tony Stewart needs to pay back this salary. He is just dumping his team by slacking off.

People who don’t know anything about racing are still for E Jr…. the dimwitted of the crowd but that’s ok, NASCAR will take the money off of the dimwitted. No sweat…

Kyle Bush has been winning on all the tracks. ...the sports lovers respect kyle bush. He even has one of those cookie cutter NASCAR chicks. Some say that if he’s smart, he’ll dump her. No need to marry. Can easily switch girlfriends every two years for another cookie cutter NASCAR girlfriend. 23, 24, 25…..then swap down again 23, 24, 25…. No problem.. cheaper and you always have a young gal to keep ya comfy in your trailer on the road…. Might need to swap sooner… one complaint and she is gone…Money and Fame...

What dating advice would you give to a young NASCAR driver with money and fame? I'd like to know?

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From July 05, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

the cold, windy, snowy, icy, rainy, storming days are only for the women and children to complain about.

The men are out there… checking it out. playing in it…

Judge Wyld… yours truly ….am single. I am out in the weather without nagging behind me.

Hopefully you men who are married are ignoring the nagging, drowned out by the man call when you feel the tug of the elements….

Go… experience it… taste it, breathe it, feel it…wet clothes, frozen toes, wind in your hair, and a few broken bones…. Live it… as a man…

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From July 05, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

NASCAR… 9 races to go. What else to say. It’s just a mix of gas mileage and finishes that have not much to do with racing. The points are the game and it’s not about a race any more.

NASCAR has reduced the number of debris cautions…was that magic… were the fans on to them… they had to quit messing with the races with the debris cautions… let them drive..

let them drive around the debris…radio to the drivers and keep going… let the fast cars and the driving determine the outcome.

YES, I know this subject is lame. But what do you expect. Professional sports are faked for the commercial dollar. Duh! Professional Sports are 'Made for TV FICTION'. Go get a life. Don't bother to comment on sports to me.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From July 05, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Parents hanging on to their kids is selfish.. I have good parents… they raised us and put a lot of sacrifice into us… now they’ve backed off… now means 26 yrs ago. Time to stop burping your baby, time to stop cleaning up their diapers. If you want to make them your best friend? Why? Do you advise people to hang out with someone as their best friend who is 25 yrs younger? How about a 40 yr old with a 15 year old best friend. Get real. Play with someone your own age.

Grow up and realize your kids where at one time your responsibility and now are NOT. Get yourself a life. What does that say if your life is your kids’ lives…. You living for your grand kids? Who told you that you are the one to raise them??? Who??? You couldn’t find a life so you are taking theirs…

I love my parents…. They raised us through the hard times… hard finances…hard time… hard headed kids, hard to let them go make their own way through college?? Yes…but for the kids… not hard for the parents because they trust how they raised us… they raised us RIGHT….

Why don’t you get it?.. I’m happy. I have money. I have freedom. I have gifts that I use in the community… any mother could be proud of me. And I’m proud that my parents have a life…

Visits? Who wants people to visit for days and days?… mom’s love is deep… deep and true.. just not a selfish love… always a giving love…. She has a life.. doesn’t need people staying for weeks.. she wants to get back to her life… whatever it may be…. Don’t stay away too long though.....her heart still jumps with joy to see her kids….


Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From October 04, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

A man was caught hitting an animal… viciously maliciously with intent the man beat on this animal. He Yelled at the animal…he made double fists!!! He intended to hit an animal…and he did. He rushed to the animal, HE BEAT the animal…

To my knowledge… NO charges have been filed. No Jail time. No hand cuffs. No 10,000dollar fine. Nothing… There were NO repercussions for beating on the animal.

Baby seals, if you beat your dog or cat, if you give ANY discomfort to an animal…they are too hot, they don’t have a clean environment, if they don’t have fresh water, if they whine because they are alone…. If they chew up your shoes… You CAN NOT hit them without jail time.

A dog is recovering after a Florida Keys
carpenter dove in to save his pet from a shark.

Greg LeNoir said he took his 14-pound rat terrier Jake for a
daily swim at a marina Friday.

The five-foot shark suddenly surfaced and grabbed nearly the
entire dog in its mouth.

LeNoir said he yelled, then balled up his fists and dove
headfirst into the water. He hit the shark in the back and the
creature finally let go of the dog.

Man and dog made it safely back to shore. The dog suffered bite
wounds but was not critically injured.

Shark hit by man swimming with his dog.... small dog... swimming along...just like any other shark prey. The prey was grabbed by the shark....the shark did NOTHING wrong. The shark did NOT GRAB A BABY. What if the man was fond of a balloon or fond of a favorite life jacket. How about fond of seagulls. And the shark grabbed the man hit the shark... the man HIT the shark.

Was that self defense? No. The shark didn’t grab the man. The man was on shore…on the dock… NOT In the water. Where are the animal abuse advocates. The man was not being threatened? He purposely and maliciously interfered with the natural feeding habits of the shark. The shark had a right to whatever prey was in the waters. What is the report on the shark's condition? I am very serious about this. The man admitted abusing the animal. Jail.

You don’t care about dogs anyway… listen to this….

Hollywood celebrities can continue to drive with animals nestled in their laps.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is vetoing a bill to fine motorists $35 for sharing the driver's seat with lapdogs or other animals.

Republican Assemblyman Bill Maze says the practice is distracting. He introduced the bill after seeing a woman driving with three dogs on her lap.

Schwarzenegger says he's signing only bills that are "the
highest priority for California." And a lapdog ban isn't one of

Do you care about dogs? Are they a member of your family? Shouldn't they be safe in a car accident? Shouldn't they be in a baby car seat facing backwards??? Shouldn't sharks be protected from being punched in the head??? WHY NOT???

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From October 11, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

NASCAR Sweet Justice playoff system of ten races with the tip 12 team. Saint Edwards….Carl Edwards. The bully of the pits…the NASCAR garage…the after race bully… He and HE ALONE… in full view of every camera… was an idiot on the track…Kevin Harvick calls an idiot an idiot and he did…

Tony Stewart is just an iconic freak for representing his team and his sponsors.

He doesn’t shave…his face is a contorted mess. He is all about himself as if the only person who makes up a team is himself….. so I don’t shop at his sponsors…I purposely shop at his sponsors competitors…. I have shopped up in the thousands of dollars at the competition….

And I want to know… do you purposely NOT shop at stores or restaurants because of a spokesperson???

How about other reasons???

Do you root against or cheer against anyone or a business or a class of people… based on how they represent themselves. Many people know that Earnhardt Sr was a jerk and a lousy driver… Many people know that Earnhardt Jr was a total idiot for many years and has NEVER been a top driver. So of course I didn’t buy Budweiser. Thank goodness he now has a sponsor whose product I would never spend an honest penny on……

What other reasons do you have for not shopping at a business…. How about the Mexican restaurant that closed on the illegal immigration protest day a year or so ago??? Did you go back to the illegal immigration supporting restaurant???

How about a restaurant that gave you the wrong change…you gave a 50 and they only gave change based on a 20 dollar bill…. You didn’t notice til later….

Restaurant that you became sick after you ate there.

Restaurant that hosts fans of a particular college football team or NFL team?

Stay away from bars that have the Earnhardt Jr neon lights…. Sick… not that E Jr is a bad person now… he is just an average driver and has tried to be humble now… but his long time fans are sick in the head… 3 yrs is the cutoff…new E Jr. fans are ok. But I’m not going to try to figure out which is which.

How about a store whose employees used your credit card for extra charges….

How about stores whose employees are too aggressive??? Try to make you walk by the cologne counter and then harass you as you walk by …. Or a lotion sample….

How about an evening drama show that has characters that you don’t like… or a subject for one episode so you no longer watch the series at all…do you boycott those sponsors?

TELL JUDGE WHAT YOU THINK!!! Write to Judge. Have you imposed a personal boycott of a sponsor or business? For what reason?

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From October 18, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

A week or so ago we talked about a man who rushed to an animal and beat on it. It was a big story and he didn’t get punished….no fine… no jailtime…. No violation of any kind. A tiny shark grabbed a dog for it’s dinner. The man jumped in the water and HIT the shark. Nature doing what it was supposed to do and he interfered. No one tried to save the poor shark. We have no reports of the condition of the shark.

Well I’ve since heard that there was a family in a mountainous community who had a dog that nature treated fairly… some mountain animal, doing what nature does, whipped the dogs butt…. Chewed it up a bit….

So the family spent thousands of dollars to save this animal called a dog, to interfere with nature, to claim for their own, something that belongs to the cycle of nature….

But that is not the issue here …. How about THIS….they NOW want to appeal to the public…. To donate to pay for their vanity by paying for the cost to treat the dog. I don’t know if the costs are bone setting and skin sewing…. Or if there is plastic cosmetic surgery costs….

What do you think???? Would you send them money??? Why not take up a collection to feed dogs to the mountain animals?

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From October 18, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

23 years in the Army Reserves...professional career...stayed enlisted for ONE Cut through the BS... to not be caught up in the politics of the military workplace...the egos of officers, the make work, work... that’s how dedicated I was to other people....even as an 19 yr old, I knew I wanted to help others.

I had a no nonsense dad.... so I had the training... in no nonsense... what is junk is junk....what is good may not be good. Look at it hard. Look at it for real.

Know you are smart. Know most others aren’t as smart. Know that a few...are smarter than you. Don’t give this world up to idiots... slackers...slackers meaning those who don’t think.

Do you hang out with NONSENSE people? People who won't admit that junk is junk? Move past them. Move on. Keep progressing in life. Do you have what it takes to leave them behind? Help others break out of BS.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From October 25, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes. Only partially used on air. Will use again...

Bailout.... stop it... do you have kids? Do you pay property tax? Do your property taxes cover all the expenses of the public schools? NO... you need help... you made the decision to have two, three, four, five, six kids...... you can’t pay your bills. You should have seen this coming...the school house bill, the teachers, the sports facilities, all the things you want and could foresee that you can’t afford it.... you need someone to come to bail you out....

At a School bond issue meeting this week…..yes I went…. Hundreds of millions of my people’s dollars… my people…the professional singles… and

a middle aged dabbler in real estate sales…is a spokesperson for NEEDING The money for swimming pools and other nonsense at the schools…even the middle schools… it wasn’t ALGEGRA that motivated her to go to middle school and high school… it was POTTERY CLASS and CHEERLEADING!!!!! Effective workforce???

A swimming pool creates an effective workforce????

Swim coach out matched by a talk radio show host….

I say that anyone against bailouts should write to their congressmen, write to their school district, complain, stomp, scream, throw fake blood, swing big signs with big sticks, and use that megaphone...bull horn... and DEMAND that YOU don’t want a bail out. DEMAND that they tax you enough for each kid that you have so that YOUR taxes are covering the schools 100% for the education of YOUR kids. DEMAND a refund be given to people without kids. DEMAND that the people who have BAILED you out for decades, be reimbursed all of their money for BAILING YOU OUT.

Afterall, you didn’t need bailed out. Your kids have halloween costumes, video games, several pairs of shoes, haircuts, food, candy, food they WANT, sodas when you take them to restaurants, their choice of restaurants, birthday parties, THEIR OWN BEDROOM, their own bed, their choice of cartoon sheets and bedspreads, their choice of color of paint on the walls, gymnastics, soccer, music lessons, ballet, dance, baseball gear, basketball uniforms, computers, music players, music they bought.

I’ll buy you rice, beans, potatoes for mashed potatoes… cornbread and pinto beans… I’ll buy it for your kids if you need a tax break per kid. You don’t need a tax break…we need a rice and beans program… you bring your kids to the bus stop and us childless people will meet you there with ladles of rice and beans. Bring your tin bowl…and tin cup… If it’s for the kids, I’ll help….

YOU DON’T NEED A BAIL OUT FOR SCHOOLS.... Single people without kids should get twice the deduction for each kid they don’t have. Nondependent deduction. Double it. Single income households pay twice the taxes and utilities that a dual income household pays.

There has been a Single penalty for YEARS..... there was no marriage tax penalty. Married people were ahead....were paying LESS taxes per income earner than single income households.


Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From October 25, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

NASCAR The playoffs are out of hand. Even with the points from regular season.… I’m going to miss the race this week. I’ll record it of course. Having a dirt track modified class car right here at the Judge Wyld estates, I know the finer points of being a driver.

No, I won’t be able to watch it live on the big projection on the wall of the living room. Not Sunday. I’ll be driving to St. Louis

We will have a full van of parents and guardians….450 mile trip… 7 to 7.5 hours including a stop.

I talked with a man who knows all the statistics of that charitable organization… he will be here on the show to tell you how the 22 hospitals provide free care for orthopedic and burn needs of children. I’ve been volunteering driving the kids to the hospital… it’s a joy…

professional singles out there? I won’t be able to party tonight… I need to be up very early in the morning… in the dark… driving to go get the large van, picking up the children, babies, infants, toddlers and their parents and driving them to St. Louis tomorrow.

Do YOU sacrifice? Do you just party? Is THAT fulfilling. I LOVE going to the Shriner’s hospitals. I love seeing the kids. I am thrilled to see the great people who staff the hospitals.

Really! Is your life a good one? What do you sacrifice? Let me know!

Sincerely, Judge Wyld

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cruel to Ask Single People Dumb Questions about Holidays.

From November 29, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Today talk about: Dark side of Thanksgiving, Holidays for STUPID People. The MYTH of the HOLIDAYS. SINGLES PERMISSION TO FEEL GREAT on THURSDAY.

The darker side of Thanksgiving….. Not the homeless, not those who have lost their jobs, not the shutins at the nursing home. You won’t sit for an hour to hear about that… You’ve heard it all. You either care or you don’t. I’m talking about the dark side of your family. I’m talking about the dark side of your closest friends. I’m talking about the people YOU know, whom you hang out with. The dark side of Thanksgiving lives right next to you and perhaps the Dark Side live INSIDE YOU!!!!

The RUDE questions prior to the HOLIDAY.

A time for family to hang out with each other. All of the best wishes… all of the insensitive questions. All of the rude people who ask ANYONE they meet if they are ‘going home’ for Thanksgiving or Christmas….

First… Let’s make this personal…. Did you go home for Valentines day? I did. Did you go home for St. Patricks day? I did. Did you go home for Presidents day? I did. Did you go home for July 4th? I did!!!!!!!! And guess what… I am going home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. As a matter of fact…. Are you going home next Wednesday NIGHT???? I will….. I go home EVERY NIGHT…. Where else would I go?

What if their answer is NO. That phrase… going home for Christmas….

What’s your next ignorant question???? Did you MEAN to be cruel??? Maybe you shouldn’t be so insensitive unless you plan to do something if the answer is NO…..

Maybe your question should have been an INVITATION…. Why take a guess at someone else’s life…. Why box them into an uncomfortable corner??? Maybe you are one of those socially inept Questioners who NEVER offer or have a genuine invitation… maybe you never say anything… you just take guesses at other peoples lives and just try to weasel answers to your curious questions.

After the break…. When you ask about going home for Christmas… what if the answer is NO.


What if the answer is NO… I have no family. My family is hateful. My Family is selfish self involved. My Family is jealous. My family is too poor to travel. No my family is too feeble, weak, and sick to travel.

What if the answer is NO… my family grew up. We now have our own families and lives. We aren’t co-dependent. Our Happiness and our Holiday Success is not dependent on each other. We are healthy and moved on beyond the insecure needy feelings of childish crying or bemoaning that life moves on and the bonds of our youth are now MUCH MUCH more mature.

What if the answer is NO … I just went through a divorce, My husband was hit by a train two months ago, my dad is dying in the hospital of cancer…

What is the answer is NO… I’m too depressed, I’m going to my apartment, lowering myself into the bathtub, and slitting my wrists. I’m planning on sitting on the edge of my bed and blowing my head against the wall with a shotgun…

What about YOUR innocent QUESTION NOW…… So..are you going HOME for Christmas?

