Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Government Get Out of Way of the American Spirit Stop Killing it

Excerpt from show prep notes. On air content may have been more or less. Not journalistic or debate notes. As aired on JJJ www.blogtalkradio.com/fairtax by Judge Wyld.


Acorn. Acorn a name not an acronym.
Is it neutral or is it a Democrat / Liberal supporting agency?
Gets money from the Federal Government. How Much?
Located Where?

What did they do. Many things? Primarily one thing.
Government housing assistance.

Why it’s relevant to you?

Federal Money means YOUR Money. Your Taxes.

We already have social services in every town. So why are some politicians of a particular agenda giving out money for social services to a private organization?

Both parties already do voter drives so why are some politicians of a particular agenda giving out money for social services to a private organization?

NOW what happened.
Revealed that ACORN had such a liberal agenda, had such free flowing money, had such personally wacked out workers used to giving out ‘free’ money, YOUR money, that the zealousness lead them to abuse any societal useful mission.

Any time the vein of Government Money is involved; the freeflowing money pipe, people are corrupted. When people aren’t working for the money; When they think it’s not theirs, they waste it, they imagine all of the ways they can grab it and spend it.

Take away the governments ability to take our money. Stop the pipeline. Stop them from being able to create new money. Make them stop overlapping agencies. Make them provide understandable reports to the common people. Make them provide a simple financial statement like they require of businesses to the stock holders. Stand up at the TEA Parties and Town Halls and make them show how spending will be paid for.

The compassion of the American people helping each other has ALWAYS been the American spirit. The limited government was intended to be the American spirit as well. But taking away the ability for the American spirit to thrive by individuals and violating the small federal government spirit, is killing the American spirit. Trashing the economy, destroying once strong social institutions like marriage. The liberals with help from some republicans, is killing all the characteristics of strong people and strong societies.

If the government turns its nose at giving money to compassionate causes run by churches, it needs to cut off funding to ACORN and ANY biased organization like it.

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