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College does not bankrupt families:

Families bankrupt families… if you haven’t taught your child to grow up and work for their college then YOU failed. It isn’t an accident. The world didn’t DO anything bad to you.

YOU didn’t teach your kid to earn their college. Who says it is a Mom and a Dad’s problem to pay the bills of kids over the age of 18 ? Adults. Deadbeat kids.

It’s just a matter of mindset!!! Nothing else. What if the mindset is changed to something smart like, working through high school… many kids do it… .why not YOUR kid… Why not something useful instead of high school recreation and leisure…

Oh…but you can’t give up non productivity and waste in YOUR LIFE… so childless people have to give up their leisure and recreation to work to pay for your kids college… WHY?

Your kid can live with YOU until they are 21 years old and save their money for college and THEN go to college. 2 years working part time plus full time summers during high school and then 4 years living with YOU and YOU supporting them until they can afford college. Not on MY DIME.

See? If they were so mature and ready for college then they’d be mature enough to pay their own college right? But you raised immature soft food chewing babies to the age of 18 and then you want ME to pay for it.

You let them loose in the world to clog up society. Why don’t you keep your babies at home… College is ‘after’ high school maturity…. Not an extension of high school immaturity…

While we are at it… let’s save you from yourself and all that kid car expense since you are too dense to figure it out on your own. Let’s create GREEN kids… Kids GOOD for the ENVIRONMENT…. NO DRIVERS LICENSE til they are 20 unless they have a full time job. Save the parents from going bankrupt and save the planet!!! End our dependence on foreign oil. No kid drivers licenses.

Stay tuned…on a future show… I did the math… a kid CAN pay their own way through a public university 4.5 year degree. I did it 23 years ago and didn’t even live at my parents’ house…. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.


Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

School Vouchers:

Trying to put pressure on Barack for School Vouchers… That would be fine if only the people who have kids were the ones paying for those schools… So you want to teach your kid elsewhere….fine…. go ahead… but you better pay your share of the public schools as well…

childless people don’t have kids going the public schools…. So if you want your vouchers… 6 thousand dollars or 9 thousand dollars…. Is that per kid??? How do we pay childless people back for what they have been paying in???

assume they have 4 kids and pay the single person without kids 36 thousand dollars a year… for NOT having kids in the public school… see?

Everyone feels they have it bad in what they pay for their kids… think about the childless people… every penny they pay for your kids is stolen from them. Same goes for home schooling… NO BREAK NO TAX BREAK…

Single people have had to build facilities for YOUR KID… if the school that you live near by is not filled up…every seat taken… you should pay ME for not having your kid there. not me paying YOU for wasting my money on empty space!!!

As a matter of fact, private schools should be taxed. It is a commercial product being sold at the retail level and that transaction should be taxed. Another form of Deadbeat parents.


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Car Phones and Kids and Spouses Banned from Cars:

Using Cell phones in a moving car…. By a driver… is distracting… I know that. I do that, and it scares ME. I text’d for 4.5 hours on a trip…. From the time I left the residence where I started in another state, until I drove into my driveway at MY house… I was texting… ONE PERSON…. It wasn’t too bad… but on the city streets…it’s BAD. When I chat on the telephone, I use a headset.. really just small ear buds and the microphone is on the wire hanging just below my chin. So its all ok… But I want to know if we are serious about getting rid of distractions…

I have told people in my car to quit asking questions… I’m driving… they say..blah blah blah..what do you think? I say, I think I’m driving… yeah but what about..blah blah blah….. I only think I’m driving right now.

When I was raised, having 5 kids in the car was not distracting. My parents know how to raise kids. No problem in the car. But your kids are bouncing all around and have 4 gadgets they are messing with and music playing and whining and kicking and reaching and dropping… and then you give them food that they are complaining has not enough ketchup or something isn’t right on their burger or the fry falls and they are whining cuz they can’t reach it. GET RID OF KIDS IN CARS… Get rid of food in cars.

Are YOU serious about distractions or do you only not like it when OTHER DRIVERS are distracted??? OUTLAW what distracts THEM… but not what distracts YOU.

How about your spouse??? Have a nagging spouse? Arguing about where to stop for food or to the bathroom… spouse harassing you about things out of the blue… distracting…. OUTLAW spouses driving together.

If having a phone in the car is a violation, then having a kid or spouse in your car … or a sandwich wrapper or ketchup packet in the car… See how wrong that is… both.. the distraction is wrong but so is the selective enforcement…

I don’t EVER want to see a phone up to the side of your face in the car… I want a headset of some sort on your head…. That’s the least you can do. But don’t start banning cell phones in cars if YOU don’t want you kid banned from your car as well…


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Multilevel Marketing Parasites:

Multilevel Marketing sales people are told they have a business… they are told to never take no for an answer. They crawl on their bellies like a slimy slug along any organization they belong to… they treat their family and friends as rudely as any enemy would. They draw blood and delight in it… they prey on the kindness of elderly and other soft hearted family.

They have no sense of ethics… they are sales people…sales clerks and are the most unprofessional of the sales profession….afterall they even have to do all their own paper work, order their own inventory, handle everything… a professional sales person has other people to take care of those things…

these Direct Sales / Multi level Marketing selling cosmetics like a clowned up tart, pots and pans like a bum, plastic storage containers, travel industry packages, … its pathetic… peddling door to door essentially and begging your family and friends….

And then the technology…. Annoying emails… abuse of family and friends emails, abuse of organizations emails. And they make no apology for it…. The search for some opening that makes it ok to abuse others.

Maybe the policy for an organizations use of the roster or email list is poorly written… no sense of ethics and proper behavior to trump any policy shortcoming. Let’s not encourage this. Tell family to stay away until they can behave in social situations. Halloween is NOT about getting your new product catalog or getting a free make over.. Thanksgiving is NOT for you to ask MY ladyfriend what make up she uses or to get her to buy ME some men’s soap. Christmas is not for giving free samples of your product. Go Away.

Quit being a bum… I KNOW that YOU KNOW that you are SHAMEFUL when you refuse to respond when you are called out on your unfriendly behavior… You hide… You don’t return calls that call you on this, you ignore the emails, you are a sociopath with NO feeling toward others.

I have friends who are legitimate sales people and they NEVER talk about their business or products. NEVER… If their friends want to be customers they will contact the sales person. And I DO… and I HAVE… and my Recent Car Purchase is from a friend, and my next rental property purchase will be through a friend…. But NOT through you.

My opinion of course... of those I've met. Have you met these types of parasites? What did you do to get rid of them? :)


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Presidential Kids:

If I see Presidents kids on tv then I have the right to comment on them. The media has a right to comment on them. If a candidate parades his family on stage with him… they are fair game for the media. If you USE your kids for YOUR image, then they are fair game for whatever the media wants to observe, comment on, satire, call ugly, etc…

If you don’t want them in the spotlight. Keep them out of your trips overseas…keep them out of your trips across country, keep them away from meeting foreign leader kids, and keep them out of the cameras for the Easter Egg hunt on the White House South Lawn.

You are responsible for keeping your kids out of your presidency and if you don’t, they are in the public because you put them there.


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Change. Time for Change:

If you voted for Barack Obama, all you did was vote for change and hope. He said nothing else. All he did was define the situation in line with your feelings and then said change.

That’s it… So now it’s your turn… You believe in ONE WORD and elected a president based on ONE WORD. So CHANGE… Let’s ban professional sports. That is positive CHANGE. It is waste and you can use the money for your kid’s education so they don’t have to work for it. You can pay for your own retirement and we can drop social security. You wanted positive change.

You can give up COFFEE… YIPPPIEEE no more coffee.. it was a negative addiction. You even went to candy coffee flavors so regular coffee isn’t even good tasting to you.

Give up movies. There is so much factual information to read and documentaries to see… no more fiction books or movies… Positive change you can believe in!!!

CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE…. Do YOUR PART to support the president you voted for with one word. CHANGE. You didn’t even need a name on the ballot… just the word CHANGE. Give up wasteful birthday parties for 1 and 2 year olds. Think about it??? Why do you have those… Time for change…

It’s amazing how bored you are with no change. Let’s hope that someday you appreciate that George Bush kept change from happening. You didn’t give up your coffee or your sports, you didn’t give up your movies or your dumb books. You didn’t have to … because we were secure and safe… we didn’t have the disastrous change in safety. If SAVED YOUR BUTT… you BUTT didn’t change. Let’s wish BARACK the same Wisdom of George Bush and let’s hope your life doesn’t have to change. We didn’t need change, so George Bush gave us the same great America that Reagan left us. A SAFE, FREE COUNTRY.


From January 17, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
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Rooting for Someone to Get Laid off:

Cheering for someone’s downfall for some reason? Would like to see them get laid off? Not fired but you would have a secret delight if they were laid off?

We root for the reckless driver who zipped up behind us and cut in front of us to run off the road. Especially in snow or heavy rain.

Don’t we all get tweaked when we know that a worthless bum of a person seems to being doing well financially… or their wife is real pretty? They don’t deserve THAT!!! So we wouldn’t be all sad if they lost their money in the stockmarket somehow right???

Maybe YOU would never call the cops on the noisy neighbors down the street… but you would LOVE IT…just LOVE IT and CHERISH IT, if the cops did show up at their house and take them out in handcuffs!!!!! Right?

Are YOU cheering for the downfall of someone? Why? Tell us WHY…email us or call!!! Is it a neighbor or coworker or church member??? Maybe they are messing around with someone elses wife from church? Secretly want them to get caught? Tell us!!!


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Volunteering to be a MULE:

Big companies have volunteering programs for painting playground equipment, or picking up trash, or sorting items donated, or even scooping elephant dirt at a zoo…. Just because an activity is being done for free does not qualify it as volunteer work. Being a mule is not the feel good, sleep well at night, volunteering. It is called being na├»ve and USED and MANIPULATED… just offering FREE services is NOT meaningful volunteering.

Meeting a elderly lady at her home and installing deadbolt locks as she stands and chats with you is volunteering. Providing that hug and that time chatting with her is volunteering. Going to a nursing home to chat and smile and laugh is called volunteering. Teaching and mentoring children one-to-one is volunteering. Handing out shoes to kids at an elementary school all day and helping them put them on to verify that they fit.

Are there some gray areas??? Sure there are… but look at the point being presented here. Look at it honestly… do some of both types of Volunteering… but keep them in perspective and make sure you do some touch and feel and contact volunteering. If the children are beside you and holding a paint brush with you, it’s more about being beside them than it is about the shiny paint the next day.

Sincerely, Judge Wyld


From January 17, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
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ALICIA DOYLE wrote a story for a paper… and someone picked up on that story… someone else who is famous found that story… Howard Stern used Alicia’s story to lament the passing of a friend of his. Alicia wrote the obituary for the person and Howard Stern appeared to use the obituary to chat about his friend… Al Westcott who passed away.

Less than a month to Valentines day: I thought we just gave our loved ones gifts. I thought we recently abandoned the gifts to baby jesus and instead gave gifts to our loved ones. So why do we need valentines day? Christmas is when you give the vacuum cleaner and valentines day the diamond tennis bracelet? It just illustrates AGAIN that Christians do NOT give gifts to family at Christmas. There are birthdays, and anniversaries, and valentines day for gift giving.

Bank Tellers and Dental Hygienists:

Bank tellers are younger and younger… used to be lady behind the counter when I was 8 yrs old putting the 7 dollars into the bank to open a bank account. Every quarter… 7 or 8 cents in interest was added…

Now they are little girls… but somehow they know what they are doing….

Dental Hygienist with a tiny ear…. Little hands… little girl look…

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Surgery Cures Belly Button Lint - Surgeon Notified of Recent Discovery

From January 17, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
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GallBladder Surgery Side Effect:

After my laparoscopic gallbladder removal surgery. No more belly button lint.

The belly button has a shape that traps lint from your clothes…

one of the holes that they cut to enter the tools into your body is through the belly button area. It changed my belly button such that it does not scrape or collect lint into my belly button… no more funneling in lint and no more digging for and removing belly button lint….

Why is it always grayish blue lint…. It always is that way in the clothes dryer lint filter too isn’t it?? Unless you wear green sweaters every single day… the belly button lint is always bluish grey!!!

