Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Management for the Soul

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Project Management for the Soul

Sole (shoe leather), Sole (singular self satisfaction), Soul (essence of empowerment.)

How you approach project management is affected by your motivation. There are people who love project management and there are those who can’t stand being the center of expectations. If you are the type of person who loves project management, what is your motivation?

1. Do you love the activity; the hustle and bustle of planning, communicating, solving daily unexpected challenges? There is a wearing down of shoe leather as you plan, collaborate, connect pieces, and follow up. Is it the rush of activity that gives you a ‘rush’? Do you rise to the step learning curve while working with many experts in their fields and seeing what they have to offer?

2. Do you love the personal satisfaction; making sure that you implemented the processes to the letter which provided the project positive results. You were the focal who contributed your project management skills that integrated the mechanisms and turned the gears to bring about a product meeting the requirements. Do you enjoy that feeling of professionalism and proven skill that a mature project manager possesses?

3. Do you love helping everyone become better; encouraging others to understand more about their own capabilities and to appreciate others for their unique contributions to the Team’s success? Did you initiate and foster contributions beyond the assigned utility of each person or organization? Each stakeholder and team member can obtain a personal goal in addition to their participation toward the success of the project. Do you thrill in managing a project that moves team members forward in life?

Sole, Sole, or Soul: project management is about people; it’s about you, it’s about others. The people on a project team can achieve a deeper satisfaction from producing a product than the satisfaction derived by the people who end up using the product.

Judge Wyld

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