Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love is about chivalry amongst the worthy, NOT about being a ceremonious fool.

Wyld Wisdom. Excerpt from a Judge Wyld online 'other blog' post.

A lady desires to pay for herself. She is no less of a person because she is a lady. In fact, being a lady implies that she is resourceful, undemanding, unexpecting, and a good companion. A good companion NEVER puts on airs or puts themselves above others to be provided for. If you want to be the 'lil woman' then play games about men making a first move, or paying for another adults' bills. If you want to be a partner and be respected, then be a lady.

And you men who are trained dogs, stop telling us that you were 'taught' such and such. Grow up. Get an education. And treat women with respect. Accept the ladies as the partners they are. When you view them as frail, you diminish the truth of the tough, strong, conservative women who do their part in relationships.

If you are paying the way of women you barely know, then you are desperate. It has NOTHING to do with respecting women. You are weak and are rationalizing your weakness. Women do NOT respect fools who spout off how they are going to take care of a female even when they don't know her. These ladies aren't dumb.

Love is about chivalry amongst the worthy, NOT about being a ceremonious fool. There are a lot of things your parents told you that do not apply across the board. Ask them. They grew up and learned. So you should too.

I remember my dad teaching us to wear a suit to church. So as an adult I still do. But I learned that for the last 20 yrs of dad's life that he didn't wear a suit to church or even own a suit. He said.. times change. Never would have guessed that from how he drilled into our heads that you ALWAYS wear a suit and tie to church.

Same thing here. Grow up. If you are a gal, get over the childish dating games they told you as a teenager. If you are a male. Be a man which means to know HOW to apply chivalry in a way that is recognized as being a solid male respected by men AND women.

Judge Wyld

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