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From May 09, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
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PRAYER Real and Imagined

National Day of Prayer - Did it matter… did GOD hear it and say… OOPS. All of you are right… so glad you brought it to my attention. How could I, GOD, BE so STUPID. How did I MISS THAT. Whatever you wanted, Did you pray for it as if GOD messed up?

How often does GOD mess up? He created an imperfect universe? Why? Why did he leave it up to YOU to find the flaws and tell him about it? Why doesn’t he fix it without YOU TELLING HIM TO?? Are you perfect and God isn’t??? YOU KNOW BETTER??

So prayer… since it doesn’t have any purpose in changing God’s plans… Remember, we are supposed to follow GOD’s plan. So why are you praying with a different plan. Like WOW, you are amazing to come up with a plan better than Gods and tell him about it!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

So the more people who pray for a sick person really has God paying attention… jeepers, I guess they are serious. More serious than that one person praying for THEIR DYING AUNT….. that’s only one person. Ignore her… LOOK over here 30 people praying for that cat to live through cancer. Better do something for them.

So clearly, prayer is worthless in getting God to do something. You selfish selfcentered arrogant pushy Christian.

So you good ones… you pray for strength to get through something. Well that is a good thing. But didn’t God already make you who you are? Did he not already give you strength? Has God not already been there for you for strength the ENTIRE TIME??? So quit thinking that you are praying for something. You aren’t. You are just rambling and showing that you don’t know that you already have God’s power.

So now what…. Prayer is just a chat with God telling God how great he is. It isn’t demanding. It doesn’t put him down. I doesn’t diminish the great gift of strength that he already provide to you. It’s just a good ole thank you.

So since prayer does not get God to change things… What does it do???
It allows YOU to ignore your responsibility.

GIVE IT TO GOD… GIVE YOUR PROBLEMS TO GOD. Wait on GOD. GOD will show you the way. GOD will give you financial help. You sit on your hands. You can’t do anything. ONLY NEED TO GIVE IT OVER TO GOD. Did God ever like a lazy person? Did Jesus ever reward stupid LAZY people? Yes. The prodigal son. So we have MILLIONS of prodigal sons out there. LAZY RECKLESS WORTHLESS people waiting on God to Reward them. GIVE IT TO GOD. Don’t use your talents.

Talons… remember. You have talons. You aren’t supposed to wait. You are supposed to risk them, invest them, put them to work, to grow the benefits and value of the talents. NOT SIT ON IT. NOT BURY IT. Not wait on God to come back and show him nothing more than he gave you.

So why pray. Psychological… purely, non-spiritual, mind games with yourself.
Do you know that someone who decides to commit suicide becomes in a GREAT mood after they decide to commit suicide???? WHY??? Because they aren’t confused anymore. They have a plan. Psychologically they are not in chaos anymore. They have a plan. Did God ease their mind by giving them the gift of a plan of suicide? NO.

So prayer… You have a plan. Give it to God. DONE. God isn’t going to do anything. That isn’t how prayer works…. But you FEEL better. You are in denial and you made a plan to give it to GOD. And you did it by pretending that you PRAYED about it.

You pray about a safe trip. A safe time in playing an aggressive sport. Or even to WIN the game. Purely psychological. Freeing up your worry.

Prayer is just psychologically benefiting from talking it out with someone. Someone is God. God is your buddy. You chat about it and feel better. That’s it.

Prayer is also just psychologically focusing on it… focused on safety??? You will probably drive more attentively. You are thinking safety. Praying for something good in business. You are focusing on your business, thinking about it, working harder, thinking of things that could go wrong. Prayer like this has NOTHING to do with GOD.

So let’s quite playing around. Take God seriously. HIS WORD. THE BIBLE has your answers. No new answers are being invented. GOD is PERFECT. HE KNEW WHAT HE DID WHEN HE made YOUR FREE WILL and the consequences for your choices. He made those principles of actions and consequences interrelated with other people’s free will and consequences. PERFECTLY. He already knew you before you were born and gave you EVERYTHING. Talents, the bible, and all he wants is a little THANK YOU Now and then through something called prayer.

That other lousy stuff you do that you call prayer, is psychological mind games. Secular. Not Spiritual.

You scream that you don’t want to water down the term marriage… I agree with you.

So why do you water down the word church with crazy fun church versus quiet reverent thoughtful spiritual church.

AND you water down prayer by putting down God and demanding he change things in his perfect world to suit your imperfect perspective.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From May 09, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Bad Mothers Don’t Deserve Mothers Day
Not all mothers are good mothers. People try to defend their bad parenting by saying others without kids should not comment about child raising. Let’s just say that everyone can point out a zillion parents who have kids and should NOT.

Problem is…you are all point at OTHER parents saying THEY should not be parents. WHAT about YOU. There is a BIG chance that YOU don’t deserve celebration of Mothers day. Did you pay for your kid’s car or insurance? Do they order desert or sodas at restaurants? Are you paying for their college? Are you buying them PROM THINGS?

You clearly don’t know how to raise a kid. But just so you can pretend you are better than someone else. I’ll tell you this story.

Where does trash that is in the ditches come from. BAD MOTHERS.
Driving along a three lane stretch of road.
Mom in a 1980’s white van with the several vertical windows on the side. Windows open from below… small hand comes out. Tiny fingers show…wave around. Hand and fingers go back inside. Hand and fingers reappear with a small candy wrapper…lets it wave in the breeze, then lets go…

Tiny hand and fingers disappear…. Come back out…with a napkin like from a fast food place… flops around in the breeze… lets go…

Tiny fingers and hand disappear…. Come back out… with a big flattened kid colored package… catches the wind... let’s go….

I’m TICKED… and curious… I drive up along side the back of the van. A little girl. Not strapped in… No seat belt. Maybe 4 years old. Has another item in her hand… starting to put it outside the window. SEES ME!!!! I point and look mean and say DON’T YOU DARE!!!! She can’t hear me…but looks horrified and sad, takes back the item and closes the window. Then vanishes.

I drive faster… up to the front of the van. The mom is on the cell phone. Not hands free. Phone up to her ear. Just looking straight out into space.

BAD MOM… Trash in her VAN. FOOD TOYS ETC IN VAN. Has kid in the VAN where she can’t see her. Doesn’t care what the kid is doing. Can’t reach the kid to stop kid even if she cared. Kid is NOT in Seat belt.

Now doesn’t that story make you other bad parents feel like a good parent?

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

Monday, May 4, 2009

Do YOU hide MONEY at Work? Your spouse/kids would steal it at HOME?

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.


I tend to stash money…cash…not so much coins any more. I used to stash coins everywhere, at a work desk drawer, in the pencil holder…coffee cup used as a pencil holder, in the car, in the ash tray, in the other holders in the cars, in cups at home in the bedroom. You ladies may have coins at the bottom of your purse.

I graduated to dollar bills and then to 5$ bills and then to 10$ bills. I don’t store 20$ bills all around yet. Do many of you hide currency, paper bills, 1, 5, 10…. Maybe a 50 or a 100 for a rainy day??? Have you framed a 50 or 100 dollar bill? Your first fee for teaching piano or designing a website. Is it just a dollar? Why not a 100$ bill. Think big.

Back to the office. Why do you save money at work. Vending machine money? Money for sodas from the machine? Coffee fund money? Friday Donuts money? I mean personally… just your money… that day when you want to go to LUNCH and you are running short? So you hide 8 dollars. And it grows… you added a few dollars, or you forgot that you had a 10 under the ones and now it’s up to 19 dollars. It’s in your desk drawer. Or folded and put under a desk decoration. Under the plants. Under the keyboard. In the big coffee mug you use as a pen and highlighter holder….how about at the mechanics shop…hide it in the toolbox with your emergency pack of cigarettes? Hide the money in your locker?

Do you care if that money vanishes? How long will it take for you to notice? Would you be mad? If the thief needs it more than you then you don’t care. Chances are, you take the risk and yet you will feel violated. If you find the person who takes the money, you will forever not trust them. You will think bad thoughts about them and want them out of your life. No where NEAR YOU.

Why do you hide money at work? Why not at home on your dresser? Because YOU HAVE THIEVES THERE… Worse thieves than at work. You have BAD KIDS. YOU RAISED THEM to STEAL. They think nothing of running all over you and stealing that money. Chances are that you have a more honest cleaning lady or guy at your workplace than the stealing lying thieves in your OWN HOME!!! You hide money at work because you daughter will TAKE the money if you left it at home.

Maybe that’s why they think they can steal from others when they grow up. Why people who earn the money have to pay for everything that they want. Sports stadiums, schools, colleges, welfare, and everything else they don’t want to work to earn. Why are you hiding your money from your own kids and spouse. Why can’t you pick a better spouse? Why can’t you spank your kids? If you are such a GREAT parent. Leave your money at home and teach them not to take it.

You seem to have all of the answers…. You have kids and you know how to raise them because YOU HAVE KIDS then why sneak around hiding money from them.

If marriage is so great with love and respect and trust then why are you hiding money from the thief??

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

Workplace Fridge CZAR Throws Away Your Container

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Office Refrigerator

Have to share a workplace refrigerator with others? Do you trust it? Your home refrigerator might be worse..but it’s yours. At work there is a woman or a man who sounds the alarm and takes action when the fridge gets too stinky. Or too full. Old forgotten food….

Btw…. Refridgerator with a D? or Refrigerator? Short? Frige? Or FRIDGE?

What rules do you have at your workplace for the use of the fridge?

All items must be marked with your name and date.

All items must be sealed in a container or ziplock plastic bag.

All lunch bags must be removed by the end of the day.

If you spill, you clean it up.

No large boxes of donuts or other bulk items like large jars of pickles.

No onions.

So the fridge gets too full…and the good person sends out an email…maybe a note on the fridge…


And so ok… and you plan ahead and hope you remember and hope everyone else remembers and you look throughout the week and notice that some items are gone but most are still in there…

So the good person sends out an email or replaces the sign…


You think, ok… I’m sure they are serious about this. I had forgotten about it… I better remember to remove my plastic container of leftover greenbeans and that cardboard Chinese rice holder from the fridge tomorrow. But LOOK AT ALL of those OTHER PEOPLES expensive containers still in there!!!! Oh my!!!

So the next morning… Friday morning. There is another email or the sign is replaced.


So at lunchtime you get a call from a friend and she says…meet me at Bob’s BBQ for lunch. So you go to lunch.

At 3pm that afternoon and email comes out….


Heheheheheheohohohohohohohohooo… you were in a meeting. You were busy. You didn’t see the email…. Your greenbeans and the container and the cardboard rice have been thrown away by 3:15pm……

The angel who warned everyone has done their duty… Your rice is gone, your greenbeans are gone and your plastic container is gone.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

Air Force One New York City Dysfunctional New Yorkers Mayor Bloomberg Fault

From May 2, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Air Force One Went Flying in New York
Why is there still an issue with that? You think there are still terrorists out there? Does it matter which terrorists are flying the next plane? Should we stop all terrorists? Was 9/11 a wake up that we should go after all terrorists and not just the ones who did the first attack but ALL TERRORISTS who would do a FUTURE ATTACK???

So when OUR PLANE, Air Force One flies over New York, no one cared which terrorists could be on board. All of those people running around scared didn’t care which ones were flying the plane. SO WHY DO YOU CARE THAT GEORGE BUSH WENT AFTER TERRORISTS and TERRORIST SUPPORTERS IN IRAQ????

Another point. A photo of the United States flying oval office near the Statue of Liberty is not a bad idea. The photo was not taken for political points. OBAMA had nothing to gain from that photo. The democrats had nothing to gain from the photo.

WE, the United States Citizens are PROUD of the Airplane and the COUNTRY for WHICH IT FLIES. Other countries are in AWE of that plane either in a good way, or a scared way, or want to spit on it or throw shoes at it. THAT AIRPLANE IS US… YOU AND ME…. USA.

You take photos of a newborn, a first birthday and every stinking thing that a baby does in the first few years. You SPEND RIDICULOUS amounts of money on annual School PHOTOS of your idiotic freaked out long haired hippy kid. Do you want to see mine? Look for the mothers day video at

How much do you spend on taking photos at weddings? How much do we spend on having ribbon cutting ceremonies? Our Houses? Our cars… we take our car to the park and wash it and wax it and on a sunny day take many photos.
Do you think that OUR AIRPLANE should not have up to date photos? REAL PHOTOS? Why go to Disney World? Why travel anywhere? According to Greta Van Susteran it costs you only 5$ to FAKE a photo of you being there!!!! Why pay to have a photo taken with a celebrity… just FAKE A PHOTO of you with the celebrity.

How dumb the MEDIA is about this. They called it a STUNT. The stunt is Keith OBGYN Olbermann and that stunt clown Nancy Grace. Air Force One wasn’t a stunt. No one was walking on the wing of the plane, it wasn’t doing loops in the sky. A regular patriotic pilot was flying the plane for photos. There was no PRANK here. These were not frat boys or evil high school chicks and a fly over is an awesome thing and an honor. There are NO 100% warnings to a community when an airshow comes to town. Sorry New York but the world does NOT revolve around New York or care what you think about everything even though the media and your mayor tries to keep you thinking that.

The expense. Why not take a photo of the FAKE Geraldo Riveria, and make a FAKE photo of him at the scene of a FAKE STORY, since they have spent a zillion dollars trying to rehabilitate and prop him up for many years. How many expensive photos do you take at White House easter egg hunts and Christmas dinners? Don’t be so stupid. You may FAKE a lot of your PHOTOS to show the American People. Just look at Nancy Pelosi for goodness sakes. But don’t expect the Airforce to FAKE a photo of Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty. Hey media… if you think that I don’t know about Air Force One being a call sign, duh… I know more about that plane than your 1000 hours of flying in the comfy chair in back has given you and yes I have the m&m’s and matchbooks. You never seem to write an accurate article about that/those plane(s).

We have PROUD Air Force One mechanics who dedicate their heart to keeping those planes in perfect working condition, the plane is much more beautiful on the outside than on the inside. Our Air Force mechanics LOVE Working on that plane. The guards LOVE guarding that plane. They want that plane to fly. They want that plane to go on missions and come home. They make sure the avionics and radios and flight controls are all in perfect working order. They test the plane to make sure all is good on that plane.

They want to touch it and care for it and be proud of it flying ABOVE THE STATUE OF LIBERTY!!! They want new photos of the plane like you want photos of your kids wherever they go. They DON’T want FAKE photos. They are PROUD like you should be proud.

The Air Force owns that Airplane for US the citizens of the United States. The US PRESIDENT charters that airplane. It isn’t his private plane. He doesn’t fly on it alone. Many people go with him. He doesn’t drive the plane. He charters it from US. From our Air Force uniformed men and women who take care of it for US. They make decisions on taking care of the airplane without OBAMA. If the owners of the airplane want a photo, they take the airplane to where they want to take the photo and get the job done. It does not take OBAMA to approve it. And OBAMA should shut up and not be mad about it. He doesn’t own it. He charters it. We give him permission to charter it.

Now this business about running scared in the streets in New York. What’s up with that Mayor??? Why be mad? How did you let your people be so scared? Number one, don’t you educate them on how safe the air above New York City is? Haven’t you educated your population? Why is it someone else’s fault?

Here is the deal. If your residents of your city are so scared. If you KNEW that they would freak out. If you were such a caring mayor and for that matter if OBAMA was such a sensitive person, why haven’t you been talking about this for the last 4 years?

What have you done to heal your people in 7 years. BUSH and the Mayor should have been flying airplanes over New York City for the past 4 years. EVERYDAY. It’s called Desensitizing. When people have a bad experience which causes an irrational fear of an ordinary occurrence then you expose them to the ordinary harmless experience so they become desensitized to it. Fly airplanes over New York City everyday. No expense is too much to heal the people of New York.

Have you banned movies with knife murders or gun murders because it would traumatize people? Why ban airplanes over New York City? Seriously.

People who have had a bad experience go get help. They get counseling. Why didn’t you start up a channel on tv that has 24/7 counseling for New Yorkers?

Take names of all of those people who were panicked and running around the streets and get them help!!! CARE ABOUT THEM. TAKE CARE OF THEM!

These people are Dysfunctional!! Yes. It’s an acute dysfunction. PTSD
POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER. It’s treatable. Just like families of car wreck victims, of train wreck victims, miscarriages, murders, and divorce. We see the dysfunction and we get them help. Those people who were running in the streets are a few of US… they were literally identifying themselves as people who still need help!!!
We don’t expect them to do it on their own.

We expected a war on terror to be over and us to be done with a war in 7 years but we clearly have left people without help. We need to get them over the fear and not tip toe around their fears by being mad at our PROUD men and women who fly Air Force One.

The people of New York City were screaming for help. Get them HELP. OBAMA, stop pretending to be outraged over a simple airplane flight taken for YOUR COUNTRY. See that your people in NEW YORK are hurting and NEED HELP to be functional again when they hear an airplane overhead.

I didn’t take the low road by calling the New Yorkers names. I took the high road and am pleading to get them help.

Very Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD