Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tragedies are Worse for Pretty People, We are Biased Toward Pretty People.

From Future ON AIR JUDGE WYLD SHOW - Radio Talk
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Pretty People. Seriously. Don’t we tend to think that it would be very tough to be sad for Pretty People. After all, we know the pretty people have some advantages. They smile and things just fall into place for them. Jobs, promotions, special deals, membership to country clubs, some one stops and changes their tires for them. Oh my…. We MOST CERTAINLY DON’T feel sorry for pretty people do we????

Early this week as I was driving through a neighborhood, a cop was trying to get past me to catch up with a car. After a bit of jockeying around some parked cars and him turning on his overhead flashing lights, he went around me. I could have held him up enough for the speeding car to get away… but I didn’t.

I caught up with the cop and the victim. As I drove by, I had that human natural reaction that we have when we see something cute or something beautiful…. Aaaaaahhhhh geeeeee bummer… she is sooooooooo cuuuuuteeee… I hope he goes easy on her…. Aaaaaaaaaah.

If it were an ugly, obese, cigarette smoking, messed up hair, cheeto crumbs chick… “serves her right for speeding through here, kids could have been hurt!!! Throw the book at her, Danno!!”

YES WE DO. We don’t want to admit it… but we are absolutely biased ourselves… inside of us, our first inclination, we are biased TOWARD, IN FAVOR of, PRETTY PEOPLE.

Think about it. On TV news. They talk about a tragedy and the people involved. Hearing the intro to the story makes you sad, oh how terrible, and then they show the people. The victim’s photo… a cute little boy… maybe missing, maybe dead. You people go OOOOOOOOOHHHH and he is soooooooo adorable toooooooo….

WHAT? Why the extra ooooooo that the kid is cute? You won’t admit it, but there was an extra ooooooo why ANY extra ooooo at all?

How about the young couple on their honeymoon. TRAGEDY… DEATH… DIE on their honeymoon. First they talk about it. It is terrible, two days into their honeymoon, he had started his first accounting job out of college, wanted to be an independent Certified Public Accountant with his own business. She had joined a dental practice but planned to be a dentist part time when they were to have children. Not only young, but with such promising glorious lives ahead of them. Dead. We feel sad.

Then you look at the TV. They are showing smiling wedding photos, GREAT looking young lady and her handsome man… she is the dream bride, he is the dream groom… and on top of the sad heart you already have…. What???

Oooooooooo and she was sooooo pretty…and he was sooooooo handsome…. You utter… oooo this is a tragedy…. The next day you tell your friend…. Oooo Betty, did you see that story about that young couple in Connecticut??? Wasn’t she so pretty? That was a TRAGEDY.

There is no point here but to point out… the next time you see a victim of a tragedy… think about that extra whimper. You give that 5 percent, or 10 percent extra whimper for the cute child, the pretty missing young lady, the handsome man. We can’t change that, but we can admit it…can’t we???

Sincerely, JUDGE WYLD

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