Just was wondering….Just wanted to share with you. Don’t we feel much closer now?

Sincerely, Judge Wyld

Guitar Hero Parents Are Big Zeros Who Don't Mature Their Kids - Rocks, sticks,dirt, trees, and rivers.

From January 10, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
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Plastic Guitar Zero - Guitar Hero

we know there are those who are so lame of parents that they say they have to let their kids have this hypnotic toy in place of a useful skill because the kid likes it and the parent can spend FAMILY TIME… being an idiot… GREAT ROLE MODEL….

Totally intellectually irresponsible parent. Should be taxed for being an idiot…. Tax Guitar Hero… 10,000 dollars…. For the damage you are doing to society.

Are there groups of these one celled morons at your workplace or church who talk about this parental failure of theirs?

Rock band, guitar hero…. as useful as SIMON game… hit the buttons in response to a sequence that SIMON plays… big deal… video games were always a wasteland.

adults teaching kids that video games are worth their time is just abuse… it keeps twenty and thirty year olds in their teens… Grow up.

Teach your kids a musical instrument… something useful… a real guitar…. Spend the time learning to make real music. Kids will be kids and if they come out of childhood spending 2000 hours playing a game… called guitar hero…. And not really knowing how to play guitar…. You failed… and YOU were supposed to be the ADULT.

Maturing Kids Play real games…. take these for example.

Brad killed a robin… BB gun…. Sitting on the curb… sobbing… sad….

Tennis ball against a wicker chair… plastic bat… wicker chair is the strike zone… hit the wicker chair and it’s like an umpire calling a strike…

Dirt clods across the street… running, playing football in overturned dirt… pinky is broken and crooked from the frozen football hitting a frozen finger… you don’t tell your parents… it’s no big deal.

Dad treated everything as a real yard…as a real lawn. One mower for the lawn grass, one mower for mowing the back lot that sloped into the river. Beyond the garden… some land to play softball… ball hit down third base line… rolled into the river.

We played hide and seek and stuffed the youngest girl up 8 feet above ground on a shelf up in a cabinet at the end of the hallway in the house. We hid under a bed that had a board that would fall off and the bed would crush us.

And as we grew older….we actually grew UP… it’s called maturity… and when adults are so immature that they choose childish toys of zero value, they are role modeling that inane behavior and attitude to their kids…

The kids learn: OH! THIS Is what mature ADULTS do with their TIME…. How sick is it to teach your kids that?

Your job is to mature your kids…. Give them a BB gun and have them go feel like poop when they shoot a robin. Have them fall in the half frozen river and scare the literal life out of them. If they live through it, those are the ones who will deserve adult life…

But having them snug in the house 10 feet from their comfy bed, and hitting big buttons on a piece of plastic and pretend they are playing music??? Hand them a soda so they can keep going without ever feeling the sensation of being thirsty. How insane and sick is THAT!!!!

Those kids are NOT fit to make any decisions outside their bathroom! They won't be part of any future Great Generation. You failed them.

Sincerely, Judge Wyld

Single Moms Can't Raise "THAT BOY" but a Real Man Can

From January 10, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
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Hunting Boy Thank You card.

Thank you card in the mail….regular ole mail… envelope…. Kind of nice….but obsolete…

scrawled big… thank you for taking me hunting…. Can you believe that I allowed a human being who could not write legible English letter… could not write the letters smaller than ¾’s of an inch tall and ½ an inch wide…go HUNTING????

How did that kid survive… a lot of work is needed and the mom is aware. I met her…. A nice enough lady and a big heart… and thank goodness she is getting help….

Single moms…. Get HELP… NO …. YOU CAN NOT do it alone… at all… I loved taking that boy on the trip… I was impressed… I hope that boy has a man in his life day to day or every other day…. Boys NEED THAT…

MOM IS NOT A MAN. get it? TWO MOMS is not A MAN…. Short haired mom is NOT A MAN….. and many men out there ARE NOT MEN… Many of you women out there agree with that. seek a real man… beg a real man to teach your boy…. BEG!!!! If you care about your boy BEG….

Funny thing about kids… men will say… That boy… that boy needs some discipline… that boy better tie his boots! That boy better keep his mouth shut…… Women will say… mikey… Freddie… Johnny….. they actually have names for the kid…. Guys don’t need names for a kid….. guys know that men teach boys… not men teach mikey…. Billie…. Tommy…… Guys don’t deal with any eeeeeeee’s…… we deal with boys and make them MEN…..

Do you want your daughter to grow up to marry a wimpy mikey??? A soft Freddie?? A cowardly timid billy???? NO…. NO…. you want your daughter to marry a MAN…. Fred and Bill and John and Mike and Tom…. Real men….. so don’t create what you don’t want…..

Give a boy to a real man…. We took the boy out hunting and though he was a bit young at 9 yrs old to be going…. We successfully took some puppy out of that boy. By the end of the day, he was flop on the ground tired….but he had some man in his eyes….

I applaud that single mom…. LOVE IS BIGGER THAN YOUR SOFT HEART… LOVE IS HARD. I respect her sooooooo much for her LOVE For that boy…. And I was honored to be chosen for the task.

Here is the kicker… talked to that mom last night while trying to track down Myron…. The single mom said,

“I had never seen that boy so happy” direct quote!!

And she repeated it several times….(and yes...she called him.... THAT BOY.)

Sincerely, Judge Wyld

Bank Tellers Are 8 Years Old, Are Professionally Nice And Call Me SIR

From January 10, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.

Bank Tellers:

230.51 in change, quarters, nickels, dimes, and one penny… to the bank in ziplock clear plastic bags…. Neat machine in lobby… gives receipt…take it to the tellers to credit your bank account….

Bank tellers are younger and younger… used to be a 40 or 50 year old or older lady behind the counter when I was 8 yrs old putting the 7 dollars into the bank to open a bank account. Every month… 7 or 8 cents in interest was added when I took my bankbook in to update it.

Now bank tellers are little girls… appear to be 8 years old. Must be in their very early twenties. I admire them though. they know what they are doing…. And they are fast…. And nice and pleasant… and call me Sir…

well… back in those days when I was a young boy there was true politeness too…the 50 year old bank teller ladies called me as a 8 to 10 yr old… Sir

All my banking is done by computers from home now... Thank you Miss/Ma'am.

Sincerely, Judge Wyld

Saturday, January 3, 2009


From January 03, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
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Now everyone who knows me who isn’t one of those who are controlled and whose households are run by the kids…… everyone who actually sees me with kids, knows what I do in the community with kids, how much time and finances are given to kids, everyone like THAT, tells me and tells others that I would be a GREAT daddy…. The most loving and caring and teaching person with kids.

So when a buddy, in his late 50’s, wanted to give his new ladyfriend's 9 yr old boy a useful Christmas present. He thought of me and pheasant hunting.

Single moms need a man to show their sons some man things. Serious man projects. Fixing bicycles or automobiles, going to tool stores, doing yard projects with a MAN.

Work the kid hard, get the kid dirty, and if you are doing it right, the kid will get hurt in some sort of way. It’s not only the end of the world to be dirty or be tired or hungry…it is expected of a man to even get hurt and live through it.

So the day before the hunting trip.

Myron and his ladyfriend and the boy came over to the Judge Wyld Estates…

Taught the boy how to be around the dog… that it was a real dog… no bad habits of petting if it runs up to you, etc….

Three safeties on the gun… first is the end of the barrel… second is the trigger… third is the manufactures safety switch on the gun…. Clear the shells out for vehicle.


Heading out… 5am… eat eat eat… he was worried to death that the kid might complain to mommy that he was hungry during the day.

So instead of focusing on the project, they messed with food… and it’s hard to find.. the mommy packed everything in separate bags… GUYS toss it all in one bag… bananas can touch cookies and sandwiches….

For me… pretzels, apples, cookies, donut holes, cheese sticks, and hard boiled eggs… then the back up survival..packets of oatmeal and granola bars…

Anyway… 7 miles of walking… the kid did great after I warned Myron after having to stop many times in the first field that either he or I was going to teach the kid how to tie his boots …. So myron did.

Still no help in finding fields… like it was a pleasure trip with a tour guide… no way.. since we couldn’t sneak up on pheasants due to the noise and constant talking by the kid.

So I gave the map over to Mryon to take his focus off every comfort of the kid…. And myron didn’t want to think. But I insisted and finally myron picked a field… lousy field… you couldn’t hid a field mouse in that field. Sparse grass… my dog was confused… you want me to find something here? So I kept the dog on a leash so it wouldn’t chase rabbits out of boredom….

After that, Mryon and the boy understood the work involved and were more active in helping find the fields….. and I actually picked them. So we saw some more birds… missed a shot on one…

Final field was a big field… several valleys and ridges.. walk a mile over one ridge and valley, walk back in the next one over…. I hit a pheasant but couldn’t find it….

Finally told the boy that men experience things without making noises…. No oooooooo… ick… hey LOOK AT THIS!!!! Come here… see what I found!!! Deer poop….

Drove home 2 hours… in the dark… both myron and the kid slept all the way home.

Summary. Was a good day…the boy did great. We had shot at and hit one bird and we didn’t have to clean it. Most of all, The boy learned he can survive…long walk… hit in the eye by tall weeds, cuts on fingers from grabbing weeds that are sharp, sore feet, tired tired tired……and best of all… we didn’t have to use any of the toilet paper we brought….

I love kids… and we are given kids to teach them… god didn’t give us kids to spoil…. Or to meet our needs or even to meet the kid’s wants….

God gave us kids to teach until he takes over…then they aren’t ours any more… teach the kid to learn, teach the kid to take on challenges and survive. Explain things and then let them experience what you explained.

Let them fall behind, let them be hungry, make them work when they are tired, and most of all… give them rocks and sticks and dirt and wildlife to play with.

Give them God’s stuff…… not human’s stuff.

Merry Christmas… a real gift is one of your time teaching and your insistence…. If YOU wimp out, you have failed God…. You have failed as a parent if your kid isn’t ever hungry, or is never hurt, or is never challenged to survive.

Mryon…gave the best Christmas gift he could to the boy….and the single mom was sophisticated enough to understand it… For me… I cherish that they thought of me and trusted in me…. I was impressed with the boy. They were impressed with me. We all survived.

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD


From January 03, 2009 ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes.


Some of you were sniveling… oooooh poor ole lonely me… very real.. very deep… hurts to be YOU.

For years… 3 years… 8 yrs… maybe 15 years… each year the same… somehow survived Thanksgiving, Run up to Christmas, snacks, church events, music, occupying yourself through the xmas eve, xmas day, etc… and then winching and sliding through new years.

did you spend a lot of money to ease the pain? Did you eat bad foods? Comfort food to ease the pain…what do you call it…your lonely birthday food?.... Did you go to the bars more? More expensive lunches? CALL AND TELL US ….. you are ANONYMOUS…

But what about the secret promise singles make to themselves. A hidden promise…rarely voiced unless it’s in a quiet circle of lonely people. The knitting circle at church. A quiet corner of the office with a few lonely people finding each other… the confidential chat between lady friends at an empathy lunch.

So rarely said… just a quiet interior sobbing promise… with a glint of hope… a slight up lift of the internal organs…the heart… the lunch… a bit lighter as the promise is made….


His promise:

This the LAST YEAR like THIS... She’ll be pretty, and smart, she’ll like the Christmas things I like. New Years eve she will be at home and light fireworks out in the cold weather with me at midnight and use her empty champagne bottle to drop fireworks in. That’s it… that’s it for guys…

Her promise:

This the LAST YEAR like THIS... He’ll go to my church events and Christmas after-work parties with me. He’ll set up the xmas tree while I decorate the fireplace mantel. He’ll go shopping with me for my nieces and nephews presents. My family will love him and he’ll love my family.

We’ll go to a New Years eve party and He’ll kiss me at midnight. He’ll even be wearing that sweater that I bought him. And I’ll be wearing that diamond ring he gave me for Christmas.


This the LAST YEAR like THIS...

Really? How many years did you think this…promise yourself this… ? Comments?

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD