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NFL has broken the Manliness Stereotype

NFL has broken the Manliness Stereotype

by Judge Wyld on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 1:54pm ·

What effort does it take to watch Dancing with the Stars?  or American Idol?  Nothing. Does being with the GUYS who are called MANLY because they 'watch' NFL mean that you are manly?  

To get ready for the BIG MANLY NFL EVENT, you PLAY ACT like you are manly and are a part of the event by doing some things such as setting up some food and arranging a room for optimum TV viewing. But isn't cooking and deciding on room arrangement typically a feminine thing?  (That's not any more sexist than calling NFL watching a mainly MANLY thing.) 

Oh! But to know the plays, the in's and out's of blocking schemes; To be able to say... "oooooo I saw HOLDING or INTERFERENCE!" while yelling it first with your arm in the air...THAT's MANLY!!! Doesn't crocheting or knitting have rules; in's and out's of how it's done? hmmm...

Ok... so what is MANLY?  Doesn't the stereotype - that MANLY is based on - have to do with DOING things that the lighter, weaker, fragile feminine gender can't do as well as the masculine gender?
- Swinging the hammer, hauling the wood, rocks, trash.... turning the soil... lifting the large bags of seeds and  potatoes,  turning the big wrench to turn the nuts and bolts, hoisting the transmission, driving the nails, climbing the ladders with supplies, stacking the sheet rock.

So really? Just WATCHING an NFL highlights show of the hardest player-to-player body hits is MANLY?  Sitting watching it? That's really really manly?  Study the play-by-play of this:  WATCHING Manly Activities is feminine... DOING Manly Activities is MASCULINE.   BE A MAN this SUNDAY.

Crime Ridden UnEducated East Coast Cities

Huge Rant on East Coast Attitude about Mid-West (Kansas, others) Breeding Terrorists.

by Judge Wyld on Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 12:24pm ·

Crime Ridden UnEducated East Coast Cities
East Coast news casters living in their unrealistic bubbles think that terrorists come from uneducated places. (like Kansas, Nebraska, Dakotas, Montana, Oklahoma? ref: Coverage of groups from these and other middle states.)

1. They think that educated people talk about oprah.
2. They think that educated people go to NFL games.
3. They think that educated people watch evening TV. Reality shows. American Idol.
4. They think that educated people spend their valuable time at candy coffee shops.
5. They think that educated people choose to live in congested cities with traffic jams.
6. They think that educated people cram their kids into organized sports.
7. They think that educated people care about movies that are released each weekend.

Every hunting season thousands of vehicles are parked out on country roads each weekend. Many of those vehicles have sophisticated expensive electronics, expensive extra shot guns, and expensive gear for the truck.  I'll bet that there are even some wallets in there that have a few hundred dollars in them.

There are no cameras mounted on the cornstalks and fences like there are on the streets of the big brother city.  Are there low life, down on their luck, crack heads, out there smashing in windows and stealing hunters ipods?  Or is that just found on every street including the elite neighborhoods of the educated east coast cities.

The Farmers and small town people are nice. I guess they aren't big city educated thieves. Some houses are new. Large. Modern.  Most are middle or lower middle class great older houses with character.  Those houses are ART. East coast snobs who can't appreciate a functioning farm house as living ART are really living with a closed mind.  Those anus focused, tight social circle, artsy bums appear to be very uneducated even in their specialty of art.

I'm an outsider to the farmers and I am one of the academically educated so I know a thing or two about thinking, knowledge, analysis, decision making. It seems that east coast snobs consider knowledge of trivia as 'educated'.  They don't seem to know that people with analytical skills who figure out ways of accomplishing something are the ones who possess the core of education; Thinking and decision making.

A farmer or rancher learns the facts of the science of crops, and the cattle. AND then has to be educated enough to also figure out the weather, the dirt, the depth of moisture, the mechanical equipment, the finances, the human resources, and the thinking amongst the professional network of peers, and then make their educated decisions on their own.

These farm people who appear to be more soundly educated and experienced in making decisions based on complex short term, mid term, and long term probabilistic and consequential factors ....... are clearly more soundly educated and using it than east coast tv studio snobs, and these farm people can even multitask as NICE PEOPLE.

Driving along miles of dirt country roads, these people GREET YOU.  A thick cloud of road dust, bright midday sun in their eyes, 15 degree temperature, and 18 hours of outdoor work to do that day, does not have them thinking of themselves...  They wave to you!  They don't look away.  It's genuine to look you in the eyes even when driving opposite directions.  Its not just a polite meaningless east coast courtesy.

These highly educated Kansas, Montana, Dakotas, Oklahoma people are genuine people.  They aren't going to say...let's do lunch sometime. They are going to say, come by up at the house two sections up the road and have some dinner before you take that long drive back to the city. (no. it is not an invitation to Applebees.) (Btw. Did you know a deli sandwich is easy to make in your own kitchen? It isn't rocket science.)

Here is my problem.  I'm educated. I use it most every day and even sometimes in my professional working life.  The reason I don't go up to these farm houses, ranch houses, and ask to hunt on their land is because I'm not worthy to bother them.  What is it that makes me so special in their day for them to have me go get in their face and ask them to grant me anything. They have it tough. they have it smart, intelligent, educated to the point that their decisions each day make or break their SURVIVAL.

The east coast big town people breed offspring whose biggest decisions are
a. daily, whether they are going to meet their girlfriends, or someone they want to suck up to, for sit down coffee at a candy coffee shop.
b. this week, if they'll go to the mindless NFL game or watch it with their carefully selected other snob friends at a sport bar
c. this year, if they'll schedule in the one charity event again.

Maybe, outside of their bubble, the easterners should take notice when the educated, uncluttered, true grit middle of the country, says something about the direction the idiots of eastern normalized bad behavior have taken this earth. [btw. look at current maps before you use terms like 'mid-west'. I reckon you mid-easterners don't have www. yet.]

There is no wholesome, "oh my, look what I've been missing in life," moment for the people in the educated middle of the country to discover if they ever wasted their time to see you in your cramped quarters of your uneducated big cities.

But it's very real that at times, a big burb bubble baby with a candy coffee in their hand, steps into an old farm house, meets the NON TERRORIST family with their sweet kids and cuddly real animal world cats and working dogs..... AND  AND  AND if they are fortunate, they are educated on the spot with a wholesome, look what I've been missing, MOMENT.  [cancel the remaining lifetime weekly 'Shrink' appointments]

You silver-spooned college tuition paid, shallow, so-called educated, big-mouthed, unanalytical twits and pansies utter such phrases about "the middle of the country is an uneducated place that breeds terrorism."

Shame on you. Pity on you and your keith olberman style thumbsucking, bathtub fetal position life. Get educated.

And to the Kansas Farmer who drove by my hunting vehicle 2 days ago.... Thank you.  I had absentmindedly left the driver side vehicle door wide open as I walked the field with the dog for over two hours. Shot a quail. My extra shotgun, smart phone, two gps units, and my IPAD were all quite visible from the dirt road 5 ft away.  My guess is that you not only drove by slowly to make sure my stuff was safe but also to make sure that there wasn't someone hurt and needing help.  [For you Easterners: That's two snaps and a swoosh for the Farmer.]

Judge Wyld
Art in an Educated Place.


When moving forward
Means movement;
Pick up speed.

When learning
Means study;

When finding love
Means looking;

When caring outward
Means giving;
Follow through.

When opportunity
Means asking;

When achievement
Means striving;
Work hard.

When playing around
Means nothing;
Why play?

Original Judge Wyld poem, Feb 2006.

Effing Family Feud Game Show

Effing Family Feud Game Show  

A Long Ago Childhood Favorite Show is now a Filthy perverted SEXUALLY explicit show....

Ask yourself if you want to buy from businesses who have their commercials play and pay for the sexually explicit Family Feud Game Show.

Are you FOR or are you AGAINST Family Feud being on TV during after school time, contact:
Listen to the discussion of this topic at

Effing Family Feud.

Daytime Games Shows are good family fun!!!  Kids are not in school much.  Kids are home from school in the summer.  Kids are off of school for all those teacher holidays.

Good, clean, wholesome moms. Great Christian dads heading off to work.
So during the day you have Wheel of Fortune.  You have The Price is Right. Drew Carey is even a slender man now.
These are the wholesome games that you could allow you kids to watch.
Family Feud is the game show where they have sent out questions somewhere (east coast only?) to get 100 responses from people who answer their mail from game shows.

Family game show questions should be wholesome like: What room, where you live, is the messiest?
Cute fun answers would be: Kids' bedroom. Living room. Hobby room. Laundry room. Kitchen. Garage. Play room.

Name a job that many children want to grow up to have?  Fire Fighter, Policeman, Doctor, Nurse. Soldier. Banker. Race car driver. Princess.

Those type questions from decades ago are wholesome fun!

These questions might get kids, 10 yrs old, 13 yrs old, to think. The questions and answers could expose children to some good ideas that they might not have thought of on their own or from their parents.
 As a matter of fact... The show stage has the counter top that the people stand behind where each individual spot is distinct.
It has a brown, a white, and a brown layer.  Each persons place to stand is shaped as an overall square but rounded corners.
It looks like an ice cream sandwich; to get the interest of kids?  or for hungry, self-indulgent, housewives?
But No. Family Feud Game Show is NOT Wholesome. The Questions are Sexual.

Steve Harvey was a comedian who is now the host. Maybe he has been the host for many years. I don't know.  But he is the host now.  The questions are now about SEX. The questions are about Dong, Nads, Va jay jay, breasts, private parts, and yes, the word SEX and other obvious ways of saying it.

If your kids are watching Family Feud Game Show, are they turning to you to ask what the sexual word for a body part is or a sexual concept?

The participants are suppose to represent wonderful wholesome families in respectable clothes. No jeans/blue denim. No ripped jeans, t-shirts, ball caps. no sweatshirts.  Mostly church dresses. Guys wearing pressed button up shirts and nice pressed pants (or slacks as you ladies call them.)

Some of the dresses are sleeveless....the PITTS family ladies had sleeveless dresses so when they clapped their hands high above their heads, you could see their PITTS....arm pits. That's not bad. I just thought it was funny to mention here and lighten up the mood.

How could you as a supposedly wholesome family posing wholesomely looking on the show, be a part of these following Family Feud questions/answers?

Here are some of the questions and responses on the non-Family after school Family Feud:
  • Name something that some people like rough and some like smooth.  SEX. Kisses.
  • Name something you don't have to spend a lot of money on when making an x rated movie.  clothes
  • Name something that comes in pairs but would be bad if one is missing.  NADS. Hooters.
  • Name something a female dog thinks a male dog does in a sexy way.  Lick themselves. hump.
  • Name something that you keep clean as a whistle.  Private Parts.
  • Name a HOW TO BOOK.... how to sexually gratify.
  • Name something most people enjoy with others but some like to do alone.
  • Name a kids game that adults play in the nude. ?????
  • Name a bad idea for where to place a tattoo?  penis.
  • Name something you wear to bed to indicate it is going to be a frigid night?
  • Name something you put over your bed?  sex posters, mirror, ....
  • Word or phrase that means naked?
  • A food couples use for romance that makes them feel more sticky than romantic?
  • Name something that you PUT OUT. sex
Conclusion and Solution.
This is not an accident to be putting this on TV in the daytime. This show is sick.  It wants to be sick.  It wants to be shocking and doesn't care to be about FAMILY.

It would be EASY to put in the instructions to the people who respond to the survey that breasts, genitalia and the poop hole, as well as SEX acts are NOT allowed as answers. 

It would be EASY to tell the participants on the show that those answers will NOT be allowed.

Also guilty: The participants should not pretend to be wholesome, not pretend they don't want to give an un-classy answer, not pretend shyness or shame or blushing.  They know its a filthy show, and know the un-family friendly questions/answers are a part of it.  Are their children in the audience watching?  Will they be watching the recorded show on TV later?  You FAILED as parents.

And Steve Harvey does NOT need to be ACTING out the sex act with thrusting on TVs during the day with kids watching a show that SAYS FAMILY in the name.

These Advertisers were noted during May 2012Family Feud Game Show 'after school time' airings.

Effing Family Feud TV Advertisers.
Mr. Clean, Disney Lion King traveling show, Cox Cable TV, National American University, Hershey's, Droid Phones, Verizon Motorola, ALL STATE insurance, SONIC drive up fast food, Heritage College, Dairy Queen, Auto Insurance. Allegra. Gold Bond Itch Cream. Twizzlers, Dixie Paper Plates, Toyota, Ford, Dodge Ram, Best Value Inn, Jif Peanut Butter Snacks.....and.... "SC JOHNSON, A FAMILY COMPANY"

Some of the filthy questions being aired during after school airings of the Show:
  • Reason women give to not be romantic in the morning.
  • Candy bar describing your mate in bed.
  • Something women can do without the help of a man. Pleasure themselves.
  • Something that big guys buy. condoms.
  • Name something that is not long enough.  Trouser snake. SEX. Roll in Hay.
  • Name something that takes two to do.  Have Sex.

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Judge Wyld Radio Talk Show Host currently on

Churches can be a great place to find God. To go find an atmosphere of peace and meditation. To find a calm set of people who are connecting with God. To walk in the door and find God right there waiting for you. You have no doubt that you are in a biblical church immediately upon arriving.

Some people think that a church should grow. Like a business. They need more money to build more buildings to provide more activities to get more people to get more money to build more buildings to provide more activities to get more people to get more money .....

So these churches become secular. They become as deep as a walmart and as shallow as a walmart. They become as varied as a walmart and as non-spiritual as a Walmart. Walk into a church that focuses on growing and you have an non-spiritual church. Never mind the trimmings. Never mind the religious rock band lyrics and the painted on smiles. Even a walmart has a christmas look without CHRIST anywhere in it. So does a church that is focused on growing.

I know of one church that grew without their main property getting bigger or abandoned. They built a second church in a separate neighborhood. WOW. What a concept. A neighborhood church!!! Remember the day of Grandma waking up, making breakfast, grabbing her worn bible and walking 5 blocks to church? What a great sight!!! What a great example for the children in the neighborhood. Everyone cherishes the sight of the old lady making that walk to church, hearing the church bells.

So now a church measures it's popularity (not it's spirituality) by buying acres and acres of land and building an ugly brown brick and steel secular structure. You don't see stained glass windows and true steeple as the major architectural features of the building.

Remember parking on the street? No....these mega churches have acres of parking lots as a primary feature of the property. So secular. So anti-spiritual.

When you walk into church. You want to find God right inside. Immediately. Within 20 steps in any door, you want to find God. You don't want to have to go searching for God in a mega church.

How do you find God in a mega church? One that focuses so much on growing that they lost God someone where back near the super-sized dumpster farm that they need to collect the trash from their secular activities.

Ok.... so you walk into the church. Is the Pastor there? NO. You find an administrator only. On Sunday you are greeted by a greeter who is so remote from the pastor. The administrator or greeter can not take you to God. What they do instead is try to label you. Are you blue collar or are you white collar? We have a professionals group for you. Are you single or married? We have a shallow clueless singles group for you. Are you a single mom? oh so sad, we have the aimless uneducated singles mom group for you. Are you divorced? We have the desperate, wounded, clueless adults trying to date like teenagers group. Are you a man? We have the hapless hopeless males group. You have kids? We have the empty future children programs to perpetuate that life is a playground kids groups. You have to wait until the day of the week that the group meets. You get fed NOTHING that day. The admin or greeter, gives you the name of the leader of that group. The leader of your label group has to meet with you. And they tell you how their group works so you can fall in line and do their activities instead of having your own life according to who you are and your talents are that GOD GAVE YOU. Even if you accidentally meet the Pastor. They will pass you off immediately to an associate pastor of your label. The associate pastor of your label will pass you off to the leader. No God. Passed over to someone else several times and not once was GOD in that chain of command.

So really. In mega churches. You are not an individual. You are a group category. In a small church, you walk in the door and you are a person. No labels. No groups. Just you. Who you are. Love you. Jesus Loves you. God loves you. God greets you immediately. Isn't that simple? Isn't that spiritual? In a real focused church, God helps out right away!!! It isn't as if you walked into the mall, but actually walked into a HOUSE. A HOUSE of God!!!

So let's look at the difference between a large chain convenience store versus a mega department discount store / food store.

If you are looking for a sandwich, or a slushy drink, or a camouflage hat, you walk 20 steps into the convenience store and you have it. That store gets a lot of business. If it gets too much business or wants to serve more customers, does it build a store 40 times that size? NO. It builds a store on the next corner the same size as the first one. Then it builds another one on the next corner beyond that and beyond that and beyond that. The number of customers who access their products is growing but the service stays the same. The accessibility stays the same. The neighborhoods get more service near where they live; near where it matters. They get the need met within 20 steps of the front door. And they can rely on it. They are comfortable there. The grandma's of the neighborhood can walk to the store.

Churches don't 'get' this. The mega churches pattern themselves after the mega walmarts. You want a tomato? Go look for it. We put them way over there. You want an automotive battery? Go look for it, it's way in the back. You want to talk to someone personally about your personal shopping needs? You have to go through several people who don't know anything except how the store is organized but NOTHING about the products. [Mega church: You go through several people who don't know anything spiritual except how the church is sort of organized but NOTHING about the product.]

Grow your church by building another neighborhood church. A chain of neighborhood churches is much more spiritual and serving GODs people than a mega carnival God mall in the middle of acres of parking lots.

Ok... so maybe the label thing is something you accept as your need and you love that you found the needy group that matches your label. You are happy with that. But are the activities spiritual?

The churches promise and pay for so many secular activities to try to lure and keep people next to God. I don't understand this strategy. Churches have a unique product. Sell THAT product. You don't need to become more secular or you water down your product. Stay with your strength. Are you luring in the stupid people by pretending to be a volleyball or basketball league? Are you luring them in by pretending you are a toxic, fat producing, caffeine drug dealing coffee bar? Are you luring them in by pretending you are a shallow recreation center with a toy emporium or movie house? Are you faking them out away from the quite adequate bible by being a peripheral self-help bookstore? Why do you support the shallow cultures of skiing, bowling, and NFL? Why promote secular activities? They already exist out in the community. Let them go there occasionally to enjoy. But let them come to church to find GOD. God is the product. The Pastor care is a product. Sell the comfort and reverence. If you lose the reverence and spirituality, you have nothing unique to sell in a chaotic secular world.

Church is most effective and sincere as what it is; a specialty store. By definition, God is not everything to everyone. God is God. You come to God and adapt to God. You do not adapt God to the secular world. Churches are to be focused and intimate within the outer walls. No need for a small chapel off to the side. Scripture is what it is. Don't fake up the product. Sell God honestly. And put God within 20 steps of the front door.

Sincerely and Spiritually,
Judge Wyld

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Nice Guys Directing Traffic Become Road Kill

From a professional blog co-authored by Judge Wyld.
A Judge Wyld post.

The ‘nice guys finish last’ is not an empty cliché. A nice person can be conflicted when trying to lead.

Situation: You are a ‘Nice Person’ who is a beginning Project Manager. You may be leading a multi-discipline team. Some of the experts whom you will rely on are very nice also. No problem.

Problem: One or two people on your team are running down the wrong road. So what is steering them there?

1. Their own perspectives and self-awareness.

Experienced people may stand firm on their professional or personal principles. They just can’t follow your approach to some aspect of the project.

2. Their ‘other bosses’ priorities.

Over committed people have no time to properly contribute to your project and the ‘other bosses’ really don’t want to share a prized expert. They miss information put out in meetings, they skip over your emails, their answering machine is a galactic black hole that you toss your voice into, and even face-to-face they can not commit to your project tasks and timelines.

3. Their spouse. (Or other strong personal life interest or influence.)

Obstacles may be declared such as the dreaded, “can’t finish THAT today; need to leave early to go get a hitch installed on the truck for my family’s two-week vacation starting tomorrow.”

Challenge: The Project Manager tries to find reliable ways to achieve project success. What challenges cause the ‘nice person’ to hesitate to firmly direct the wayward traffic?

A. No authority to fire or punish the wrong-way team member.

Rewarding does not apply if the other person is determined to not cooperate. Textbook answers say to get the Sponsor’s help.

B. Stigma of not being able to accomplish a project on your own.

Asking for help each time you have a personnel performance issue can give you a reputation for not being an effective leader. Textbook answers say to get the Sponsor’s help.

C. Self-image of being a nice person who thinks the best of team members and allows for different ‘workstyles.’

Assuming the best motives of the team member and rationalizing their lack of cooperation will make the situation worse. Nice people fail when they hope a persistent deficiency will be resolved in some low key way on its own without ever having bad feelings.

Unavoidable Truth: A nice person wants to get along and will give undue respect to others even when they are running down the wrong road. A nice person tends to run with them awhile to see if where they are going is good. But eventually, no matter how a project manager intends to cover their tracks, the project manager will be responsible for the extra cost, extended schedule, and lack of performance. There are no guaranteed answers. A PM must know upfront that having responsibility to rule the road with no authority or personal strength to direct the traffic, will lead to becoming ‘project manager road kill.’

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Don't Overlook the 'Lowest Common Denominator'

From a professional blog co-authored by Judge Wyld.
A Judge Wyld post.

Issue: No Project Manager wants to be tripped up by the basics. No Project Manager wants to be shamed by having a project fail due to lack of attention to the basics. Cost growth and schedule loss are involved in recovering from avoidable blunders.

Solution: Every team needs a person capable of examining the 'basics' across the project. Recruit this person as the designated 'Lowest Common Denominator' (LCD) in addition to their usual team role. Their responsibility is to point out the flaws in the basics.

The lowest common denominator (LCD) is a math term for the lowest integer that is divisible into each of two integers being compared. Boring.

However, LCD as applied to the 'human dimension' is the smallest element of human perspective common to a group of people. A bit more exciting.

For Project Management, LCD items can be basic understandings of schedule flow, cost efficiency, effective communication, realistic work scope expectations, product suitability, and customer/stakeholder satisfaction. Project teams need to move forward without being bogged down with complications concerning the LCD items but must have the basics correct so that overall quality can be maintained.

Here are skills needed to be a designated LCD:
1. Role Player. Capable of viewing the project as an uninformed outsider of any category; upper management, other department head, other professional peer, non-industry stakeholder, and of course, customer.
2. Outspoken. Not hesitant to point out potential flaws in big groups, no matter how small the item appears to be.
3. Experienced. Knowledgeable of processes, best practices, and lessons learned and passionate about quality.

Here are actions the project manager must do to create a supportive environment for the LCD:
A. Assure the LCD that their role playing is key to the quality of the products.
B. Inform team members that the LCD will be playing a role and the comments may seem elementary but are welcomed and essential.
C. Assure the LCD that the depth of their other skills is valued and that 'LCD' is a role that is respected as well.

Final Point: Some people are self-appointed LCDs who seem to be undercutting your attempts to focus on more important aspects of the project. Consider them an ally to achieve higher quality and project success. Approach them to define their role more formally. They will be on your side and you may avoid the shame of failing on the basics.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love is about chivalry amongst the worthy, NOT about being a ceremonious fool.

Wyld Wisdom. Excerpt from a Judge Wyld online 'other blog' post.

A lady desires to pay for herself. She is no less of a person because she is a lady. In fact, being a lady implies that she is resourceful, undemanding, unexpecting, and a good companion. A good companion NEVER puts on airs or puts themselves above others to be provided for. If you want to be the 'lil woman' then play games about men making a first move, or paying for another adults' bills. If you want to be a partner and be respected, then be a lady.

And you men who are trained dogs, stop telling us that you were 'taught' such and such. Grow up. Get an education. And treat women with respect. Accept the ladies as the partners they are. When you view them as frail, you diminish the truth of the tough, strong, conservative women who do their part in relationships.

If you are paying the way of women you barely know, then you are desperate. It has NOTHING to do with respecting women. You are weak and are rationalizing your weakness. Women do NOT respect fools who spout off how they are going to take care of a female even when they don't know her. These ladies aren't dumb.

Love is about chivalry amongst the worthy, NOT about being a ceremonious fool. There are a lot of things your parents told you that do not apply across the board. Ask them. They grew up and learned. So you should too.

I remember my dad teaching us to wear a suit to church. So as an adult I still do. But I learned that for the last 20 yrs of dad's life that he didn't wear a suit to church or even own a suit. He said.. times change. Never would have guessed that from how he drilled into our heads that you ALWAYS wear a suit and tie to church.

Same thing here. Grow up. If you are a gal, get over the childish dating games they told you as a teenager. If you are a male. Be a man which means to know HOW to apply chivalry in a way that is recognized as being a solid male respected by men AND women.

Judge Wyld

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Management for the Soul

From professional blog co-authored by Judge Wyld. A Judge Wyld post.

Project Management for the Soul

Sole (shoe leather), Sole (singular self satisfaction), Soul (essence of empowerment.)

How you approach project management is affected by your motivation. There are people who love project management and there are those who can’t stand being the center of expectations. If you are the type of person who loves project management, what is your motivation?

1. Do you love the activity; the hustle and bustle of planning, communicating, solving daily unexpected challenges? There is a wearing down of shoe leather as you plan, collaborate, connect pieces, and follow up. Is it the rush of activity that gives you a ‘rush’? Do you rise to the step learning curve while working with many experts in their fields and seeing what they have to offer?

2. Do you love the personal satisfaction; making sure that you implemented the processes to the letter which provided the project positive results. You were the focal who contributed your project management skills that integrated the mechanisms and turned the gears to bring about a product meeting the requirements. Do you enjoy that feeling of professionalism and proven skill that a mature project manager possesses?

3. Do you love helping everyone become better; encouraging others to understand more about their own capabilities and to appreciate others for their unique contributions to the Team’s success? Did you initiate and foster contributions beyond the assigned utility of each person or organization? Each stakeholder and team member can obtain a personal goal in addition to their participation toward the success of the project. Do you thrill in managing a project that moves team members forward in life?

Sole, Sole, or Soul: project management is about people; it’s about you, it’s about others. The people on a project team can achieve a deeper satisfaction from producing a product than the satisfaction derived by the people who end up using the product.

Judge Wyld

My Fault, And THIS is What I'm Going to Do to Make it Right

From professional blog co-authored by Judge Wyld.

My Fault,
And THIS is What I'm Going to Do to Make it Right

Project Management.

Professionals want to be perfect. Project Managers want to think of everything and to have a plan to keep the project running smoothly despite 'surprises'. But when you don’t think of everything and a glitch occurs, how do you handle the situation with others?

As you read below, imagine a situation such as materials delivered to the wrong place, not inviting your sponsor to a major project change approval meeting, or an important strategy meeting with key team members that you were hosting but failed to attend.

1. Accept that the resulting situation was YOUR mistake. Other factors may have contributed, but ultimately the mistake was YOURS.

2. Accept that other people on the team or outside the team were affected. They arranged their day or even their week around a particular expectation. Your mistake affected not only that event but other events that they had to arrange. They will also be affected by accommodating your workaround.

3. Communicate number 1 and number 2. Call, stop by, and email; all three if possible. Mention that the mistake was YOURS. Mention that you want to followup with the corrective action. Detail the steps of your efforts that will make the correction convenient for them.

Why take this approach?

1. If you don’t then you will be seen as someone who makes excuses and blames other 'things'. "Oh well, things happen!" sounds immature.

2. If you don’t then you show disregard for all of their efforts leading up to their being prepared for and making up for the fumbled event. "Oh well, it was ONLY an hour of their time," sounds naive.

3. If you don’t communicate that you are aware of your mistake, their loss of time, and the followup efforts, they will not be willing to follow you in the future.

You are dealing with people on projects. You cannot avoid being judged when you make a mistake, but forgiveness is still possible on the rare occasions that you make mistakes.

Judge Wyld

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pro Choice Paycheck: What I Could Choose If I Had More/My Money

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes. As aired with JJJ on by Judge Wyld.

JJJ If I Had More Money

That trip to Florida… or California… or Cancun for a month. A trip to Europe. Two weeks in France, not just Paris but away from the tourist traps.

I want MORE MONEY. A better car. I’m tired of spending money on that old car. A newer car would be great. I just want to have 200 dollars more each month.

My child seems to go through clothes so fast. I can’t give them the brand names and if I do, I have to work more hours.

My wife deserves a better church dress. She wears those pants week after week. She would love a dress to wear to church. She doesn’t need or ask for much. I want her to feel like a lady again like before we had the children.

If I had more money, seriously, I’d give more to the church, to the kids selling things for the school sports team, to the poor family on the street standing by their car packed with their belongs and the two children.

I’m a good person. I have a big heart. I work hard. I make enough money that the government takes my money. There are thousands of dollars I don’t see, EVER. I pray. If I had more money.

What is so upsetting is that for whatever reason that people want more money, they can see their money on stubs and the company claims they spend even more money on my behalf to the government, but the government takes it away. Our money is not spent how WE would spend it, but how the government WANTS to spend it, for whatever reason either for luxury of material things or luxury of tiny extras like a second pair of jeans or a church dress. BUT the GOVERNMENT thinks that the GOVERNMENT’S reasons to grab the money are more noble than OUR reasons to spend OUR OWN money.

I am HAPPIER with how I spend my money than I am how the Government spends MY money. Does anyone out there feel that the Government is BETTER at spending your money than you are? Are they giving it to your church? Did they pay your last car repair bill for you? Did they buy your kid’s last set of clothes that fit? Should they have? Shouldn’t YOU have done it with the money you earned? That money that was part of your wages but you only saw it as numbers on your pay stub as GRABBED from you?

The Fairtax is just ONE way to have ALL of your wages in YOUR hands. You decide how to spend it. You see the sales tax on the receipt. How much did the government take from you? Did you want them to? You decide how much to spend. If the government knew that you would only freely spend your money for a 5% sales tax, then they won’t up the tax to 10%. You would be voting on your taxes each and every day that you choose to spend or not spend your money.

Bottomline. You earned your paycheck. You should have ALL of that money to decide how you spend it. If you can afford that extra item for your kid, or for your loving wife, do it. If you can afford a trip around the earth, do it. Either way, you earned it. It’s YOURS. ALL OF IT. The Fairtax is a way to put ALL of it into your pocket. Just like the rich people who have lawyers who know how to hide their paycheck from the government or the criminals who don’t pay taxes on money from crimes. Fairtax allows you to get paid your entire paycheck and EVERYONE pays salestax on what they spend. FAIR. Now if we can just eliminate kids from the prebate. Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Purpose Driven Taxes See Your Money FIRST

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes. As aired with JJJ on by Judge Wyld.

JJJ Happier Seeing Your Money First

What makes you happy?

Having enough money for Friday night’s movie. Having enough money for your 2 year old kid’s birthday party. Having enough money for a car repair. To some people, it’s having enough money for a divorce lawyer.

Clearly, the masses have very low standards. Think about coupons. 2 for 1 specials at restaurants, double coupon day at the grocery store. Happy hour at the bars. It seems that the masses have no self-directing compass inside of them. If it’s on sale, it must be what we must do.

It’s as if they can’t think about what path to be on in life, how to examine where they came from, where they are at, what talents they have, what morals they have, what IS real happiness, where they could go with their talents and their treasures.

Pavlovian Marketeers and Empty Headed Human Breeders CAN tell them what to do even though the masses strut around pretending that they have reasons for what they do and they are independent. NO. They have no clue what to do, they have no clue why they’ve done ANYTHING that they’ve done. They don’t know why they have the job they have, they have no real idea why they have a pet, or even why they are married and have kids. They didn’t think about ANY of those things.

So they look to the movies, they look to fake sports like NFL, WWF, Major League Baseball to tell them what to be interested in and how to spend their money. They search. They search for dancing with the stars and American idol to tell them that they are important if they watch it.

Not even churches can motivate people to volunteer work outside of the coffee bar in the church lobby. Not even churches can motivate people to tutor or mentor kids outside of the church.

Not even churches can convince their flock to adopt kids from within the United States versus from Russia. Look at Laura Ingram. I don’t know what her struggle was to try to grab a baby or two from the USA. But she clearly was looking to satisfy herself, not God or Jesus who died on that cross around her neck, but to meet HER needs to feel good, she went and grabbed a kid or two from overseas.

You broke men’s hearts, Laura, when you revealed your desperation. The good news is, that since Laura couldn’t find a kid to claim in the United States, it must mean that every kid in the United States of America is living with a parent. What a GREAT COUNTRY.

Let's add to this digression..... let’s see. A fat man with a food addiction, who preaches purpose and self control, sells a book on a life of purpose. AND PEOPLE BUY IT. The purpose driven dinner table. The purpose driven snacks. The purpose driven candy bar.

With such zombies, lost, soulless, clueless on ANY thinking direction in life, who would defend their shallow vacuous lives to an emotional death, OF COURSE politicians can take their money. Pretend they are going to get Health Care for FREE. Pretend that their money is going to be taken by the Government and it will magically be turned into FREE COLLEGE.

The GRABBERS spend your money on Middle School SPORTS and NOT ON EDUCATION of your kids. A lot of those GRABBERS are teachers, coaches, zombie council members who support spending your money on empty talents that are hobbies at best and then complain that YOU aren’t paying enough for education.

Why don’t YOU want your money? Your taxes are YOUR MONEY. They Take it. Confiscating it from your paycheck keeps you happy because you don’t see it. But didn’t you EARN it??? You don’t even see it for a little while. Not even for a day. They TAKE it FIRST.

But do you CARE that your money is taken away??? No. All you care is that there is some left for a video game for your kid. That there are two movies waiting in your living room on Friday night. That your kid play a sport on astroturf. You don’t demand to see ALL of your paycheck. NOW. To have it be available for you to pay your college or your medications or your groceries.

THEN, it’s time to write that check to the Government for all of those FREE services. Wouldn’t you like to see that number on that check that you write? Wouldn’t you be MAD about the amount? If you don’t have kids and you have to see that dollar amount that goes to other people’s kids, wouldn’t that number make you MAD?

One way is to have the FAIRTAX. It is only ONE way. But it’s a way that is gaining popularity and congress representatives and senators are working on it for you. Call them and encourage them. Tell them you want to see your taxes as you spend them. Not have them taken before you know it.

If all of your taxes were through a sales tax, YOU would have a choice to spend that money or keep it in your pocket. When you did spend the money, you would SEE the amount on the sales receipt. You would start voting with a brain of knowledge.

Don’t be a ZOMBIE. Don’t be a clueless lost soul not knowing what you are doing; why you are doing it. Figure out a direction in life that uses your talents and figure out WHAT money is YOURS and how you should really spend it.

Have some pride and don’t let taxes be spent on things for you that YOU should be paying for. Don’t let the politicians spend it FOR YOU unless YOU have seen the money FIRST.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes. As aired with JJJ on by Judge Wyld.

Golden Rule Health Care

Taxes do not abide by the the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

When you pay your taxes, it's gone and you will NOT receive more than you gave.
If you ever, ever, ever tried to give according to the Golden Rule, you realize
that you have never ever ever received bigger, better, or deeper than you have given.

In a manner of manipulation, they say that just in giving, you have received much more.
It's a way of getting you to accept that you received LESS and for you to be accepting it.

That's what Obama did. He said that you should be paying for others. You should be sacrificing.
Little did he know that you already sacrificed to get what you have. But there is nothing in his plans
to give a break to those who already sacrificed to get what they have.

There is no scale or meter or measuring stick to say, YOU sacrificed enough. He takes from you for others who didn't sacrifice. He doesn't weed out the lazy. The wasters. The coasters. The drunks. The lavish spenders. The joy and thrill seekers of a fast wild life of spending. He doesn't kick them away from the government money.

He says YOU Must sacrifice for THEM. He wants to feel sorry for the slackers as well as the legitimate folks who have fallen on hard times. I know that YOU decide who deserves your charity. You have an intuition of who is worthy. You know who has sacrificed less than what you have sacrificed already.

The Golden Rule says to treat others as you would have them treat you.
I paid my own college.
I paid for my own weddings.
I saved my money for emergencies.
I mowed the elderly ladies lawns.
I have paid property taxes for your kids’ schools and school music, swimming, art, and sports hobbies.
I tutored your kids every week.
I have served on your school site councils for 15 years when you only served 2 years.
I wore the nation’s uniform for 23 years.
I sat with your grandparents in nursing homes the last 4 years.
I have entertained your kids as a circus, parade, and community event clown for years.
I have driven your kids all day to get them to free health care 8 hours away.
I have kept an eye for your safety on your house, your cars, and your children playing in your yard.

I have never ever ever received from YOU as you in any manner or measure that you would have me treat you.
And NOW. As a single man; a single man with no kids. As one of the Good Men who gave deeply to you, AND your kids, AND your elderly family, I also saved and sacrificed. Just because I have still have assets left after giving generously, I am being demanded for MORE; for your health care, because YOU won't sacrifice.

The Golden Rule is now the Money Rule. It isn't about giving and the depth of reward for giving. It is about taking. And you are not ashamed to take from me.

You aren't Golden. You say you aren't Obama but you never tell the politicians to leave single people alone. To leave the childless people alone. Some medically can't have children and you pounce on their bank accounts. Be ashamed that you never stood up for the childless single people.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Green Families Do. The REAL SERIOUS Green Family.

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes. As aired on JJJ by Judge Wyld.

JJJ Green Family

A green family. If all of those global warming (ooops they were wrong so they now want to call it global CHANGE. Obama wanted big change, so why not global climate change.)

A Green Family. Either Live GREEN or SHUT UP.

A green family has every person in the household sitting in the living room together each evening. Spending quality living room time together has lights on only in one room. The cars are not moving. Only heat that one room during the evening.

A green family eats at established meal times and eats together at the dining room table. Spending quality time eating together has lights on only in one room. The cars are not moving. Only heat that room during that time. Only have the stove or the microwave on to cook that meal only once. The refrigerator is only opened a few times to get and return items a minimal number of times.

A green family house has only 3 bedrooms. 1 bedroom for parents. 1 bedroom for boys. 1 bedroom for girls. No other genders exists right? Saves on the cost of pre-school. Learn to get along and socialize with each other in your shared room. Saves energy on heat. Saves square footage for all utilities. Forces parents to do parenting/teaching their own kids with valuable lessons.

A green family house has only 1 bathroom. Forget the cost of installing a low flow toilet. If you see yellow when you go in, flush after you are done. If you don’t see yellow when you went in, don’t flush. Green families are smart that way. Shower one after another. The hot water is already in the pipes. Don’t flow extra water by having to run the water to get hot water through the pipes to the bathroom. The room is already heated up. Less energy to heat the bathroom.

A green family doesn’t add to the landfills of our mother earth. No handheld computer games. Made of plastics and other bad chemicals that stay in the landfill for millions of years. Millions of computer games are obsolete every 1.5 years and are thrown away. A green family will not buy poisonous batteries for handheld electronic items.

A green family will not participate in and will protest/picket at these events: No private sports, or elementary or middle school sports. Takes up mother earth natural spaces. Creates extra laundry and detergents to be used. Creates extra traveling created with polluting energy sources. Uses extra lighting, air conditioning, and plastic drink bottles. Develops bad habits in kids to waste their lives on supporting and watching unproductive activities. A green family will look very suspiciously on high school, college, and post-college sports-like commercial entertainment and the wasteful energy spent for shallow people’s entertainment.

A green family makes sure that their town High School games must only be on Saturday morning. Saves on lighting. Combine the trip to the game with other chores like shopping and going to war protests. No long distance games. A mid-sized town can have a 4, 5, or 6 high school league. No wasteful tournaments for ‘state’. The lessons of sports can be taught without such wasteful energy use for traveling or pointless tournaments. Rural teams can organize into 5 or 6 team leagues and travel. After all, sports was invented for small town pride and an activity. Bigger towns don’t need that, they have other entertainment. A serious green family would make sure their bigger town doesn’t have the pointless High School sports.

A green family will drink beverages at room temperature or directly from the refrigerator. Ice is redundant. Ice wastes energy. Even restaurant sodas are already cold from the dispenser. Why add ice? Soda taste is more intense at room temperature. Enjoy a tasty green drink!!!!

I love green families. They seem very nice. They are very active in family time at home. They care about community budgets and frivolous spending on all the energy spent on extracurricular distractions. Their kids develop productive talents. Everyone is thinking of the other’s welfare and working out problems together. They make a team effort of conserving and even sacrifice for conserving. As a matter of fact, they are very conservative. They are conserving the American family. And they are the GREENEST people on earth. They invented it. FIRST.

It's a shame that the real change now is to change back to what we once were; A NATION OF GREEN FAMILIES.

Government Get Out of Way of the American Spirit Stop Killing it

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes. As aired on JJJ by Judge Wyld.


Acorn. Acorn a name not an acronym.
Is it neutral or is it a Democrat / Liberal supporting agency?
Gets money from the Federal Government. How Much?
Located Where?

What did they do. Many things? Primarily one thing.
Government housing assistance.

Why it’s relevant to you?

Federal Money means YOUR Money. Your Taxes.

We already have social services in every town. So why are some politicians of a particular agenda giving out money for social services to a private organization?

Both parties already do voter drives so why are some politicians of a particular agenda giving out money for social services to a private organization?

NOW what happened.
Revealed that ACORN had such a liberal agenda, had such free flowing money, had such personally wacked out workers used to giving out ‘free’ money, YOUR money, that the zealousness lead them to abuse any societal useful mission.

Any time the vein of Government Money is involved; the freeflowing money pipe, people are corrupted. When people aren’t working for the money; When they think it’s not theirs, they waste it, they imagine all of the ways they can grab it and spend it.

Take away the governments ability to take our money. Stop the pipeline. Stop them from being able to create new money. Make them stop overlapping agencies. Make them provide understandable reports to the common people. Make them provide a simple financial statement like they require of businesses to the stock holders. Stand up at the TEA Parties and Town Halls and make them show how spending will be paid for.

The compassion of the American people helping each other has ALWAYS been the American spirit. The limited government was intended to be the American spirit as well. But taking away the ability for the American spirit to thrive by individuals and violating the small federal government spirit, is killing the American spirit. Trashing the economy, destroying once strong social institutions like marriage. The liberals with help from some republicans, is killing all the characteristics of strong people and strong societies.

If the government turns its nose at giving money to compassionate causes run by churches, it needs to cut off funding to ACORN and ANY biased organization like it.

JJJ Health Care Choice Story Touching with Twist at End

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes. As aired on JJJ by Judge Wyld.

JJJ Health Care Choice Story

Liberals are claiming that there are 30 million people without Health Care even though if they are sick with the flu, they can go to an emergency room. Sure they might not be able to get cancer care until it’s too late.

But why don’t they have health care? We are told that many just choose not to buy it. So Obama wants to make them buy it.

It’s seems that of 300 million people, 270 million people have Health Care. This sounds like a GREAT thing. So why are some people screaming for Health Care to change if 270 million people have health care. Is it about health care?

Or is it about Control. Afterall, isn’t taking your money and spending it on Art or ‘get out the vote’ or the extinction of a species, about control? Isn’t having YOUR money in their pocket about control? It seems that waiting on the Government to give you an allowance is pretty much about Controlling you like you would control a child by manipulating their allowance.

So here is the Plea….. they send Vice President Biden out to tell stories. That’s right. Not to tell statistics on how good our country is, how good our health care is, how incredibly HIGH the number is in this country of people who have health care. He tells stories. The stories are scary. All cancer stories are scary, all broken bones are scary, all heart failure and stroke are scary. So why do they tell stories?

This morning I heard a story on CSPAN. A touching story. A tragic story. A story of a couple who have had a hard life. They had no real luxury in life. This story made you want to give to them. Made you want to cheer that they have survived. Made you want to have THEM be part of your family and PROUD that they are part of your Nation.

This family worked hard all of their lives. The couple each had two jobs. They came by their money the hard way. Hard work. Long hours. Day after day. Month after Month. Year after Year. Until past retirement age. Not sitting back to enjoy themselves for many twilight but active years, but still working those jobs.

Vice President Biden tells the stories of the moral component about everyone giving to support the health care of those without health care.

The moral component. The moral component. Yes. I say it twice. This couple who worked all of their lives, LIVED the moral component of their story. They did not have a big house. They did not have the jet ski. They did not eat out at restaurants. They did not buy their kids soda pop. They did not take traveling vacations. They did not have extra TV channels or rent a lot of movies. Chances are that they were careful about spending on useless pets or useless extras for cellphones.

They clearly were PRO CHOICE. They CHOSE to do without dumb and useless things. The CHOSE to buy their health care. They were raised with the moral component IN SIDE OF THEM. They were taught to pay for things they needed. Paying for your health care is SMART and is NEEDED. The moral component drove them to proudly work hard, do without unnecessary things and provide for HEALTH CARE because it is necessary and THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to themselves.

They were PRO CHOICE and they chose to LIVE with less things and with GOOD HEALTH CARE that this COUNTRY, the United States of America offers EVERYONE who CHOOSES to live longer.

This couple says: DIE if you don’t want to buy your own health care. It’s YOUR CHOICE. Make your choice. Die younger with your soda pop and extra movies and dinner’s out and extras on your TV and cellphone. OR Die later after a health life with health care. Your choice. But your choice is your own. This couple does NOT want to pay a dime of your health care after you made the wrong choice.

That couple is one of MILLIONS of stories of people who made a choice. Think of the elderly that we think so sadly about. Many of those people spent the money on unnecessary things and NOW they want YOUR money. What choices did they make? Do they deserve to have the fruits of those choices. Does the result of their choices of luxuries mean that you must go without, You must sacrifice to support their earlier immoral decisions.

I say we support them. I say that the millions of stories of people who lived the moral component of providing their health care before providing a jet ski or their own bedroom for each of the 5 kids should be supported.

I say that we also SUPPORT the choice of those who wasted their health care money. I support their choice. I support their choice to DIE YOUNG.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tragedies are Worse for Pretty People, We are Biased Toward Pretty People.

From Future ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Pretty People. Seriously. Don’t we tend to think that it would be very tough to be sad for Pretty People. After all, we know the pretty people have some advantages. They smile and things just fall into place for them. Jobs, promotions, special deals, membership to country clubs, some one stops and changes their tires for them. Oh my…. We MOST CERTAINLY DON’T feel sorry for pretty people do we????

Early this week as I was driving through a neighborhood, a cop was trying to get past me to catch up with a car. After a bit of jockeying around some parked cars and him turning on his overhead flashing lights, he went around me. I could have held him up enough for the speeding car to get away… but I didn’t.

I caught up with the cop and the victim. As I drove by, I had that human natural reaction that we have when we see something cute or something beautiful…. Aaaaaahhhhh geeeeee bummer… she is sooooooooo cuuuuuteeee… I hope he goes easy on her…. Aaaaaaaaaah.

If it were an ugly, obese, cigarette smoking, messed up hair, cheeto crumbs chick… “serves her right for speeding through here, kids could have been hurt!!! Throw the book at her, Danno!!”

YES WE DO. We don’t want to admit it… but we are absolutely biased ourselves… inside of us, our first inclination, we are biased TOWARD, IN FAVOR of, PRETTY PEOPLE.

Think about it. On TV news. They talk about a tragedy and the people involved. Hearing the intro to the story makes you sad, oh how terrible, and then they show the people. The victim’s photo… a cute little boy… maybe missing, maybe dead. You people go OOOOOOOOOHHHH and he is soooooooo adorable toooooooo….

WHAT? Why the extra ooooooo that the kid is cute? You won’t admit it, but there was an extra ooooooo why ANY extra ooooo at all?

How about the young couple on their honeymoon. TRAGEDY… DEATH… DIE on their honeymoon. First they talk about it. It is terrible, two days into their honeymoon, he had started his first accounting job out of college, wanted to be an independent Certified Public Accountant with his own business. She had joined a dental practice but planned to be a dentist part time when they were to have children. Not only young, but with such promising glorious lives ahead of them. Dead. We feel sad.

Then you look at the TV. They are showing smiling wedding photos, GREAT looking young lady and her handsome man… she is the dream bride, he is the dream groom… and on top of the sad heart you already have…. What???

Oooooooooo and she was sooooo pretty…and he was sooooooo handsome…. You utter… oooo this is a tragedy…. The next day you tell your friend…. Oooo Betty, did you see that story about that young couple in Connecticut??? Wasn’t she so pretty? That was a TRAGEDY.

There is no point here but to point out… the next time you see a victim of a tragedy… think about that extra whimper. You give that 5 percent, or 10 percent extra whimper for the cute child, the pretty missing young lady, the handsome man. We can’t change that, but we can admit it…can’t we???

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

Being LAIDOFF is GREAT!!! Join Dave in Celebrating!

From Future ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Dave’s Laidoff Life of Luxury

Dave provided two stories and topics previously. Dave is getting a divorce of a marriage of 30 years and getting laid off from a job of 32 years. Pretty ROUGH huh?

So Judge Wyld gave him a couple of women from the Wyld black book. He had a blast with them…. For however long he needed to. So he is back in that dating spin again. Good.

Also talked about Dave getting laidoff and how good people are getting laidoff in this economy now.

But here we go… I had been awfully productive and took some time on Friday afternoon to push productivity aside… I called Dave to see how he was doing. I mentioned I was kicking back part of Friday…. On his voice mail.

He calls back and leaves a message about how GREAT it is being laidoff. It’s a long vacation; it’s looking out over the lake from his luxury apartment; it’s getting up in the middle of the night to enjoy a lightning show from a thunderstorm; it’s getting paid a half a year’s regular pay as severance and drawing unemployment; it’s not worrying because he has job offers already; it’s getting the passcodes from a university to go mess around in their laboratories and increasing his skills when he feels like it. Life is GREAT…

Way to go Dave…. Chicks and freedom and money and self esteem…. Dave is HIGH on life right now. If he hadn’t been laidoff of his job… if he were doing the daily grind of a job that he had for 32 years… he’d be having a tough summer… But for now… FOR NOW… being laid off is GREAT!!!! I’m HAPPY for DAVE!!

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD