Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pro Choice Paycheck: What I Could Choose If I Had More/My Money

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes. As aired with JJJ on by Judge Wyld.

JJJ If I Had More Money

That trip to Florida… or California… or Cancun for a month. A trip to Europe. Two weeks in France, not just Paris but away from the tourist traps.

I want MORE MONEY. A better car. I’m tired of spending money on that old car. A newer car would be great. I just want to have 200 dollars more each month.

My child seems to go through clothes so fast. I can’t give them the brand names and if I do, I have to work more hours.

My wife deserves a better church dress. She wears those pants week after week. She would love a dress to wear to church. She doesn’t need or ask for much. I want her to feel like a lady again like before we had the children.

If I had more money, seriously, I’d give more to the church, to the kids selling things for the school sports team, to the poor family on the street standing by their car packed with their belongs and the two children.

I’m a good person. I have a big heart. I work hard. I make enough money that the government takes my money. There are thousands of dollars I don’t see, EVER. I pray. If I had more money.

What is so upsetting is that for whatever reason that people want more money, they can see their money on stubs and the company claims they spend even more money on my behalf to the government, but the government takes it away. Our money is not spent how WE would spend it, but how the government WANTS to spend it, for whatever reason either for luxury of material things or luxury of tiny extras like a second pair of jeans or a church dress. BUT the GOVERNMENT thinks that the GOVERNMENT’S reasons to grab the money are more noble than OUR reasons to spend OUR OWN money.

I am HAPPIER with how I spend my money than I am how the Government spends MY money. Does anyone out there feel that the Government is BETTER at spending your money than you are? Are they giving it to your church? Did they pay your last car repair bill for you? Did they buy your kid’s last set of clothes that fit? Should they have? Shouldn’t YOU have done it with the money you earned? That money that was part of your wages but you only saw it as numbers on your pay stub as GRABBED from you?

The Fairtax is just ONE way to have ALL of your wages in YOUR hands. You decide how to spend it. You see the sales tax on the receipt. How much did the government take from you? Did you want them to? You decide how much to spend. If the government knew that you would only freely spend your money for a 5% sales tax, then they won’t up the tax to 10%. You would be voting on your taxes each and every day that you choose to spend or not spend your money.

Bottomline. You earned your paycheck. You should have ALL of that money to decide how you spend it. If you can afford that extra item for your kid, or for your loving wife, do it. If you can afford a trip around the earth, do it. Either way, you earned it. It’s YOURS. ALL OF IT. The Fairtax is a way to put ALL of it into your pocket. Just like the rich people who have lawyers who know how to hide their paycheck from the government or the criminals who don’t pay taxes on money from crimes. Fairtax allows you to get paid your entire paycheck and EVERYONE pays salestax on what they spend. FAIR. Now if we can just eliminate kids from the prebate. Stay tuned.

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