Tuesday, September 22, 2009

JJJ Health Care Choice Story Touching with Twist at End

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes. As aired on JJJ www.blogtalkradio.com/fairtax by Judge Wyld.

JJJ Health Care Choice Story

Liberals are claiming that there are 30 million people without Health Care even though if they are sick with the flu, they can go to an emergency room. Sure they might not be able to get cancer care until it’s too late.

But why don’t they have health care? We are told that many just choose not to buy it. So Obama wants to make them buy it.

It’s seems that of 300 million people, 270 million people have Health Care. This sounds like a GREAT thing. So why are some people screaming for Health Care to change if 270 million people have health care. Is it about health care?

Or is it about Control. Afterall, isn’t taking your money and spending it on Art or ‘get out the vote’ or the extinction of a species, about control? Isn’t having YOUR money in their pocket about control? It seems that waiting on the Government to give you an allowance is pretty much about Controlling you like you would control a child by manipulating their allowance.

So here is the Plea….. they send Vice President Biden out to tell stories. That’s right. Not to tell statistics on how good our country is, how good our health care is, how incredibly HIGH the number is in this country of people who have health care. He tells stories. The stories are scary. All cancer stories are scary, all broken bones are scary, all heart failure and stroke are scary. So why do they tell stories?

This morning I heard a story on CSPAN. A touching story. A tragic story. A story of a couple who have had a hard life. They had no real luxury in life. This story made you want to give to them. Made you want to cheer that they have survived. Made you want to have THEM be part of your family and PROUD that they are part of your Nation.

This family worked hard all of their lives. The couple each had two jobs. They came by their money the hard way. Hard work. Long hours. Day after day. Month after Month. Year after Year. Until past retirement age. Not sitting back to enjoy themselves for many twilight but active years, but still working those jobs.

Vice President Biden tells the stories of the moral component about everyone giving to support the health care of those without health care.

The moral component. The moral component. Yes. I say it twice. This couple who worked all of their lives, LIVED the moral component of their story. They did not have a big house. They did not have the jet ski. They did not eat out at restaurants. They did not buy their kids soda pop. They did not take traveling vacations. They did not have extra TV channels or rent a lot of movies. Chances are that they were careful about spending on useless pets or useless extras for cellphones.

They clearly were PRO CHOICE. They CHOSE to do without dumb and useless things. The CHOSE to buy their health care. They were raised with the moral component IN SIDE OF THEM. They were taught to pay for things they needed. Paying for your health care is SMART and is NEEDED. The moral component drove them to proudly work hard, do without unnecessary things and provide for HEALTH CARE because it is necessary and THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to themselves.

They were PRO CHOICE and they chose to LIVE with less things and with GOOD HEALTH CARE that this COUNTRY, the United States of America offers EVERYONE who CHOOSES to live longer.

This couple says: DIE if you don’t want to buy your own health care. It’s YOUR CHOICE. Make your choice. Die younger with your soda pop and extra movies and dinner’s out and extras on your TV and cellphone. OR Die later after a health life with health care. Your choice. But your choice is your own. This couple does NOT want to pay a dime of your health care after you made the wrong choice.

That couple is one of MILLIONS of stories of people who made a choice. Think of the elderly that we think so sadly about. Many of those people spent the money on unnecessary things and NOW they want YOUR money. What choices did they make? Do they deserve to have the fruits of those choices. Does the result of their choices of luxuries mean that you must go without, You must sacrifice to support their earlier immoral decisions.

I say we support them. I say that the millions of stories of people who lived the moral component of providing their health care before providing a jet ski or their own bedroom for each of the 5 kids should be supported.

I say that we also SUPPORT the choice of those who wasted their health care money. I support their choice. I support their choice to DIE YOUNG.

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