Saturday, October 3, 2009


Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes. As aired with JJJ on by Judge Wyld.

Golden Rule Health Care

Taxes do not abide by the the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

When you pay your taxes, it's gone and you will NOT receive more than you gave.
If you ever, ever, ever tried to give according to the Golden Rule, you realize
that you have never ever ever received bigger, better, or deeper than you have given.

In a manner of manipulation, they say that just in giving, you have received much more.
It's a way of getting you to accept that you received LESS and for you to be accepting it.

That's what Obama did. He said that you should be paying for others. You should be sacrificing.
Little did he know that you already sacrificed to get what you have. But there is nothing in his plans
to give a break to those who already sacrificed to get what they have.

There is no scale or meter or measuring stick to say, YOU sacrificed enough. He takes from you for others who didn't sacrifice. He doesn't weed out the lazy. The wasters. The coasters. The drunks. The lavish spenders. The joy and thrill seekers of a fast wild life of spending. He doesn't kick them away from the government money.

He says YOU Must sacrifice for THEM. He wants to feel sorry for the slackers as well as the legitimate folks who have fallen on hard times. I know that YOU decide who deserves your charity. You have an intuition of who is worthy. You know who has sacrificed less than what you have sacrificed already.

The Golden Rule says to treat others as you would have them treat you.
I paid my own college.
I paid for my own weddings.
I saved my money for emergencies.
I mowed the elderly ladies lawns.
I have paid property taxes for your kids’ schools and school music, swimming, art, and sports hobbies.
I tutored your kids every week.
I have served on your school site councils for 15 years when you only served 2 years.
I wore the nation’s uniform for 23 years.
I sat with your grandparents in nursing homes the last 4 years.
I have entertained your kids as a circus, parade, and community event clown for years.
I have driven your kids all day to get them to free health care 8 hours away.
I have kept an eye for your safety on your house, your cars, and your children playing in your yard.

I have never ever ever received from YOU as you in any manner or measure that you would have me treat you.
And NOW. As a single man; a single man with no kids. As one of the Good Men who gave deeply to you, AND your kids, AND your elderly family, I also saved and sacrificed. Just because I have still have assets left after giving generously, I am being demanded for MORE; for your health care, because YOU won't sacrifice.

The Golden Rule is now the Money Rule. It isn't about giving and the depth of reward for giving. It is about taking. And you are not ashamed to take from me.

You aren't Golden. You say you aren't Obama but you never tell the politicians to leave single people alone. To leave the childless people alone. Some medically can't have children and you pounce on their bank accounts. Be ashamed that you never stood up for the childless single people.

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