You singles out there…. Adult singles. Don’t fall into the holiday mental trap. The fake expectations trap. HAPPY DAYS ARE ANY DAY…. They do not hinge on the one or two days of the year. The HOLIDAY Freaks are out to trash your good life by trying to make you feel left out. THEY are the ones who are in the trap and haven’t matured into full functioning adults…. Codependent on each other for a HAPPY HOLIDAY…. Addicted to false social constructs….

Holidays are for STUPID PEOPLE.

Holidays are for Family… that is what we are told…. But Aren’t we told to appreciate things all year around??? If it is smart and good to appreciate family all year around then why are there one or two days that are set aside to do it? If it is smart then clearly only smart people are visiting mom, visiting their brother, visiting their nephews and nieces, visiting their Grandfather, all year around…. They don’t need a special day to be a good person…. But WE HAVE A SPECIAL DAY…. Therefore there must be stupid people out there…. Stupid people who think it’s a special day. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two days set aside to get stupid people to appreciate their families. It is a holiday for STUPID PEOPLE……


So now… do you feel better that your Thanksgiving wasn’t tied into Let’s address the issue of How Many Families really have that MADE FOR TV MOVIE type of blissful gathering.

How many actually have a long lost brother, or uncle turned homeless, or hooker mom or boozer dad who has been gone 20 yrs and you are being united after all of that time…..

How many have a sibling or other feud that is settled over the spirit of the holidays?

NO…. You stop doing what you LIKE to do…. Remember, if you liked a long boring day of meaningless chit chat you would have done that last weekend… or last month… or last spring…. The ONLY reason you are hanging out is the DINNER…. The guys put up with the social manure to get the good dinner. The chicks who are starved for attention and a BIG EVENT make a big deal out DINNER…. The guys just want the food…..and to oogle the other guys new wife or girlfriend…. The holidays are for flirting with the new women who come to the house for the thanksgiving dinner…..

The first 18 years of your life, you were told and maybe shown that Thanksgiving and Christmas mean a certain thing. You must be with your brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and of course mom and dad on those days. A big dinner MUST Happen. You must sit around and play board games, or cards. Remember, you already spent two to four hours chatting before dinner…. After dinner is for dreaming up dumb things to do with each other. YOU’D RATHER BE SOMEWHERE ELSE DOING WHAT YOU want to do!!!!!!! That was your first 18 years…

But we all know that life is set up in phases….. 18 years then 25 yrs (43) then 20 years(63), then a number of years just to die… that is about 10 to 15 to 20 years….

Just because the first 18 years was the first, it was all you knew up to that point. That doesn’t make it right. That doesn’t make it the ONLY way that those days have to go.

What if you came into this world as a full functioning adult?? And the holiday was spent sleeping later, reading the paper, going for a special bike ride, having a cup of hot cocoa and playing with the dog. Having the freedom that afternoon to work on a hobby with some quiet time with just YOU….. a very good relaxing day….

THEN you had to endure 18 yrs of dumb chit chat with people who don’t understand your hobbies or that you are active riding bicycle and working out. That day is noisy and chaotic and really dumb questions. People eat way too much and then play very lame and lowest common denominator board games or cards….. YOU WOULD LONG FOR THE HOLIDAYS AS THEY USED TO BE>>> quiet… alone…. Useful… invigorating….relaxing.

Single people… think about it. Those ‘family’ people who were too selfish to use their vacation time in the spring or the summer to go visit family… NOW want to make you feel bad if you don’t do ‘family things’ on one particular day of the year. Think about how they wasted their vacation time… doing meaningless things.. taking shallow self indulgent trips…. Now their employer has to give them an additional couple days off to connect with their family.

You know what… It was a Thursday….. Just another Thursday but with a day off of work. Guess what… So was Friday…. What’s the difference?

Singles… permission to have fun on Thursday… it’s a day off of work…. Enjoy doing something YOU want to do… It’s another vacation day from work… ride bicycle… go to the park rollerblading… hibernate under a blanket watching a great movie, start that book you want to write. Jeepers… what do you like to do on a day off…. Go do it…..

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

Monday, November 17, 2008


From November 01, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

THE INTELLIGENT POLITICIANS "GOT" US…. GOT sounds dumb. As misused as the word 'IMPACT'.

American people… Pelosi …American people… are we ONE PERSON??? Why do they address us as ONE PERSON??? San Francisco….represent the AMERICAN PEOPLE? American IDOL??? American PEOPLE? I hope not… gladly not… 35 million is a low percentage of 320 million.

The media....idiot media... the media thinks they are the people.... they haven’t earned it... they haven’t proved they could speak for us. They haven’t proved that they can present the complete correct picture of a situation...

BREAKING NEWS… DEVELOPING STORY….HAPPENING NOW…. 8 hour old news under the banner.

MSNBC is a satire..not real.. fantasy news.

ABC blatant one sided. Story selection. Equal time doesn’t mean its equal treatment.

Equal time does not mean equal treatment. Grey hair, in senate long time. Is married… blah blah blah nothing positive nothing negative…..

Difference between hard news and opinion shows. Hannity is NOT Fox News…. Lou Dobbs is NOT serious hard news. Anything in the evening on the cable channels is NOT hard news…. They are like dramas…. Just evening entertainment. I learn things on Law and Order…. But the show is a lie. It MIGHT be based on a real story…but it isn’t a real story. Same with opinion shows on the NEWS channels. It is unreality TV.

Media can’t accept that politicians can change their minds.


Changing your mind... it’s allowed... if your husband says they are against going to the opera and then goes because it’s the right thing to do to take you there on your birthday, then you will say his is not stubborn or unreasonable. His buddies may say he changed his opinion about how dumb and worthless opera’s are. Of course they are dumb and worthless but going once doesn’t mean he now supports them.

Did today's situations start with CARTER???, BUSH 1, CLINTON???? Look at the timeline.... look how something started. The spinning is in the time frame. The spinning is in who was in control of what and at what time. The spinning is in getting enough statements in some record somewhere that you can find to support the popular side when you need it.


Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From November 01, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.


Not Articulate. Stammers like a child at every question. Gives a hope instead of solutions. Gives a philosophy that can’t be followed up on. Would you want to have friends just wish you good luck??? You don’t feel comfort until they are specific.

ONLY SAYS THE WORD SPECIFIC… isn’t really specific.

Do we vote for Barak for president? If he were running for community organizer, I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t vote for him to the position of community organizer. He evidently has quit that job to try to be a senator… a politician…. Would I vote for him for senator ….maybe….he needs some experience to even be a senator…hasn’t been one long enough to be a good one. I’ve volunteered at a nursing home more years than he has had the title of senator. He should go after senator votes…not presidential votes. Maybe if he would be a senator for awhile, he could spend some time and get some experience to have some specific plans to talk about as president.

95% will have tax cuts…. Just the children? 5% will be the single people???? NO PLAN.

Spends TIME dreaming up how to spend money…it’s dream money…not real money….and it gets you in trouble. Pride is good… self esteem….but it’s the rule of TOO MUCH Pride….same with money… when you need to DECIDE how to spend sparse money…you spend the money for good….when you decide how to spend too much money….some of the money is spent badly….. He has too much money because he lied.


McCain SHOULD have lied too…. He should have gone for as much money as he could raise….. I told you all several months ago…. A war hero should not be elected for being a war hero…. I would vote him as a war hero if he were running for the position of war hero… I would vote for him as a prisoner of war if he were running for the position of prisoner of war…

McCain has been a senator for a long time…. He can actually have specific plans…. He gave a real one about us being involved overseas for decades….that is a reality… he was straight and RIGHT about that….

Can seek out trouble….can find trouble…. No ability to find the RIGHT solution.


Tanker bad decision

Wanted Middle Class votes…. Another example of knowing the problem…Wanting to be SPECIFIC…. Was specific…… but WRONG…….. Child cash again.

Single people of all ages and childless people are also middle class…. What about people with ONE child…. Versus people with 3 or 4 or 5 children…..

Middle class is NOT made up of just people with kids…. We have welfare for kids without food. Other programs…. 90 million singles….. 21 million college educated.

Percentage of voters in the 2004 presidential election who were unmarried.

Families.... even churches spit in the face of singles. The marquee..fancy..cost money...the marquee...says FAMILY FRIENDLY CHURCH....... Westlink Christian Church...The FAMILY PLACE...... Singles aren’t even welcomed in CHURCH.

No tax bracket percent changes…. Mitt Romney admitted the same thing afterward.

Mccain earmarks tax cuts for adults with kids.


Closest to the people… no lavish lifestyle… a few extra snowmobiles and pickup trucks doggonnit….wink wink….. a growing family step by step…. A growing job..step by step… silver spoon? Nope!

First Ladies don’t raise their kids either…. Travel speaking, work on an issue, always supporting white house stuff, travel to have coffee with other wives across the earth. They don’t raise their kids. Palin has the baby rocker right in her Governors office. What other women are doing that??? They are at the daycare so the mom can make 60K.

Fast learner…. Anyone think she is slow now?


Weasel… no respect for people on panels in congress. People, trapped behind a table, giving accurate answers to dumb questions… idiot with that fake teethy smile…it’s not a smile…saw it in the debate… it is a not a smile…it’s just fakey teeth. I’m an idiot grin.

Postponing HILLARY….. if Obama wins… Clinton is sunk… Obama will try to buy votes for 4 years to get another 4 years. And the second 4 years will be the GOTCHA years.


Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From November 01, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.


TV News

People I love for no reason... Laura Ingrahm...cute enough.... for one reason...INTELLIGENT.... too polite...

that’s where Ann Coulter comes in... the body is a curiosity...the long hair is fantastic. The crash of her words and attitude upon someone else on party politics issues and points. Bantering like you’d like to have around the office but don’t want to head to the human resources office to get fired. COULD do serious news…but knows where the MONEY IS MADE!!!! Female shocker who makes money. Less competition in that genre.

Rehabilitate Geraldo Rivera.... no credibility. Cheezy look, cheezy statements, ignorant sensationalism, absolutely NO journalism in ANYTHING he does.

18177 days….Slapped back Keith OBGYN and then try to rehabilitate him as an expert commentator on other people’s shows??? Biased...blatant....sick... dishonest in presentation. Dishonest in format. Dishonest in dialogue.

Keith OBGYN...lost a spot to Maddow... some chick… might be able to do regular news…but the show is so written by outsiders like a play…

Hannity and Combs.

Pure production… nothing analytical… empty…. Shoving shoving shoving a point of view. Guests don’t matter AT ALL. Don’t need to be there. A 20 second loop… no real questions…just a repeat of the points and then what do you think? Hannity on radio in Huntsville, Atlanta, then back to New York.

Greta Van Sustren...her last name is the identifier.... actually its a no pause madonna...just one iconic name... with that crooked face that defies beauty of symmetry.. a sell out...not serious commentary but not a self aggrandizing person. She is an example of someone who could do a credible serious journalist job…. But does the most sleaze in the pattern of the clown Nancy Grace.

Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic Nancy Grace.... a freak of makeup and witchery. Total sleazy sell out to the lowest common denominator... she spews such illogic and pretends it is lawyer logic....clearly we know that lawyer logic is biased, exaggerated, slanted, dismissive of facts, avoids truth on purpose, with deception and trickery... her targeting the weakest brains of society to get paid her entertainment dollar is pathetic.... she is a natural at being sick. Sick looking, sick expressions, sick in exploitation. She put her kids into the show…babies… other clown looking women must think the kids are cute… give it a rest… there is nothing flattering by having someone tell your kids are cute. But SHE believes it!!!!

Lou Dobbs.... Lou Dobbs talks like I do.... but I’m not so sure he ‘gets it’. His logic isn’t an intelligent logic. Brings up a point of view now and then.

OReilly....everyone is a hypocrite...of one follows all advice, even their own. No one does it. OReilly repeats himself… repeats …. So and so is a dope…. They are a dope… a dope………. They are coming after your wallet…. Coming after your wallet…. You wallet… that’s what they want….your wallet….they are coming for your wallet. OReilly is all over the map…there is no real theme to him. Then the lowest common denominator …dedicated part of the show to brain dead nothingness… culture quiz? Movies and Hollywood is not the culture. Arts is not the culture. Chamber music is not culture, plays or musicals are not the culture. What we eat, what we do in the evenings, raising families, eating utensils, furniture, slang language…these are culture. The sum total of the things and activities that REAL people have and do. The majority…not the few…


Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From November 08, 2008 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Three blogs in one.

Civic duty, patriotic duty. to vote.... NO it isn't. it's your duty to study and understand about the candidates.... that is involvement. To decide NOT to vote is a patriotic duty if the candidates are both bad.

I didn't know if I was going to vote for anyone in the presidential race. I went to the polls, showed my patriotic legal identification, signed in by my name that was patriotically legitimate on the official roles for several years, waited in line with other legal citizens of the United States of America, and my plan was NOT to vote for anyone for president.

I have many friends further down the page. I voted for some of them. I purposely did NOT vote for one friend of mine for this reason, HE DID NOT SEND OUT ANY MAILINGS of letters or postcards, MAKE ANY TELEPHONE CALLS, STOP BY MY ESTATE, or Put out ANY Political yard signs. Not even an EMAIL or phone text.

HE did NOT do his patriotic duty to campaign, to talk to me, to tell me what he has done and what he will do. Even if he felt his job was to not communicate to the voters since he was unopposed by the other party, I should have seen his name somewhere other than just on the ballot on election day.

He did NOT do his PATRIOTIC duty and I did mine... I exercised the informed right to NOT VOTE. That DOES send a message.

Same for President... how many people voted for Obama or McCain who did no patriotic diligence to know anything about their plans.

For Obama, there were NO plans. Change is Nothing. Hope is Zero. He put forth not one solid plan. He's not even African American. He is a Hawaiian born, White and Black American. Is he the first Kansan American.... mom is from Kansas. Midwestern American. One thing for sure, he is the first black american president but that is just skin color. White mom, black dad, if he came out with black skin color, does that mean his insides are white? that sounds dumb. Just like people who voted for his skin color. It is not the measure of the man one way or another. But the measure of people who voted that way is the word...UNPATRIOTIC. Were told they were patriotic for voting even though they are NOT Patriotic if they don't study the candidates outside the media......

So we have the first Kansan/Kenyan American president. We do NOT have the first full African American president. That HISTORIC event is still open to the future. maybe we will have a female president before then. Maybe we will have a full Mexican American president before then.

McCain had a few plans.... but no one wanted the wisdom of securing our nation by having a strong military presence that helps other countries have true freedom. At least the wicked freedom of the UNITED STATES which appears to be the free-est.

So McCain stopped talking about keeping the nation free in the hero style of George Bush. McCain stopped being a hero when he started running for president. He distanced himself from George Bush by George remaining a HERO and McCain ceasing to be one.

George Bush won national election twice. McCain won zero.

McCain decided that he only wanted the votes of ONE GROUP.... People with 3 or 4 or 5 children. That's it... one plan to double the tax break per kid. It would NOT benefit the middle class. It would benefit the casinos and video game sellers. The tax breaks would not benefit the beans and rice sellers because now the kids could be fed. So those of us REAL middle class americans with zero kids, or 1 loveable, adorable, responsible child, wouldn't get a deep tax cut because we have to allow those with 3 or 4 or 5 kids in their litters to keep our money in their pockets. (we all know that when you have a litter of puppies there are a couple of runts in there....can't fend for themselves, always need bottle fed.)

We have welfare for kids without food. Other programs…. 90 million singles….. 21 million college educated.

36% Percentage of voters in the 2004 presidential election who were unmarried.

So I went into the voting booth, planning to not vote for either presidential ticket. And you know what? I held true to my patriotic informed plan. I did not vote for either Barack or McCain. I did not vote against Barack or McCain. I was patriotic. So I did the next best thing....

Who did I vote for???? Email with your answer to this question. Who did Judge Wyld Vote for For the Presidential Ticket in 2008. Title the email... JW Presidential Ticket.......

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD