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NFL has broken the Manliness Stereotype

NFL has broken the Manliness Stereotype

by Judge Wyld on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 1:54pm ·

What effort does it take to watch Dancing with the Stars?  or American Idol?  Nothing. Does being with the GUYS who are called MANLY because they 'watch' NFL mean that you are manly?  

To get ready for the BIG MANLY NFL EVENT, you PLAY ACT like you are manly and are a part of the event by doing some things such as setting up some food and arranging a room for optimum TV viewing. But isn't cooking and deciding on room arrangement typically a feminine thing?  (That's not any more sexist than calling NFL watching a mainly MANLY thing.) 

Oh! But to know the plays, the in's and out's of blocking schemes; To be able to say... "oooooo I saw HOLDING or INTERFERENCE!" while yelling it first with your arm in the air...THAT's MANLY!!! Doesn't crocheting or knitting have rules; in's and out's of how it's done? hmmm...

Ok... so what is MANLY?  Doesn't the stereotype - that MANLY is based on - have to do with DOING things that the lighter, weaker, fragile feminine gender can't do as well as the masculine gender?
- Swinging the hammer, hauling the wood, rocks, trash.... turning the soil... lifting the large bags of seeds and  potatoes,  turning the big wrench to turn the nuts and bolts, hoisting the transmission, driving the nails, climbing the ladders with supplies, stacking the sheet rock.

So really? Just WATCHING an NFL highlights show of the hardest player-to-player body hits is MANLY?  Sitting watching it? That's really really manly?  Study the play-by-play of this:  WATCHING Manly Activities is feminine... DOING Manly Activities is MASCULINE.   BE A MAN this SUNDAY.

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