Saturday, October 3, 2009

Purpose Driven Taxes See Your Money FIRST

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes. As aired with JJJ on by Judge Wyld.

JJJ Happier Seeing Your Money First

What makes you happy?

Having enough money for Friday night’s movie. Having enough money for your 2 year old kid’s birthday party. Having enough money for a car repair. To some people, it’s having enough money for a divorce lawyer.

Clearly, the masses have very low standards. Think about coupons. 2 for 1 specials at restaurants, double coupon day at the grocery store. Happy hour at the bars. It seems that the masses have no self-directing compass inside of them. If it’s on sale, it must be what we must do.

It’s as if they can’t think about what path to be on in life, how to examine where they came from, where they are at, what talents they have, what morals they have, what IS real happiness, where they could go with their talents and their treasures.

Pavlovian Marketeers and Empty Headed Human Breeders CAN tell them what to do even though the masses strut around pretending that they have reasons for what they do and they are independent. NO. They have no clue what to do, they have no clue why they’ve done ANYTHING that they’ve done. They don’t know why they have the job they have, they have no real idea why they have a pet, or even why they are married and have kids. They didn’t think about ANY of those things.

So they look to the movies, they look to fake sports like NFL, WWF, Major League Baseball to tell them what to be interested in and how to spend their money. They search. They search for dancing with the stars and American idol to tell them that they are important if they watch it.

Not even churches can motivate people to volunteer work outside of the coffee bar in the church lobby. Not even churches can motivate people to tutor or mentor kids outside of the church.

Not even churches can convince their flock to adopt kids from within the United States versus from Russia. Look at Laura Ingram. I don’t know what her struggle was to try to grab a baby or two from the USA. But she clearly was looking to satisfy herself, not God or Jesus who died on that cross around her neck, but to meet HER needs to feel good, she went and grabbed a kid or two from overseas.

You broke men’s hearts, Laura, when you revealed your desperation. The good news is, that since Laura couldn’t find a kid to claim in the United States, it must mean that every kid in the United States of America is living with a parent. What a GREAT COUNTRY.

Let's add to this digression..... let’s see. A fat man with a food addiction, who preaches purpose and self control, sells a book on a life of purpose. AND PEOPLE BUY IT. The purpose driven dinner table. The purpose driven snacks. The purpose driven candy bar.

With such zombies, lost, soulless, clueless on ANY thinking direction in life, who would defend their shallow vacuous lives to an emotional death, OF COURSE politicians can take their money. Pretend they are going to get Health Care for FREE. Pretend that their money is going to be taken by the Government and it will magically be turned into FREE COLLEGE.

The GRABBERS spend your money on Middle School SPORTS and NOT ON EDUCATION of your kids. A lot of those GRABBERS are teachers, coaches, zombie council members who support spending your money on empty talents that are hobbies at best and then complain that YOU aren’t paying enough for education.

Why don’t YOU want your money? Your taxes are YOUR MONEY. They Take it. Confiscating it from your paycheck keeps you happy because you don’t see it. But didn’t you EARN it??? You don’t even see it for a little while. Not even for a day. They TAKE it FIRST.

But do you CARE that your money is taken away??? No. All you care is that there is some left for a video game for your kid. That there are two movies waiting in your living room on Friday night. That your kid play a sport on astroturf. You don’t demand to see ALL of your paycheck. NOW. To have it be available for you to pay your college or your medications or your groceries.

THEN, it’s time to write that check to the Government for all of those FREE services. Wouldn’t you like to see that number on that check that you write? Wouldn’t you be MAD about the amount? If you don’t have kids and you have to see that dollar amount that goes to other people’s kids, wouldn’t that number make you MAD?

One way is to have the FAIRTAX. It is only ONE way. But it’s a way that is gaining popularity and congress representatives and senators are working on it for you. Call them and encourage them. Tell them you want to see your taxes as you spend them. Not have them taken before you know it.

If all of your taxes were through a sales tax, YOU would have a choice to spend that money or keep it in your pocket. When you did spend the money, you would SEE the amount on the sales receipt. You would start voting with a brain of knowledge.

Don’t be a ZOMBIE. Don’t be a clueless lost soul not knowing what you are doing; why you are doing it. Figure out a direction in life that uses your talents and figure out WHAT money is YOURS and how you should really spend it.

Have some pride and don’t let taxes be spent on things for you that YOU should be paying for. Don’t let the politicians spend it FOR YOU unless YOU have seen the money FIRST.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

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